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  1. Big Muddy is probably in my bottom 5 Springsteen songs of all time. Unlistenable to me.
  2. Absolutely! I love that sound. I just wish he made an album of his own songs with that style.
  3. I’d be fine with another banjo-infused album. Love the banjo. And I understand the alcohol-induced album buying. Somewhere around here I still have a Letters to Cleo album bought in a drunken fury to hear that, “Here and Now” song. It’s a damn catchy tune!
  4. Don’t apologize at all. I’ve got enough Bruce to carry me through the rest of my life, regardless of what else he puts out there.
  5. Western Stars-Nebraska would be like the Frazier-Foreman fight with Western Stars playing the role of Frazier. If that doesn’t make sense, it’s worth YouTubing it.
  6. A country-style western album would be intriguing to me. A Western Stars repeat (which is certainly not his style) would be the first studio album of his that I don’t buy.
  7. Lighten up?!?! On the deathly serious subject of guitar playing from 37 years ago?!?! You’ve lost your mind.
  8. I think you’d run the risk of throwing your back out trying to get low enough to kick Nils in the ass.
  9. You’d have to pay me in many multiples of $400 to get me to attend a Genesis concert. If I wanted to hear crappy Phil Collins music I’d just play Real Man.
  10. I find it odd that he’s just getting this award now.
  11. Fantastic! Glad to hear things are coming around for you Daisy. The easy life doesn’t seem too enjoyable to me either.
  12. Jeez Daisy, I think you just created the lyrical outline for a song on Nebraska II: Trouble on the Other Side of the World.
  13. Hopefully a movie version of Bruce playing Western Stars on a ukulele while riding a horsey on his farm.
  14. I can’t possibly be the only one giggling at every mention of “BJ”, can I? Sometimes it’s worth just bothering to type out the full name of the song. But then again, that would have prevented me from getting a good laugh.
  15. Believe me, I get it. There is nothing in his music that says I should like it. But I really do love the 4 or 5 hits he had. I’m assuming it has to do with me at just the right age (8 or so) when those songs came out. Young enough that I couldn’t discern between what I like and what was being carved into my brain from repeated radio play.
  16. Oddly enough, Christopher Cross is always my choice for musical guilty pleasure.
  17. That’s pretty funny. I can hear the similarity. Oddly, an Air Supply cover would have fit in well on Western Stars.
  18. Hmmmmm...... I never heard that song as being about the birth of a child. I still don’t see that but it’s interesting.
  19. It’s a good story. It kills the flow of that album for me though. Just doesn’t fit. But if you like it, listen to the hell out of it.
  20. I would with that as long as it excludes Meeting Across the River, which sadly eliminates Jungleland. So I guess I’ll go: Thunder Road 10th Ave. Night Backstreets Born to Run
  21. Thundercrack was played at my reception. Play Born in the USA if you like it. Nobody else will really care one way or the other.
  22. That’s an interesting point I didn’t think about. Yeah, I would imagine they are interesting to the uninitiated.
  23. I would agree that Obama is the much more interesting character in these conversations. There really is not much for Bruce to cover that we haven’t heard already.
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