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    Listening to Bruce outside Roundhay Park,Leeds 07/85
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  1. I’m good Roy, just been lurking each day. we need another tour. Are you ok
  2. Are there any plans to bring out dvds of the shows, like Bruce has done with the cds? To my knowledge the shows are filmed so therefore to bring out a couple of dvds, would make sense commercially, it’s is a no brainier to me. Anyone know?
  3. I thought we deserved a point
  4. Have a great time everyone, and post some photos !
  5. Shame Alan Smith isn't playing ! Are you going Roy?
  6. What you lot moaning at ! We had Ken Bates! Thanks f**k he has gone! Rant over! ---------------------------------------- Anyway are you lot ready for 6000 Leeds fans coming up! I have read somewhere you are boycotting the match is that right?
  7. Link for all day parking (£6.50) Not far walking (5 mins or so) http://towncentrecarparks.com/leeds/templar-edward-street
  8. None were available at 7am