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  1. Might as well just have Phil Collins out there with him to duet on Real Man to finish the show.
  2. I was hoping to go my whole life without ever seeing Springsteen and Journey on the same bill. Not a chance in hell is even tune in to this on the TV on the chance that I might stumble into Journey.
  3. Hmmmmm….. interesting. Certainly looks like a book coming out. What does the response “Pre-Estreet Band” mean? If the book is about his time pre-E Street, I’m not interested.
  4. So is this actually a thing or just guessing/hoping? I would love to read a book from him. Different perspective and not afraid to speak truthfully.
  5. I really enjoyed the podcast. I can’t imagine buying a transcript of the podcast thought. At a certain point I guess you just sell everything for a buck. Would be nice if them to donate the proceeds to charity but they can do as they please.
  6. Just listened to it. Or at least a minute or so of it. That was rough. I really can’t take her voice.
  7. This will be cool to see. Pretty sure my oldest sister attended.
  8. Thank you. I don’t want to read the article, but I do appreciate the response
  9. That’s fantastic, thanks! For the record, I wasn’t questioning whether she belonged on the team or not. I live in horse country and know the amount of hard work these guys and gals put in. I didn’t think they would throw somebody in there just for name recognition. What I was questioning was whether or not she was one of the 10 Olympians to watch because she is one of the ten best competing in an event or because she is one of the ten most recognizable names, and I think you answered that. I appreciate it.
  10. I haven’t looked at the article either. Is it an article on 10 stars to check out, such as Djokovic, or 10 familiar names that’ll be interesting catch a glimpse of, like Djokovic and Springsteen? Is Jessica Springsteen considered the best rider on the US equestrian team? I saw the 4 on the team interviewed on the Today Show this morning and I didn’t get the impression she was the star of the team but I honestly have no idea.
  11. Why not? It’s just storytelling, like movie making or authoring books. As an aside, I’ve worked with some kids over the years that have since shown up on the news dead or having killed and I have been surprised by a very low percentage of them. Tough to overcome a dangerously dysfunctional upbringing.
  12. Yeah, make the quiet songs and play the quiet songs. Don’t dictate to the audience what they should do. By and large, the audience knows what to do. They’re generally quieter for the quieter songs (or heading to the bathroom), louder for the rocking songs. I find it arrogant, you don’t. Fair enough. I’m certainly not upset about it nor do I need to be told to stay home. I won’t spend that kind of money for a concert, nor do I really have any desire to go. I’ll listen to the albums.
  13. And that’s the arrogance. “I know you put out a ton of money to enjoy a concert but this is about me, not you!”
  14. I wish Jimmy would just shut up and listen!
  15. A quick google search produced these results for Dancing in the Dark (it’s not unique to Bruce by any means): Search results for 'dancing in the dark' Yee yee! We've found 142,966 lyrics, 78artists, and 49 albums matching dancing in the dark.
  16. I love Bing Crosby! However, much like Bruce’s Dancing in the Dark, this is not his best.
  17. So the opposite of “just shut up and play”?
  18. Did he? I went to one of those concerts and don’t listen to live CDs. I don’t recall him doing it at the show I was at but if he did, yes I would find it pompous. Is the shushing of the crowd something a lot of other artists do? As I said earlier, I’m not a big concert goer but I can’t recall anybody else ever doing that at a show I’ve been to.
  19. It’s arrogant. Did the Beatles shush the crowd? Pearl Jam? Neil Young? Is it something a lot of artists do? Dylan? I am asking that honestly as I’m not a big concert goer. As for that song being profound, I honestly don’t see it. As others have said in here, I don’t see the controversy.
  20. I like the song! It’s a simple little pop song.
  21. Yeah, possibly. It may also have been for dramatic effect, knowing it was being recorded to be released as a live album. At the end of the day I suppose none of it really matters and would have no effect on me if I was at the show.
  22. Shush if you want to shush. Clap along if you want to clap along. When he’s shushing the crowd to pay careful attention to a song that is not all that deep to begin with it is conceit in action. Again, why did he want people to shut up for 41 Shots but lead the crowd in fist pumping to Born in the USA? He’s a rock star, not a Broadway actor. Oops…… As an aside, I absolutely love that picture.
  23. Bruce wouldn’t do that because that would just mean the fat cats would make more money and he’s not about that. He’s a man of the people!
  24. Agree completely about Broadway. I honestly don’t get the appeal but to each their own I suppose. As I’ve said earlier, if he was playing that on my back deck would open to tell him to keep it down because I don’t want to hear it as I’ve already read the book. I have nowhere to go with the shushing of the crowd. He can do it if he wants to. I wouldn’t pay attention to him if he shushed me as he is getting his payday at the end of the show and I paid my money to enjoy the show as I wish. Clapping along is not remotely close to holding up a sign or smoking a joint and blowing smoke in somebody else’s face which majorly deters from the ability of others to enjoy the show. It definitely strikes at Bruce’s pompous side.
  25. Then you should pony up the $750 to see the Broadway spoken word show. You go to a rock concert, you’re not paying be directed how to react by the performer. If the performer is good enough at his/her job the crowd knows how to react to the songs.
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