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  1. I never saw- or even heard of- that soap opera. But it sounds about right. Ridiculous to say orse. Only the worst British soap opera and the best American songwriter would even try such an absurdity.
  2. Funny (or wait, do I mean completely offensive?). I love Magic. Other than Living in the Future, I don’t think there is a subpar song on there.
  3. And once again I will say enjoy the hell out of it if you like it. I’m done with it. Hopefully he’s still got some good music left in him. I look forward to hearing it.
  4. The family does not like it either. When Wayfarer comes on all my daughters say, “Tangled!” I’m tucking this album away now. Can’t really see me coming back to it at all, but you never know.
  5. I just took a week or so off from the album. Put it back on, in a long car ride with the family and don’t like it anymore than I did before. It’s the worst of his career. I’ll probably check back in from time to time with this album but it is really bad music. I think the lyrics are probably OK, but the music is elevator music. Bad, bad stuff.
  6. Onestly, don’t be upset about me being called a jerk off for saying this album stinks. I don’t know any other person on ere that I am aware of and take no personal offense to comments being made at me. It’s all just opinion. Also, don’t feel any shame for not liking it so much. It’s kind of stinks.
  7. You’re probably being mistaken for me. Ell ath no fury like a Springsteen fan scorned!
  8. Could have been the best song on Western Stars if it had only been written 2 or 3 years later. OK, I said I was done for the day. I apologize for chiming back in.
  9. Nonsense. I like similar styles of this music. This version of it happens to be poorly done. If I had said, “This is great” you would have loved it. The fact that I said it stinks is what you have a problem with.
  10. Sales? What sales? OK, I’m probably done for the day. I’m going drink beer. I mean I’m going to pressure wash the sidewalk for a few ours If there just so appens to be a beer in my and while doing it, so be it.
  11. Honestly, I’m just fascinated that so many Springsteen fans like it. I can’t help myself. Like a moth to a flame.
  12. That’s great for the vast majority of fans and critics. They should play it all day long. I’m happy for those of you that this album works for. Honestly. Or, should I say onestly? I just think it’s crappy music.
  13. I think it stinks because it sounds, as I have said several times, like a Disney soundtrack. I put the album on and I snap into PTSD memory shock of cross-country car trips driving my family while they watch annoying Disney princess movies in the back of the van. Saccharine is how somebody described it and I think that is right, in sound if not so much in lyrics. And for the love of god, I live in Horse country. Horse country. I’ve been living here for 20+ years and not once have I heard anybody refer to them as orses. I know people that have trained Kentucky Derby winners. Not one time have they told me, “I knew he was a great orse the first time I saw him run. You can always tell the great orses. They have a certain orse aura about them.” It sounds ridiculous. Possibly worse then throwing a “speedball” when referring to a fastball.
  14. No opinion being forced, just being shared. If I had made a similarly definitive statement like, “This album is great” nobody would have said it was rude. You say it stinks and people get offended by it. It’s just opinion either way. If you got in here and say Magic stinks I would disagree with you 100% from a personal standpoint, but your musical opinions are not my business.
  15. So the problem is really just that I think the album stinks. Got it.
  16. Because I think it stinks? Does that sound better?
  17. I think the politics are overplayed. I think this album is not going over well because it is not that good. Not just because it’s different, but because it stinks.
  18. My take would be that great Springsteen music sounds like Springsteen. This doesn’t sound like Springsteen to me.
  19. Finally listened to this song a few times without listening to it within the entire album. Better song than I find it to be within the flow of the album. The vocal still annoys me a bit, but I’ll be listening to this more often.
  20. It’s kind of funny. I love a good banjo tune, songs with strings. I like horns, I can get into some country music. I just don’t think this album does any of it very well.
  21. Well done Roy. How many beers for you tonight?
  22. Ok, I’m sitting out on the back deck having several beers (actually, just my third but I did have two with dinner along with a Cuban daiquiri). Listening to this song on a loop and love it. A lot of lyrical gems in this. The line I am particularly hooked on is: I come looking for a new life One I wouldn’t have to explain Such a great line. Surprising that it hasn’t been written anywhere that I know of before. I guess that is what makes a great songwriter a great songwriter. Here are my questions about this song. Is the chick coming in on the Tucson train the same one he escaped? Is it the same one he fought hard with over nothing until nothing remained (another phenomenal line)?
  23. I though he sang: That last song sure was a pain i though it was acknowledgement of how much There Goes My Miracle sucks. I’ll have to re-listen to this one now.
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