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  1. I would be interested in a tour with just Bruce. Anybody who tags along, is just a bonus! Including Tom
  2. From the looks of it, it could be another year without major tours. I hope things go back to normal at some point. I cannot imagine a pit where we have keep a Springsteen distance from each other.
  3. And it sounds great he says. As good as anything they did before. So it could also be a Working on a Dream pt 2
  5. Big influence and composer lived to be 91
  6. @lilbud if Helsinki was mediocre, I can't wait to hear more I love that release to death.
  7. They were contraband to begin with I think it is very reasonable request to stop trading in contraband once there's a legal alternative.
  8. Prove it All Night from this Tour is fantastisch, this one's especially fine
  9. @el sergioHave you ever heard of Dave the Spazz. Looks like you might enjoy his shows as well
  10. Before now, I had honestly never thought of it as a song about America. To me it's a song about inclusion.
  11. The guitar playing is beautiful as well. Nice subtle licks.
  12. The Federalist would like to have a day without the Boss
  13. Is there a guide to the definitive guide? There’s a lot to take in