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  1. If the rumours are true, Bruce at the Belmont Mall is rock'n'roll gold. Worlds collide. Long time coming. It's taken them decades to warm to each other, I guess.
  2. Very cool post. Thanks, El Sergio. There are some great River Tour backstage/rehearsal shots inside, of course, the 2015 box set hardback and - from memory - the Greetings from E Street Santelli book.
  3. Very cool stuff. Thanks, Dan. I do think we're overdue a River-era tour document/photo book. Lots of cool moments. And Bruce looked like rock'n'roll personified at the time.
  4. It sounds like dynamite through my Sonos speakers (the Nugs app intermittently craps out on my Bang and Olufsen system, so Sonos it is; maybe not the best barometer, but hey ho). It sounds great. I'm thinking the best '88 show yet, and I loved Detroit.
  5. Absolutely shit-hot versions of Be True and Adam Raised a Cain right here, by the way. Scorching hot and raw mix. I should write the show reviews instead of Erik Flannagan.
  6. It seems that this cool pic was taken on the night in question.
  7. Gotta tell you, I've just started listening, and it sounds amazing as Tunnel is kicking in.
  8. Looking forward to hearing this one; an immediate purchase over here. Adam..Murder Inc...I'll take it. I had a DVD of this baby back in 2001-ish sent to me from Australia by a great poster by the name of Fatman (who was there) . Good ol' times. The audience vid picked up some serious "Bruuucing" in response to the vociferous booing from segments of the crowd regarding American Shots. And, do you remember...we worried this MSG stand was the end of the band?
  9. The Incident here is just so great. Long time since I've heard this version, and the new official mix takes it to a whole new level. I was blown away. The band sound just gorgeous and Bruce is goin' for it.
  10. Great show and release. I bought the Crystal Cat audience boot way back in early 2000 and then a great guy on here called Youbi (youbetternottouch) from Australia sent me the IEM/aud mix back in 02 or 03. This one was an instant purchase for me. Looking forward to listening, with Adam/Darkness/Murder/Incident being the oft-played highlights I can recall right now.
  11. And an absolute killer Murder Inc that night, too :-)
  12. Can't read it without a subscription, but would be interested in Liddle's perspective.
  13. Off the top of my head: Jole Blon (Glasgow 13) Independence Day solo piano (Paris 12) Tunnel of Love (Barcelona 08) Rendezvous (Manchester 99) Kitty's Back (Dublin 03) Honourable mentions: Real World (Glasgow 93) The Wish (Edinburgh 96) Night (London 03) I've had Incident twice and I'm a veritable I'm Goin' Down-magnet - had it four times, I think.
  14. I think that might be from the day of the Sun City video-shoot.
  15. Has anyone seen the booklet for this new remaster box yet? Looks like there might be a pic from Glasgow 31st March 1993 in there (I saw a red shirt, which Bruce wore for the second set that night; I'm quite sure he could've worn a red shirt at a few shows that year, though).
  16. I'm good, men. Absolutely loving this Archive series. We could only dream of such riches in the "old" days eh.
  17. He played The River on acoustic guitar (for the first time ever?) at my first ever show, Glasgow 31st March '93. Hello old rocker friends out there :-)
  18. Rest in peace, John.


  19. Yeah when he switched sides everybody cheered louder for THE MAN
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