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  1. I just got the “You’re such an asshole” badge. Anybody else get this one yet?
  2. Wait, what is that? Is there another level yet? Damnit!!!
  3. If you’ll give me 233 points, I’ll provide the answer to you.
  4. I think so. That’s absurd though, so I went with a three-legged dog.
  5. Like there’s a fight against the blood and hatred in the air but I look around and janeymarywendy’s not there.
  6. That really makes me sad, like I’m a three legged dog or something. Or a rider on a downbound train. Or like a dog who’s been beat too much. Like I’m riding in a death trap with a suicide rap of some sort. Like all the girls in their summer clothes keep passing me by. Like I’ve been out looking for a job but I can’t find none. Feels like I’m trapped. One step up, two steps back for me. Guess I’ll just throw Western Stars on to lift my spirits.
  7. Hey, anybody got 233 points I can borrow? Apparently, I need them to get to my next rank!
  8. I got the same alert and I think we all know that’s not an accurate title. Though even if misplaced, I appreciate the affirmation.
  9. I got an alert that says I earned a “posting machine” badge. What does that mean? Is this a good thing? If so, how do I earn more!!!???
  10. I never knew there was a rank on here. And I still don’t see it. Where does one discover their Greasy Lake rank?
  11. I don’t know I’m Not Running. I’ll try to listen to it. That said, I don’t really hear Bruce with Key West.
  12. I really couldn’t stand Johnny Cougar when he first came out. It was probably more a result of MTV than the music itself. I really didn’t like his dirtbag look. But over time, his music has grown on me. Key West Intermezzo would be my favorite by far and one of my favorite songs overall. I don’t know that I see Bruce and Johnny Cougar as a great match, but I’ll give it a listen
  13. I find most acts of true charity are done without public acknowledgement or recognition.
  14. And now, many years later, he’s a Broadway star charging prices for his one-man show that the blue collar man or woman would have to forego buying groceries for a month to be able to attend.
  15. That sounds like giving more money to the “fat cats”. I recommend saving the money and playing the Born to Run album on a medium of your choosing.
  16. I guess some songs might be more enjoyable if they weren’t ensconced in the other stuff on the album. As an entire product it’s pretty horrendous but some of the parts might be better as part of a different whole.
  17. My favorite song (or maybe second favorite after Tucson Train) is Somewhere North of Nashville. I would guess that song probably spent the least time being produced, though it certainly could have benefitted from another verse or two. I would say overall, too much time was spent in the studio on the album. 8 years is a long time to tinker with the songs.
  18. On the second year anniversary of Western Stars (do I have that right? It’s my sister’s birthday and I seem to remember it being released on her birthday) so I gave it a full listen today. Made me angry. Frustratingly bad to me because there are lyrics he could have made good songs out of. Oh well.
  19. I have no problem with him charging whatever he wants and can get. I do have a problem with him singing songs about shooting bankers and cozying up next to them when it’s time to make some cash. It’s hypocritical of him, but part of him has always been a bit of a sham.
  20. I’m also a Publix school employee. I could do $500, but it would certainly take some finagling. I couldn’t just shake out the couch cushions to come up with it. Alas, if it was a quarter I wouldn’t want to see it. Never made it through the Netflix film of it after several attempts.
  21. Is is the greed from the Springsteen machine. The type of machine he likes to rail against to make money on albums, then cozy up next to, to buy tickets to his self-indulgent snorefest of a one man show.
  22. You’ve forgotten that Bruce is now a star of stage and commercial screen. There is no saying this project is music. I’m hoping it’s a one man reading of Othello or him driving his truck to pick up some pine needles off of the forest floor in Oregon for Jeep in hopes to unite the country (and line his pockets).
  23. $500-$850 is a “drop in the bucket” for a very small minority of people.
  24. Good for him to get to reprise this. I have zero interest in seeing it but I’m sure many do and will enjoy it.
  25. Sorry to hear about the loss of you mother Gretsch. Agree with you about the song. It’s the best on the album hands down to me. On a somewhat related note, we found out this morning that one of my daughters’ classmates died in a car crash last night. Great family, three of their kids were in the same grades as my three oldest. A truly high quality family. This morning while doing the dishes I had Spotify shuffling songs and Warren Zevon’s Keep Me in Your Heart came on. Absolutely crushed me.
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