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  1. I definitely will not pay to see it in a theater. If I came across it on TV I’m sure I’d give it a look but as good as Bruce is live I just can’t see me enjoying it at all. The music is just so farcical that I don’t think I could get past it. I listened to Rhinestone Cowboy yesterday and it just sounded ridiculous.
  2. Thank goodness. I didn’t want you getting visited in the middle of the night by anonymous grown men in black suits and sunglasses with a bandana hanging out of one back pocket and a red hat hanging out of the other.
  3. Thanks for the response. It was 100% a serious question. I have seen a couple of his interviews for the movie but still did not completely get it. Then I saw people here talking about a guy sweeping and that confused me even more.
  4. Honest question. What is this film? Is it just him playing the album in his barn? Or is there a plot with actors and all?
  5. I’ll tell you what, me sitting naked in a theater would certainly eliminate anybody’s desire to applaud.
  6. Open weeping is allowed while viewing in the theater? Isn’t that distracting to others?
  7. It damn well better not be Western Stars, The Musical or Bruce will kick his ass!
  8. Nobody likes those guys. Hack film makers. Now Bruce on the other hand, he’s made a film about an album he recorded five years ago so he could put out a soundtrack from the movie about the five year old album. That’s cinematic genius!
  9. I’m good with me. I’m beginning to question the old fellow though.
  10. People seem to be offended by pretentious. I agree that it is pretentious, but I would think people could at least agree to weird. I don’t know. If we can’t agree to the word “weird“, maybe we could agree that it is certainly an outlier? As you say, I can’t think of any movie where the director told the audience how to react to their product.