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  1. Looking back at it, I like 2 of them. I read the first sone as New York City Serenade. I do like New York State of mind. The other three are pretty crappy to my ears. Glad you enjoy them.
  2. I only like one of those Billy Joel tunes. That’s a shame, because he did some great stuff early on in his career.
  3. That was 35 years ago. His fans’ bladders were younger and stronger back then.
  4. All about personal taste of course. It always sounds ridiculous to me to singing about getting a guitar and learning how to make it talk without an electric guitar following it up. Acoustic Thunder Road saps the urgency of the electric version, which is what makes it a classic.
  5. I’m with you. It’s his music, he can do what he wants with it. And while I actually think acoustic Thunder Road is far worse, this is no good.
  6. He’s going to turn up his workout with Hello Sunshine? I assume his workout is some sort of meditation or yoga. Or just a nap.
  7. I suppose in today’s world we are all gender fluid and these characters can decide what they want to be at any given moment. “My name is Bobby Jean and today I identify with the pronouns “he” and “him”.
  8. I always thought Terry and Bobby Jean (Gene?) were male characters.
  9. I believe she found employment in Reno.
  10. That’s funny because when I think of Sting, I think of Bono and I don’t particularly like the music of either. I don’t even understand it, and I happen to like both as people from what I know of them. Something about Bono’s voice bothers me. I’m not sure what it is with Sting.
  11. According to the email I received from Spotify today, the artist I listened to most this year was................ Bruce Springsteen, with over 44 hours of Spotify listening. Beastie Boys and Steely Dan were the next two in line. Most listened to song of the year was............... Rosalita!
  12. I suppose it’s possible. I would guess that 95% or so we’re just having fun and not thinking about Vietnam vets.
  13. Oh. Well, of course Bruce knew what the song was about. But I don’t think the fans were first pumping thinking it was an homage to the un-appreciated vets returning from Vietnam. They were just there having fun.
  14. I don’t know. I don’t think people were thinking that deeply at the concerts. They were pumping their fists because it was fun.
  15. But it is a light poppy song. The lyrics may not be, but it sounds as light and poppy as they get. Bruce was out to make a buck with that album and it did. No problem with that at all.