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  1. Didn’t he once slap a girlfriend across the face? Does that fit in the “me too” classification?
  2. Try mentioning the meaning of Janey Needs a Shooter. That seemed to initiate some non-Jeep discussion. Just don’t call it “wild”.
  3. He’s been pontificating for quite a while though, hasn’t he? Only this time he took it to the masses and not just his fans or political allies so not everybody is just clapping along because they want him to shut up and play the next song.
  4. Well, I can’t believe he would think he’s the right person to preach about finding middle ground, but he does have a large ego so I suppose it’s possible. It’s also possible the money was too good for him to turn down at this point.
  5. I don’t even know that it’s tone deaf. It’s just a little further exploration by Bruce into the world of performance art and not believable because he is who he is. Was he playing himself or that cowboy character from his Western Stars video? At this point, he’d be better off to claim he was just “acting” again.
  6. At least I’d use the Jeep more than once. Though I can’t really balance my uneven coffee table with a Jeep.
  7. Everybody knows it was Bruce Springsteen doing an advertisement by Jeep. That’s why they did it. It’s getting them attention. Same way Bruce went on SNL and used them, playing songs from Letter to You to sell albums they used him to sell more Jeeps. Trying to rationalize it any other way is really silly to me. And again, I don’t care that he’s done it. He might as well have done it 35 years ago to make a buck.
  8. “On your way out tonight we’re going to have Jeep salesman at the exits. The great people at Hudson River Jeep Dealers of the Tristate Area have been putting people in Jeep’s for over 50 years and they would like to put you in one of theirs. So if you wouldn’t mind stopping by on the way home to take a test drive, look at sticker prices, get an information packet that would help keep money in the middle of my pocket.”
  9. I’m with you with the acknowledgement that it is a personal preference. I don’t judge the person for it, I just don’t get it.
  10. I don’t think I would call Bruce religious. I don’t think Bruce would call himself religious. He went to Catholic school and has found that Catholic dogma and imagery to be effective (not to mention profitable) in expressing his artistry, but I don’t think he is really religious. “Spiritual” or something like that is probably more like it than a religion with a set of rules and shared beliefs.
  11. This take us spot on. It’s not the premise the advertisement takes that is the problem. It’s the one presenting the premise. Everybody bitches about the side that has power when it’s not their side, then calls for unity when their side has the power.
  12. You can’t necessarily take Bruce at his word though. He also used to talk about allowing not allowing himself to be co-opted for a political cause. That clearly was not something he believed in.
  13. Quick, tell me which side I’m in so I know where I’m standing! I thought I’ve been in the middle all this time, having voted for candidates from each party as well as some non-two party candidates over my lifetime!
  14. I’m in the middle. I’m looking around and don’t see Bruce anywhere.
  15. I don’t understand tattoos. I really just don’t get it. A chicken pot out in the other hand, is one of my favorite meals.
  16. That’s silly. Bruce would never sell out like that. Wait a minute......!!!!!!!!!
  17. A friend gave me this line today: “If Bruce Springsteen thinks he’s in the middle of this country then his map must be cutoff at eastern Hawaii.”
  18. It’s OK, he’s a superstar Democrat. Different rules.
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