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  1. I've made a career overview that is 8,5 hours long. Takes me days to listen back to back Days well spend!
  2. Elvis’ autobiography is probably my favorite R&R autobiography ever, highly recommend it.
  3. Would I ever be in this fortunate position an agent would have to kick me out. Never would I voluntarily say that my time has run out
  4. I wouldn’t call it a cover but I have noticed him doing it in other places. If I’m not mistaken he references What I’d Say in the MSG version of Light of Day. Roy used to do something similar in Kitty’s Back. In the ‘75 versions there’s a reference to Moon Dance in his solo.
  5. I’m grooving to Light of Day, this is the first time I’ve noticed, but in the build up to California Sun I’m pretty sure he’s referencing the Peter Gunn Theme in his riffing. Anybody else hearing this? @Paolo's Circus StoryI do believe it is the Rivieras version he’s referencing not the Ramones. Fun fact, the original is by Joe Jones, an Ohio resident who had never been to California when he wrote the song.
  6. I hope they took your list and decided to release only one of those per year for the years to come and keep releasing 11 others just to build anticipation.
  7. I know this is not a view shared by everyone, but I consider 10th a masterclass in live performance few artists match. It leaves me in awe and a big stupid grin on my face every time I hear it.
  8. I think this has been mentioned but it begs repeating. This might be one of the best versions of Adam ever performed!
  9. I can’t remember the bootleg sounding quite a full as this one. Bigly upgrade
  10. The bootleg was pretty awesome in sound quality as I remember, so yeah, definitely!
  11. Look at how young they all look there! Steve is still normal size in '99 My back didn't ache as much back then Twenty years passed, uncanny how much we got to enjoy the band live since!
  12. Weird, I'm not getting it on the official site?