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  1. I run a website called Liverpool Etc. I shoehorn Bruce content in wherever - 'Why has Bruce Springsteen Never Played Liverpool?' went viral and ended up being the catalyst for a big debate. Anyway, I've also interviewed the likes of Little Steven, Nils & Garry Tallent for the site when they've been playing in the city (all can be found linked at the bottom of the following). Ahead of our boy's 70th, my mate Ian Prowse (you'll know him as Prowsey on here) said he was writing something to mark the occasion and I published it on Etc. yesterday. It's had dozens of lovely comments and is a great read for all of us Springsteen acolytes. Enjoy and share far & wide... "happy birthday, Boss":
  2. ... is the third album from my band, Only Child. Had a few orders/gig visits from Lakers before, so thought be ok to share. Cheers, Al Here's the video singles below, link to DL/CD/Stream here:
  3. 'My Father's House' - the only song that could stake a claim at being the definitive version. Very special performance.
  4. Bruce is still on the ale after Broadway and has found the password to his Twitter. JLM will be in meltdown
  5. Thanks, Demos. The song isn't sentimental about Liverpool - the songs is about the fact that the 'Scouse' dialect came about as a direct result of immigration (particularly Irish) into Liverpool in the 1800s. It's a paen to the possibilities of immigration. Professional Scousers such as you describe let us all down. La.
  6. Brand new from my band Only Child. As Bruce would say: "This is an immigrant song... "
  7. ... just read a Rolling Stone feature on the best MTV Unplugged episodes - there's a snippet in there that Bruce nearly joined Alicia Keys for hers in 2005. They were set to duet on 'New York City Serenade' but Bruce couldn't make it in the end. She was gutted!
  8. Nothing compares to the coda on this. One of the great E St Band moments:
  9. Just a birra' fun from me. All good. I love what he wears, was no 'big' comment. Just an observation. It's a good game to play on Insta' once every few days: 'what new coat Bruce has on'? It'll cost me a fortune eventually, though.
  10. ... the amount of coats/jackets worn by Bruce throughout #SpringsteenOnBroadway. :-)
  11. Thank you. Early next year... pre-orders for the third album are here now:
  12. ... you might like this. There's (more than!) a nod to TGOTJ album production on the first song from my next album. Enjoy!
  13. They're heading out on their first ever UK tour this autumn. So I got in touch for a chat ahead of their Liverpool show in October: ... great stuff!