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  1. Well, maybe I leave the coat off in the middle of summer. Maybe. Current temps in North Idaho where I am (Sandpoint) are somewhat below freezing with no snow on the ground at the moment, and about 17 degrees F as a low tonight, and snow predicted toward the end of the coming week. Glad you enjoyed the movie, K, and a good time with the guys. I won't be able to see it until the DVD appears. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Most of my family is here and we'll be having dinner in an hour or so.
  2. An anniversary, Mikey? Happy anniversary, then. This year would make 32? I'm glad to read the story of how you "came to Bruce," as the Canadians say. I don't remember reading it before. Your enthusiasm just about motivates me to go search for that particular show in K's shelves of All Things Bruce. I'm sure it's there, and in chronological order, as it should be. It will be a good listen for today, whilst I wait for Americans to make up their collective mind about who will be our next president. Shudder..... And please consider again a trip over here to visit! It would be very good to see you and Kelley again. Life is short.
  3. Glory Roads rocks!

    Your pal Jen