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  1. That’s a good point. Oddly though, we didn’t seem to deal with much international terrorism during the Trump years, did we? Unless my memory is shot (spoiler alert: My memory is absolutely shot!), I don’t recall any major incidents.
  2. My church was built to look like a barn. And has no kneelers. Been atttending for over 20 years and still adjusting to it.
  3. I’m about done with the first episode. So far it’s not really much of a conversation but a couple of comments from Obama and lot of talking from Bruce. I really do enjoy listening to Obama in the conversational setting though. I haven’t always agreed with him politically but I have always liked him (from a distance) personally.
  4. Sorry for having some fun. Let’s get back to the very serious business of Bruce Springsteen. I’ll now bow my head in reverence and contemplate the deep meaning of Blinded by the Light.
  5. I’m about a half hour in and I’m enjoying it. Then again, I could listen to any two people discuss anything and be amused by it. I do find it interesting to hear Bruce continue to refer to Freehold as a small town. He stated the population as 10,000 (which it probably was when he was growing up but it’s now more than tripled that total) which in a vacuum may qualify as a small town. I grew up not far from Freehold and thought I grew up in a small town as well. That was until I left Jersey and found out what a small town really is. My small town bordered seamlessly upon another small town wh
  6. “It’s bad enough that you drove away after drinking tequila, but why did you have to release Western Stars?”
  7. Possibly. It won’t help me understand why he(?)- or anyone else for that matter- wouldn’t just sign up for Spotify. Seems easier than wanting somebody to make an mp3 file for him. Not that I really care, just intrigued.
  8. And they seem to be getting a little frisky with the feet. This podcast may be more sultry than I planned on.
  9. Maybe I’m missing something. Why wouldn’t you just sign up for a free Spotify account to listen to it?
  10. Obama certainly does. I’m planning on starting this up in my ride home (taking a break from my seasonal foray into Irish music). Does Bruce talk naturally or is it that DJ style he does of... over...annunciating...... words........for..........effect?
  11. Hmmmm...... I’ll give it a shot. More to hear Obama than Bruce. I like Obama. Seems like a good, personable dude. I think he would come off pretty well in this more relaxed, conversational type of setting.
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