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  1. I just googled him. I still have no idea he is. But who cares, I will not be watching that episode to see Timothee Chamelet anyway.
  2. Yikes, I think you might be right. But I hate 80s era Billy Joel. I don’t hate this song. I actually think I like it, but I definitely don’t love it.
  3. Listened to the album today to give myself a Christmas music break. This one hasn’t aged well with me. I think it’s the singing. Kind of sounds like a Working on a Dream album song. I don’t know.
  4. Absolutely not. I find almost every version of bands doing this comes off pretentious. I find Bruce has become pretty pretentious as it so I can’t even imagine the pretentious meter could measure this arrangement. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at this point in his career. Wild ‘orses played with violins, cellos, ‘arps, and ‘orns? I could see it happening.
  5. I never heard that before. I don’t believe I ever will again. I’ve never gotten Lou Reed as an artist.
  6. Does this qualify? Because this is pretty damn good.
  7. Never heard of this guy before. Not a bad song. Not sure I would ever have listened to it (or even have heard of it) if I wasn’t in this site but I’m glad I heard it. As a Jerseyan, I am proud to say that at my local grocery store here in Kentucky I found Taylor pork roll the other day. I was shocked. I never expected to see it down here, but there it was. Naturally I bought it, took it home, and made a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich. Delicious as it was (and make no mistake, it was delicious) it wasn’t nearly as good as it was at 3AM at Pat’s Diner in Belmar after a night of drinking.
  8. I love Disorder in the House but my vote would go to Peg O’ My Heart.
  9. That’s the line right there. Sums up the idea that other side doesn’t know what they’re doing but the guy from side will fix everything.
  10. I haven’t listened to this album in a week or so as I’ve transitioned over to Christmas music (it’s obviously been a long, long year so I’ve moved my Christmas music timeline up by a couple of weeks). I really do like this song a lot. I get that Bruce wrote it about Bush/Trump but if you can listen to it with a non-partisan ear you can see how it applies to just the belief in any politician or any particular political party. Good tune.
  11. Not at all. It’s just a useless charade with no end so it’s not worth doing. I have no political affiliation and look at things from a pretty open minded perspective. I don’t think one side is right and the other side is wrong. I think both sides have strong points, both sides have flaws. I understand why someone would support Biden (I voted for him after all). But I also understand why someone would support Trump. If you want to know whyI think a far less antagonistic Trump would have beaten Biden it’s because of jobs. African Americans were employed at record levels before the pandemic
  12. Because that lady probably had much better reasoning skills than Trump and understood some of the nuances better than he did. Which is really scary to say about the president.
  13. I believe that is where we get this thread moved so I will not expand. I will just say that I don’t think many of his positions were bad, it was he who was bad. I think a more likable and much less antagonistic candidate with Trump’s views would have beaten Biden pretty handily.
  14. Pet Sounds is horrible. I’ve tried (almost in a Western Stars-like way) over and over to see what is so appealing to it and every time I walk away regretting giving it another shot.
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