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  1. ... apologies if this is old ground. Couldn't find a thread. Using this time to start reading Cormac McCarthy's 'border trilogy'. Always been aware of his work and have read a few things... and read Bruce talking about the work many times of course. I've just finished 'All The Pretty Horses' and it made me think of Bruce's post-90s work a hell of a lot - in fact, I'd say you can draw a straight line from this book coming out in '92 to a change in The Boss' writing. There are lines in the book lifted verbatim for songs and the whole atmosphere puts you in mind of TGOTJ, D&D and West Stars obviously, but other more subtle things that can be found in The Rising, Magic, Wrecking Ball. Lines about 'orion', 'casiopia', 'breathing in you sleep' are on the same page of the novel! But you can feel the weight of McCarthy's words on nature/the world pushing on the back of Bruce's best lines post-92 ('what we'll do and what we won't', 'between our dreams and our actions lie this world' etc). Great book, too, can't wait to start the second in the trilogy...
  2. He's wearing the clothes of what he believes is the 'every man'. Swearing is part of the get-up. I'm willing to bet the way he swears is similar to how Doug swore... just a hunch.
  3. People swear every day. In work, at home, in public. The swearing is integral to the show pulling you in and making you (or the majority) part of it. Which part of the magic trick explanation did you miss?
  4. One of his very best songs. "... and undid an extra button her blouse... " ... there's a lifetime in that lyric.
  5. That's not Hyde Park on the 'new' cover either... no stands there. Note the high rise gone in the distance too. The inlay of the DVD had shots from across the tour, not just Hyde Park, so maybe that's it. I seem to remember on the original cover they'd airbrushed Bruce's monitors out too (festival show, not his own). All very strange! The art dept don't pay as much attention as the musicians do, clearly!
  6. Step away from Pro Tools once an hour? Performances and bravery re. how the ageing process is affecting the artist are where it's at for Bruce at this time (see Broadway, Western Stars film etc.).
  7. Really? I think his over-reliance on Pro-Tools percussion very nearly kills Wrecking Ball & High Hopes. He admits himself (in the recent Brian Hiatt book) that he nearly killed American Skin & LOHAD with his tinkering... Western Stars sounds like it's from a different planet to those two and I have to think Bruce took more control. Though the book stops with him for the others, too. I think The Boss is ready for a Rick Rubin record...
  8. Some wild speculation here! I'll join in... New record - released Oct/Nov 2020 Arena dates/very short run US/Europe - Nov/Dec 2020 Stadium Tour US/Europe - Summer 2021 Maybe below the equator - early 2022 ... which means we'll hear about the new record in Apr/May. 2020 tour dates similar time. Xmas announce 2021 summer stadiums (possibly accomp by BITUSA box). As for the shows themselves? I think they'll be as inspirational as ever... but a little bit different.
  9. ... love this song. I'd uploaded a acoustic cover to FB a coupla years ago & finally got around to getting it on YT when it popped up on a memory this week. Hope any Bobcats out there enjoy it, the later stuff is woefully under-represented in terms of covers...
  10. England: Glastonbury, Hyde Park, Liverpool.
  11. I run a website called Liverpool Etc. I shoehorn Bruce content in wherever - 'Why has Bruce Springsteen Never Played Liverpool?' went viral and ended up being the catalyst for a big debate. Anyway, I've also interviewed the likes of Little Steven, Nils & Garry Tallent for the site when they've been playing in the city (all can be found linked at the bottom of the following). Ahead of our boy's 70th, my mate Ian Prowse (you'll know him as Prowsey on here) said he was writing something to mark the occasion and I published it on Etc. yesterday. It's had dozens of lovely comments and is a great read for all of us Springsteen acolytes. Enjoy and share far & wide... "happy birthday, Boss":