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  1. 2 hours ago, Marnix said:

    To be honest I really don’t like this kind of topics what we as fans want when an artist dies. But it is not up to us. I think and see it like this if the family or record company want to release some unreleased stuff I am fine and if they don’t release anything then I also respect that. They don’t ow us anything 

    That’s true, it’s not up to us. It’s up to Sony.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Nicholas said:

    I think this is an important point to make.

    I can imagine that, between future releases and boxsets, Sony will make their money back in spades. Plus, that includes allowing his music to be used in commercials and soundtracks and other kinds of programs. But I don't think the company that has worked with Bruce for 50+ years will be letting "Glory Days" play in the background if a Walmart advertisement. I think they'll try to avoid pairings that would not go well with the Springsteen brand.

    So only brands like Jeep and the Democrats? What’s the difference between those two and Walmart?

    The Bruce “integrity” train left the station a while ago.

  3. 3 hours ago, 53 Esquire said:

    I am sure that some how - maybe - possibly sounded like it made sense in your head  . . . but 



    is if Sony wasn't a sophisticated bargainer.  Just taken to the cleaners by Bruce Springsteen.   Didn't this place had evolved into Sony Music fan page.




    Huh? I don’t get it. 
    Let me rephrase. I don’t get the economics of the whole thing but I think Sony would be crazy to spend half a billion dollars and allow there to be restrictions placed upon their purchase. I don’t particularly give a shit about the economic state of the entity that is Sony but then again, I don’t particularly give a shit about the economic state of Bruce Springsteen and his estate.

  4. 1 hour ago, CmonMrTrouble said:

    Wow, bitter much?  Seriously, your predictions are so over the top, there must be other things you are angry about, because this decision doesn't merit such wrath.

    He made the decision to sell the family business.  Sony has been his music partner for a long time now, he has an apparent "trust" with them and their commitment about whatever they have promised during the negotiations and whatever is included in the contract (which none of us have the specifics) and I just can't imagine he would forsake everything HE has ever believed in for one last payday.  

    Bruce (the person, not Springsteen Inc) has more money than he will spend in his lifetime, no doubt.  But like most wealthy families, he is wanting to secure his legacy so his children and grandchildren will have financial security, and this deal has done that. 

    Bruce the person, he has disappointed me at times - I am sure most of us have had that moment - but most of the time it is a "Bruce" that we have constructed in our mind, a superhero of sorts.  He still has his failings (like us) he will still made decisions that some of us won't agree with, and I can't believe he cares for even one second what the uninformed masses (meaning us) thinks of this deal - - - he is satisfied with it and pulled the trigger. 

    He didn't ask for my opinion, I am pretty sure he doesn't care about yours either.  I am certain he consulted his children, his wife, his financial advisor and a few trusted friends maybe, and that's really who he is worried about and cares to protect at this point.


    Unless he’s been pissing away his money on drugs and hookers (one more likely than the other) his children and potential grandchildren already have their financial future secured. This deal should be enough to provide financial security for his lineage 8 generations or so from now. 
    Again,  don’t care that he does it. Somebody wants to give me $500,000,000 I’m going to take $500,000,000. However, if he can manage to pull off this deal and still have people believe he is existing on some higher artistic plain after already selling himself to sell Jeeps, than he is truly the master of the magic act he talks about.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Eileen said:

    What does he do with all his music stuff then?  What's the alternative?

    I doubt he's thinking about himself when he's collecting the money ... he'll be happy knowing his family (and their families down the line) won't struggle financially.

    Personally, I don’t give a crap what he does with his music. That’s up to him. But his family was not going to struggle financially with or without this extra $500,000,000. And if they were going to mismanage his money to the point that they were going to struggle without it, I have no doubt they’ll still struggle with it.

    On the other hand, he’s going to be pretty disappointed when he finds out the fat cats will think it’s funny to be able to buy his life’s work. Or is he just one of the fat cats?

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  6. 4 hours ago, LongTallSally said:

    I got the book as a birthday present. I’m enjoying the photos but even on just an initial skim through it is littered with errors in the dates of the Bruce photo captions.

    Several BITUSA tour photos dated 1986, a well known one from Wembley stadium dated “circa 1984”, ToL tour photos dated 1992, Nebraska era photo dated 1973, Bruce and Southside at the Stone Pony in mid-70s dated 1970, etc etc. Worst of all is one of Bruce and Clarence onstage during what looks like the original River tour which is captioned the Devils and Dust tour 2005!

