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  1. I was about to launch on you until I saw the “IMO” added. It’s obligatory. Carry on.
  2. Gave it my first listen and it doesn’t suck. Catchy tune, I like it. Much better than the last song.
  3. The documentary begins with Bruce and his wife Juliana discussing a move to LA.
  4. Well, I’m on the back deck with some beer right now listening to a Springsteen mix on Spotify (cringing with the start of every song in the hopes that it’s not this song), celebrating the Jersey Shore kickoff to summer weekend from afar. I have one corner but feel free to take one of the other three.
  5. Yes, please join me in the corner. I’ll provide beer and chips, play descent Springsteen music, plus we’ll make enough noise chatting to cover the sounds of this mess of a song. You may not have heard yet, but it sucks (I feel obligated to point out that this is my opinion only).
  6. For the record, I have now had a few beers. The song still sucks- in my opinion of course- but I feel better about myself. Carry on.
  7. Disguise, I feel singled out. You’ve hurt my feelings. To make matters worse, I just turned on E Street Radio and heard this horrible song. In my opinion, this is a terrible day and I feel like I will have to have a few beers to drown my sorrows.
  8. Take my advice, include “in my opinion” when voicing your opinion or people with think you’re telling them how to think.
  9. It’s all subjective. There is no good or bad art. People listen to Phil Collins and enjoy it. I get nauseous whenever I hear that voice. People find deep meaning in the Mona Lisa. I see a painting from a guy that had some paints, a canvas, and some time on his hands. Some view this song as good. It baffles me, but it is all just opinion.
  10. Make no mistake skin, this song sucks.
  11. That is a great song and has some soul and passion to it. I don’t find those qualities in this new Springsteen song.
  12. I went with the last option because, “Whoa! And I thought Real Man was bad!” was not an option.
  13. How the hell does my commenting about the song prevent somebody from enjoying it? I would hope to god that nobody on here thinks about what I have said on this message board in any meaningful way over the course of a day. Perhaps some do, and if that’s the case I need to consider to whom I am making comments. It seems apparent that Rosie takes this stuff a little more seriously than I do. I would imagine you don’t take it all too seriously either. I consider it all to just be some virtual barroom chatter. From your posting style, I would imagine you probably view it the same way. Does it piss me off that people are happy? In no way whatsoever. As I said earlier, if you like this song go hop in your car, roll down the windows and blast it. Make yourself happy.
  14. Come on, admit it. The song is horrible!
  15. I would differentiate between a wind up merchant being somebody intentionally out to piss a particular person off and a wiseass just making wisecracks for the hell of it. My intent was not really to wind up the other person. I assumed they would get the wiseass nature of it. Intent is often lost in the written word and it seems to have been here, though it is really not a big deal either way. I already apologized to the other poster. I’m not exactly a newbie on here, though I certainly don’t post every day. I assumed the other poster would recognize my usual posting style, which is not typically antagonistic. All that said, it’s still a rotten song.
  16. Pretty much. Just having some fun is all. It’s just a song.
  17. It’s just music. Loosen up a bit. i won’t be saving any money because I can guarantee I’ll be buying it. I just hope this song is an outlier. In a similar way, I like Human Touch as an album but fully acknowledge that Real Man is likely the worst song he’s ever put out.
  18. Yikes. It’s an honest opinion I have, being stated in a joking way. You didn’t see it as a joke so my apologies on that. Again, your opinion on the song is as valid as mine or anybody else’s opinion. I would bet after he was given some truth serum, Bruce’s opinion of the song would be, “Hey, I owe the record company some songs. This is what I had.”
  19. Of course it’s all opinion, and just some fooling around. No need to get all uptight about it. If you love the song, play the hell out of it. Blast from your car with the windows down and drive down along Ocean Ave. so everybody can hear it. Seriously, have at it. I heard another 40 seconds or so of it this morning and my opinion hasn’t changed. It is a song I would probably list in the bottom 3% of songs he has put out. The fact that it is the second song released from the album has me concerned.
  20. Let’s be honest. Nebraska is a superior album of songs for that genre. Now, you may not like that genre. But it is superior for the genre it exists in. He could have had a long career making album after album of this type of music, along the lines of the guys you named. This song (and I understand it is one song of an album that we have only heard one other song from) is not superior. It is a subpar, run of the mill, outtake from a subpar album (WOAD) that probably wouldn’t have seen the light of day if it hadn’t been recorded by Bruce Springsteen.
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