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  1. We asked them to, so I hope they will. The page should be open to the public. for some reason I'm having difficulty posting the link to this forum. It makes my threads crash Tickets are available through EventBrite
  2. 22nd of September we're celebrating Springsteen's birthday in the Hague. Italian cover band Blood Brothers will provide entertainment. Frank Stefanko donated a photo that'll be up for grabs for one lucky attendee. We're keeping it a surprise. See you there! Look us up on Facebook under Boss Bash.
  3. A friend of mine is putting together a birthday party for the Boss with a cracking cover band, Blood Brothers from Italy. I'll be spinning records. Hope to see some of you there!
  4. Hey folks, a friend and I are organizing a birthday celebration for Springsteen’s 70th. The Boss Bash! We’ve got a great Italian cover band, Blood Brothers. I’ll be spinning records. Stay tuned for tickets and extra’s.
  5. Hey folks, a friend and I are organizing a birthday celebration for Springsteen’s 70th. The Boss Bash! We’ve got a great Italian cover band, Blood Brothers. I’ll be spinning records. Stay tuned for tickets and extra’s.
  6. Two of the true gems hidden on that album! I've tried playing with the sequence but some of the songs are just too frustratingly weak to save it as an album was my conclusion. It just falls flat against his better albums. That doesn't mean it is a bad album. Save for Human Touch and High Hopes he did very little of those.
  7. I thought Working was too disjointed as a collection of songs and a found a lot of songs rushed or underdeveloped. I do like a lot of the music on it. I'm also an Outlaw Pete fan.
  8. I like the jewel box analogy. The album feels like a prism of sorts. Shards of images through a diamond looking glass. The lyrics do not feel as abstract as on Magic of Working, they rather drift in and out of focus. You get a sense of the characters on this album without getting to know them. They're strangers you could meet in a roadtrip, they're in your rear mirror before long. They are not the minimalistic but sharp snapshots of a Nebraska. Yet what the songs miss in clarity, the music compensates. I'm still not sure if there's anything that is as good as Wichita Lineman, but some of these songs come very close. As a whole I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be an album I will enjoy very much revisiting. There's none of the frustration I felt with Magic or Working on a Dream which often felt as good works in progress to me, unfinished and rushed. This one feels much more fulfilling.
  9. Did someone figure out where this autotune was used I keep hearing about? The impression I get his voice is simply still in good shape for someone pushing 70. I'm loving the whole album so far. It works much better as a set of songs. I didn't think much of There Goes My Miracle at first, but I think it fits the album very well. In some respects I don't think it is such a large departure as some reviews make it out to be. A lot of his music has always had a cinematic feel and sounded orchestral without an orchestra.
  10. I just found time for my first spin. It’s kids and bills sounded familiar They are keeping me from my records! I think that this may be the most satisfying album in a long time. It has its flaws but it works so well as a whole. I especially like how the characters drift in and out of focus on this album without the lyrics feeling disjointed or underdeveloped like they did on Magic and Working on a Dream. Ron Aniello strikes me as the right producer for Springsteen in this stage of his career. I’m really enjoying the work they’re doing together. Right now I’m going with the Wayfarer
  11. Even Pitchfork likes it!
  12. I should wander around more I wonder who the bigger influence was. I was quite surprised to see him participate in that tribute. I never thought the link was that strong.
  13. The good doctor passed away two days ago, a good reason to look back on the few occasions the two met
  14. My take on it would be something like this Born to Run Nebraska the River the Wild Darkness Tunnel Born in the USA the Rising Seeger Sessions Wrecking Ball Greetings the Ghost Lucky Town Magic Working on a Dream Devils and Dust High Hopes Human Touch
  15. I’m still on the fence here. It comes close enough to remind me of Glen’s best work, but then it falls short. The weird thing is, because the Boss has made made some of my all time favorite songs, I have difficulty when it’s a a little less than that. I suspect I would have an easier time enjoying this material if it would have come from an artist I didn’t know before. Some of Bruce’s songwriting has matched the Wichita Lineman and with how beautiful this arrangement is, I wish Tucson Train would be more than “merely” a very good song. I want it to be exceptional. Does that make sense?
  16. One of R&R’s early greats! Willie Dixon wrote it, but Bo Diddley’s is the first recording of the Dixon song. Is there a Springsteen song by that name, I thought he just covered this one?
  17. I had the pleasure yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Especially the first part dealing with the upstage. It made me wish they’d had done a documentary about Bruce’s career when Clarence was still alive. I really liked how some of the early figures in Springsteen’s career got some screen time. The movie kind of does a flash forward from the riots to the present. I would have liked some more detail at what stalled the redevelopment of Asbury in the seventies and eighties. Asbury Park strikes me as a prime example of how America deals with race and the story could have shown more of how the wind was taken out of the civil rights movement. For most of the eighties and nineties politicians, with some exceptions, treated it as a run race at best. At worst policies were scaled back and communities were neglected and left in staggering poverty. I feel that if you want to understand the resurgence of African-American activism and the black lives matter movement, Asbury Park’s history could illustrate that. I’ve recommended this book before for those wanting more
  18. That girl in that motel room who poured him another whiskey is somebody’s daughter
  19. Jesus, I have nightmares about losing some of my records in a fire. I’m considered selecting my most precious records to have ready to carry in a case of a fire. But I can’t decide which ones. And I’ll probably pick the children over them anyway Glad to hear your husband is recovering. Take time for the mourning and shock as well. I feel it is often underestimated in instances like these. My sympathies for you and yours.
  20. I think it must have crossed his mind as well. When he was working on Born to Run he did his best to come close to the inspirations he had and hoped to surpass them. He wanted to be better than Roy Orbison and Phil Spector. Wanted to take Duane Eddy’s sounds to new heights, wanted to go down avenues that were closed to Bo Diddley. Though I do think he still enjoys making new music and paying homage to his inspirations, that fire doused a long time ago. The last time he came close was with the Seeger Sessions. While I still enjoy his releases, I can’t help but feel some dissatisfaction with it either.
  21. I wonder how much this is still an influence for Bruce. With what I've heard so far, this is part of the competition the album is up against in my mind. The challenge he's set for himself is daunting.
  22. I’m not really sure Springsteen would admit it though
  23. Lyrically I don't think this album is going to be what he promised. Both songs seem a bit thin. I absolutely like what he's doing musically. He always had these great pop tendencies. But so far the comparison to similar work by other artists is not in his favor. Take Elvis Costello's last outing for example.