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  1. Man, what a unique perspective! Well done! Looks like Bruce is letting one rip without the car behind him.
  2. Right. That’s what I find odd. After not doing things to accumulate wealth for years when he needed it, now that he has wealth he’s going for more.
  3. I caught the last two minutes or so of the show this morning. I didn’t hear much I haven’t heard before. I do find the whole thing a bit odd but not nearly as much as Bruce doing a Jeep commercial.
  4. That’s funny. The plaid shirt kind of loses its grungy/blue colorness when it’s custom fit and tailored by a high end haberdasher.
  5. What? Did you miss this part? Or this part? $500 is insane, but some people will pay it. More likely the fat bankers he likes to complain about and not the blue collar fans he sings about.
  6. That’s hilarious Daisy, well played. I’ve locked Western Stars away in my own private vault.
  7. Wait, he played Reno? I read in this thread that it wasn’t about sex. Quick, somebody call him and tell him what his songs are about!
  8. Album, hands down. I’m not much of a concert goer. That said, I would get to choose the style of album, right? Western Stars need not apply.
  9. Tom Hanks, Butch Patrick, and Bruce Springsteen’s grandfather?
  10. The other choice is to buy your daughter a million dollar ‘orse
  11. I think starting out as Johnny Cougar hurt the perception of him by many.
  12. Walk Like a Man. I suppose Real Man would apply as well, but for entirely different reasons.
  13. If it’s a misinterpreted song, that’s Bruce’s fault. He wanted to make some money and that wasn’t going to happen with that boring acoustic version. If he didn’t want it to sound like an anthem, he shouldn’t have gone for the cash.
  14. The song was written in the eighties. It certainly wouldn’t fly now.
  15. Well, I don’t think Springsteen is a genius. I think he’s just a guy who is a hell of a storyteller. When he tells stories he does well. When he talks politics he generally sounds foolish to me. I think he does much, much better letting his songs speak for themselves than he does detailing how his songs are about how bad the Republicans are. As for good use of Patti Scialfa’s vocals, I’ll just kindly disagree.
  16. Thanks for the info, I appreciate it. Still didn’t enjoy any bit of that song, but tastes differ. I do hate when Bruce talks partisan politics as I think he comes off sounding poorly when doing so. I think partisan politics is embarrassing for whoever takes part in it to be honest, regardless of which side you’re on. The inability of people to call out “their side” completely discredits their point of view in my eyes.
  17. Not sure I ever really listened to this song before. Just did and don’t think I will again. More stream of consciousness/spoken word than a song. What era was this recorded during? Joad?
  18. Probably my favorite poster in here. Sincere and open minded. And has something to say in every single thread. Happy birthday Daisy!
  19. https://youtu.be/wJTywspjyUs Easy Money and Hoedown Throwdown by Hannah Montana.
  20. I know there are a lot but can’t think of any right now other than the beginning of Backstreets makes me sing Hungry Heart every time I hear it.
  21. Good excerpt. Looking forward to the whole book. I never heard about that argument before.
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