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  1. Recorded (CD, album, tape 8-track, etc...) Springsteen is better than live Springsteen.
  2. It was actually December 6th. Honestly, I’m not sure what flac is. I guess just some version I could save to my computer and burn for him on a cd (he prefers hard copies to digital). This would be phenomenal if you could do this. It is more appreciated than you can imagine.
  3. Haven’t read through this whole thread but I have been looking for years to find a bootleg of my brother’s first Springsteen show, December 8th or 9th, 1980 in Philadelphia. Does a bootleg exist of these shows? Would love to get it for him for his 55th birthday in September.
  4. Don't Look Back just popped up on my Spotify shuffle while using the exercise bike. Certainly upped the pace. Phenomenal.
  5. Have listened to Sherry Darling approximately 20 times over the last two days while driving my kids around to assorted activities. Windows down, volume cranked. Great summer song.
  6. Now that's a great High Hopes. Let's hear a cover version of that.
  7. Rosalita from The WIld and the Innocent. Sometimes you just have to remember how great of a masterpiece that is.
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