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  1. Magic does sound better in vinyl. Nebraska is my favorite album. There's a lot more depth in the vinyl version.
  2. Weird, it has a link to Spotify that opens Western Stars
  3. The missus on Mansion in the Hill LINYC. Tougher than the Rest from Broadway isn't too bad either.
  4. Lucky Town has some of his prettiest songs but is also proof that R&R is a dish best served prepared with others.
  5. The village employed by the Boss is impressive. Seeing this helps my understanding of ticket prices.
  6. I can't even begin tot remember what the Iceman sounds like. I'm affraid it never made much of an impression. I'll have to revisit.
  7. Live in NYC dropped in my mailbox today Is there a Springsteen album that sounds better?
  8. I’ve got the Helsinki release on. Only just now I’ve noticed how the extra percussion adds to Prove it All Night. Nice to know I’ll probably keep discovering new things in these releases for years to come.
  9. I believe proceeds for that one went to the Danny fund. As I recall there was only a digital edition?
  10. I am listening to Roxy '75 in the kitchen right now. This whole series is a marvel. Anything is fine by me.
  11. It was a charity thing only available if you pledged to PBS
  12. Finally! That version of Johnny 99 is probably my favorite interpretation of the song outside of the album version.