    Given the number of people credited in the acknowledgements you’d like to think someone might have spotted them or could have done some proper research!

    Heck, I could do it in a couple of hours (for a modest fee :P).

    Is it possible it was rushed out to make a buck at the expense of thoroughness?

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  7. 3 hours ago, dr winston oboogie said:

    I am sad that some folk cannot find the raw emotion and story telling of this album enough, like I have said about it many many times before each and every track has at least one killer line in it that encompasses the story of the whole song and just makes you stop and realise.......

    Again, the issue isn’t the lyrics. But if he just wants to write “killer lines”- which he certainly can do- he would be an author. He’s a songwriter and these songs don’t have much music to go with them. I don’t really find any raw emotion either. Most of the songs sound like he woke up from a dead sleep and sang into a microphone. Some emotion would have helped the songs out.

  8. 45 minutes ago, Lampi said:

    There is life enough in the electric version, an every-night highlight of the Reunion Tour.

    Agreed. It’s a shame he couldn’t find any life in the album. It’s really weird when you read the credits and see all the instruments noted but can’t hear (or at least I can’t).

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  9. 3 hours ago, dr winston oboogie said:

    I think this was intentional so that people only had the words to concentrate on, which was very important to Bruce, as illustrated by his opening to the crowd before each of TGOTJ shows, "I want you to shut the f*** up and listen to the songs"...or words to that effect.

    Yeah, I’m sure it wasn’t an accident. If he wanted people to just listen to the words he should have written a book. The problem is that he’s not just a lyricist, he’s also a musician. He only covered one of those jobs on this album.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Rizla said:

    I think we may be at cross-purposes over the word "meaning". 

    I'm not saying that lyrics have to be "meaningful" in the sense of life-changing or deep thought.  Just that I like them to make sense. 

    That's all I'm going to say, otherwise I'll only be repeating what I've said before.  I'm just glad he didn't continue for long in this style.



    Bishop Danced makes sense. It’s silly, but not difficult. I miss that style, especially when it was mixed in with songs of deeper meaning. Last time he wrote story songs they were accompanied by embarrassingly bad music. I’ll take silly lyrics and fun music over serious lyrics and crappy 70s style music.

  11. 45 minutes ago, Rizla said:

    No, not at all, because it's not nonsensical.  It's a coherent narrative.  Apart from the title of course, since Bruce has admitted that he doesn't know what a Tenth Avenue Freezeout is!  :D 
    As it happens I don't like the song, but that's nothing to do with the lyrics, I just find it a  bit of a tuneless cacophony.

    I'm talking about lyrics like 'Song For Orphans' and 'Bishop Danced'.  I don't know the chronology of all his songs so I can't give you a "when". 

    Bishop Danced is about dancing, isn’t it? 
    I don’t know, to each their own I suppose. Songs like Bishop Danced and Tenth Ave. aren’t meant to be life changing songs. Just fun music not intended to require deep thought, which is fine for me. I can appreciate both.

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  12. 8 hours ago, Rizla said:

    When he stopped trying to write like Dylan. 

    If a song tells a comprehensible story, then it does have a meaning. 
    My issue is with incoherent rambling.

    Again, when do you think he started writing comprehensible stories and stopped incoherent rambling? For instance, am I right in assuming you don’t like 10th Ave. Freezeout because it’s a nonsensical lyric?

  13. 2 hours ago, Rizla said:

    No, it doesn't work for me.  It's just word salad unless there's a meaning, and I don't think there is.  I think he was just putting words together because he thought they sounded cool.

    When do you think he stopped writing “word salad” and started writing meaningful lyrics? There are a lot of great songs that don’t have a meaning per se, but just tell a story.

  14. 15 hours ago, Rizla said:

    Stories are fine, but I'm talking about the language.  He was trying to copy Bob Dylan.

    I've said this before, but if he could explain what he's on about in those songs, why he chose those words and what they mean, I might have a different opinion. 
    But I suspect he can't.  It's just pastiche.

    He’s painting word pictures. What the words mean to you may be completely different to me and completely different than what he intended them to mean. They don’t need to be explained. When he started explaining his songs is when he started to lose me a bit. 

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