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  1. The less people going the better chance i have of better tickets. Bruce at 50% is still better than most.
  2. I've always been the fat guy. Thin is such a dream.
  3. Well it is already that time of the year and already that day down under. So when she starts her day let's wish the Queen of the Lake a HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISEY.
  4. When you see what emotions he goes through every night you would be tired too. By the way a must see for any fan. This guy just keeps getting better.
  5. Demos my condolences but who wipes the floor of Bruce?
  6. Janey wouldn't you get weak in the knees that close to him?
  7. Tell my why women melt in his presence ?
  8. Hopefully a section for people who want to enjoy the show. No effin talkers, nobody on the phon and no signs. I will pay extra.
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