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    depends which version you listen to
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    Music - listen to loads of stuff old and new but always come back to Bruce.<br />Football-support Leeds Utd - Mike's home team and Grimsby Town - Jayne's home team<br />Classic American cars and PT cruisers
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  1. Awwww ... just cos ...

    Found this whilst doing a bit of reserch for my blog this week. Reach up and touch the sky!
  2. Long Time Coming - Albert Hall 27/05/05
  3. Awwww ... just cos ...

    I remember my brother having an Adam Faith LP when I was about 5 - he is 11 years older than me. really takes me back - happy days.
  4. Open All Night because I have just started a blog and Nebraska (the album) should get a mention this week. http://idratherbeataspringsteengig.blogspot.com/