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  1. The Boss and the Beeston Street band. I have two spare tickets ( due to being doubled booked with a family event) If anyone wants them please get in touch.
  2. I thought we deserved a point
  3. Shame Alan Smith isn't playing ! Are you going Roy?
  4. What you lot moaning at ! We had Ken Bates! Thanks f**k he has gone! Rant over! ---------------------------------------- Anyway are you lot ready for 6000 Leeds fans coming up! I have read somewhere you are boycotting the match is that right?
  5. Link for all day parking (£6.50) Not far walking (5 mins or so) http://towncentrecarparks.com/leeds/templar-edward-street
  6. Yes, they are. Rowly always has great pictures! Sent you a pm
  7. LOOKS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Especially the one taken from the back row.
  8. James is that Waccoe? I am trying to do the same
  9. The next photos are from a Leeds United fans forum (i didnt go)
  10. I have just driven by the arena,bloody looks fantastic. The Weathersoons is next door ( Stick or Twist) That's the place to met. The Premier inn is across the other road, you can be any closer
  11. Try this link then, http://thecitytalking.com/news/2013/5/2/inside-leeds-arena-latest-pics
  12. Look at this link for the scale of the arena http://thecitytalking.com/news/2013/5/2/inside-leeds-arena-latest-pics
  13. lol,This is soooooo off topic. The idea about swapping numbers is a good one. Another one if,big IF,you see a ticket drop "PM" one of the names on here.You can see who is on the site,by looking at the bottom of the page.
  14. Another top bloke with a good sense of humour, another one who ought to be a Leeds fan (Newcastle Roy being the other)

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