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  1. Is adamant positive opinion different than adamant negative opinion? Other than one obviously being positive and the other being negative. An opinion is just an opinion to me.
  2. Painful, yet powerful, post. Eating disorders are an extremely difficult disorder to address. It saddens me.
  3. I am more hopefully in general. Thus, I find the damnation songs more interesting. It forces me to stop and think more than just listen along.
  4. Of course. That is not excluded from what I said. Again, he can do as he pleases. If he feels like this is where his artistry is taking him, so be it. I have little interest in partaking in it.
  5. That’s almost exactly what my response was when I read this press release, Roy. God bless the man, he can do whatever he wants at this point on his life. But if you had asked me some reasons 5 years ago why I was such a big fan I would have said his refusal to perform things such as his broadway show and with a full orchestra wou,d have been two reasons. Alas...... here he is.
  6. After listening to Marsh on E Street Radio I don’t think I could read anything by him without hearing that smug voice of his in my head, thus making his writing unreadable for me. He’s an insufferable prick.
  7. Maybe a reference to it being an alternative to his good music?
  8. I’m from the northern part of those beach umbrellas.
  9. I’ll be honest, you’ve put more thought into the song than I have. I always thought of it as a sort of throwaway song. I’ll have to listen more intently.
  10. If it was a relationship you wouldn’t think she’d be picking her kid up from Mary.
  11. That’s certainly a lot better than what I was imagining.