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  1. 12 minutes ago, Niels said:

    How is the sound quality overall? Anyone that listened yet? 

    It sounds like dynamite through my Sonos speakers (the Nugs app intermittently craps out on my Bang and Olufsen system, so Sonos it is; maybe not the best barometer, but hey ho). It sounds great. I'm thinking the best '88 show yet, and I loved Detroit. 

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  2. Looking forward to hearing this one; an immediate purchase over here. Adam..Murder Inc...I'll take it.

    I had a DVD of this baby back in 2001-ish sent to me from Australia by a great poster by the name of Fatman (who was there) . Good ol' times. The audience vid picked up some serious "Bruuucing" in response to the vociferous booing from segments of the crowd regarding American Shots. 

    And, do you remember...we worried this MSG stand was the end of the band?

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  3. Great show and release.

    I bought the Crystal Cat audience boot way back in early 2000 and then a great guy on here called Youbi (youbetternottouch) from Australia sent me the IEM/aud mix back in 02 or 03.

    This one was an instant purchase for me. Looking forward to listening, with Adam/Darkness/Murder/Incident being the oft-played highlights I can recall right now.



  4. On 7/8/2019 at 9:01 PM, Dr. Zoom said:

    The 2nd Manchester show was really good, not just because I was there (6th row, even!) and it was my first Jungleland, and they played Rendezvous...but Bruce opened with Badlands, which gave the middle part, "the five-pack", a new twist with Prove It appearing in the middle of the set rather than at the start. Plus, there was the - it seemed - spontaneous first verse of Chuck Berry's Promised Land at the start of Workin'. Not Milan #2 or Stockholm #2 great, but nonetheless quite an excellent show.

    That's why you (and I) would want it released officially. You're welcome. :P

    And an absolute killer Murder Inc that night, too :-)

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  5. 11 hours ago, Lampi said:

    Rotterdam was the first ever performance on acoustic guitar, a solo performance by Bruce and without the violin (or another band member) I think.

    To really compare I should try to find the bootleg of the Rotterdam show and listen to The River.

    Many years ago I last heard the Rotterdam show.

    He played The River on acoustic guitar (for the first time ever?) at my first ever show, Glasgow 31st March '93.


    Hello old rocker friends out there :-)

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