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  1. I was at that show and had spent my life waiting to finally hear NYCS and all the drunks around me had to yap through it because it was a quiet song. Watching this reminds me of all the idiots with their signs ruining people nights. I hope if ever again there is a no sign policy.
  2. What a cool pic. of Bruce. He should be on Mount Rushmore.
  3. Time to forget about covid and all of the worlds problems to once again celebrate the The Grand Dame of Greasy Lake Daisey and her birthday. So start the birthday greetings.
  4. Whoever did that to Ranger should be tied to a tree and shot and pissed on.
  5. One of the greats.
  6. I had him sign my arm a couple times. The problem is i don't remember because i thought i was going to pass out. Also had Jake and Little Steven sign . Had all inked in.
  7. Growin up i don't think Bruce wants for sexy time.