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  1. Hello Lakers! Judgy, thanks for this picture. You probably know it's from the (renamed) Meadowlands, not GS. That's me in the funky green dress under Rich's chin, and I think it is Karsten in the black hat behind the man in the black shirt. All you can see is his black hat. I remember having guilt about the permanent marker that bled through the banner onto that car underneath. Thanks, Frat, for the thread. Judgy, how'd you get 2500 posts, and I have, um, 7 maybe? Yeah, I know, new iterations of the Lake, but you have been busy! So many faces remembered..... where has the time gone?
  2. Why, hello, Andrew. :-) I'm in a mood of some kind, I guess.
  3. An anniversary, Mikey? Happy anniversary, then. This year would make 32? I'm glad to read the story of how you "came to Bruce," as the Canadians say. I don't remember reading it before. Your enthusiasm just about motivates me to go search for that particular show in K's shelves of All Things Bruce. I'm sure it's there, and in chronological order, as it should be. It will be a good listen for today, whilst I wait for Americans to make up their collective mind about who will be our next president. Shudder..... And please consider again a trip over here to visit! It would be very good to see you and Kelley again. Life is short.
  4. I, too, feel moved by the gathering taking place on this tribute thread for MArk. I think he'd be slightly embarrassed by it all, but deep inside it would touch him greatly. I can't claim to have known him well, but I did manage to meet him in person once, and we exchanged a few emails years ago. He did have a softer inner part that he didn't show in his public posts. He called me "sweetie" and remembered my birthday. This is indeed a gathering of Lakers to honor him -- a virtual wake, yes, or a meet-up in the bar to drink a toast to one of our own. So here's to you, Miami MArk. You were an inventive and expressive writer who could evoke nostalgia, joy, anger, tears, and laughter, all in turn. And you were good at it. You were never afraid to speak your mind. I hope you knew that you had an influence on a great many people while you were with us. Even though I didn't agree with many of your political opinions, I knew there was another side to you. You earned my respect. None of us knows the journey you have taken now, but eventually we all will take it, too. I wish you well in that... I hope it is a freedom that you have found. Condolences to your family and friends, and to us all. I will miss you.
  5. Another "old-timer" peeking out from the woodwork to say how sorry I am that Rich has left us. It's been a sad day since we learned this news this morning, and Karsten and I have just had a sad toast in memory of Rich. I too remember worrying about him and other Lakers on 9/11, until we knew they had all made it through. And I won't forget Rich's generous nature when it came to trading discs, and his unrestrained sense of humor that so many people have mentioned. He touched us all in some way, and he will be deeply missed. Condolences to his family and peace and strength to them, and to all of us.
  6. Glory Roads rocks!

    Your pal Jen