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  1. ... I've nicked a lyric from our boy. New from my band Only Child
  2. I've borrowed a line from our boy New song from me, Only Child
  3. Ah, thank you! That's a nice thing to read... I've covered a song from Nebraska and TGOTJ recently, did a thing on FB during the lockdown playing one song from each of Bruce's albums, was good fun! Glad you liked the song x
  4. Only Child - Straight Lines (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube
  5. #OnlyChildSingsSpringsteen Twenty albums. Twenty songs. A recording of a song from every album The Boss has released. I've loved doing these - 1000s of views, likes, comments and shares down the line and we're done. What a catalogue our boy has got. I think 'Nothing Man' was my fave'... enjoy! Thanks, Al Watch them all
  6. #OnlyChildSingsSpringsteen Twenty albums. Twenty songs. A recording of a song from every album The Boss has released. I've loved doing these - 1000s of views, likes, comments and shares down the line and we're done. What a catalogue our boy has got. I think 'Nothing Man' was my fave'... enjoy and spread the word, please! Thanks, Al Only Child - Videos | Facebook
  7. "I wanna' spit in the face of these badlands... " "You spend half your life just covering up... " "No home, no job, no peace, no rest... " "You can get killed just for living in your American skin... " "A little revenge and this too shall pass... " "The sinking sound of something righteous going under..." "You asked me that question I didn't get it right..." "Who ate the flesh of everyone they found..." "In this house the guilty go unpunished and blood and silence prevail... " "Sometimes folks need to believe in something so bad... so bad so so so bad... " He might have always been conservative with a small 'c', but when has Bruce Springsteen ever stood in the middle? I think the advert is a mistake... but, if I accept his decision and look at the content, it's an even bigger one. Tone deaf is right.
  8. ... the content is being debated on the other thread. That's fine and I'll join in. But, as a longtime Lakers, can we talk about him actually doing the ad... regardless of content. Because, despite what's been leaked and reported, it IS an advert no matter how it's dressed up. Who ever thought we'd see Bruce do one? Fender, perhaps. The Jersey tourist board, one day, maybe. But for a car conglomerate? I'm reallly shocked. Perhaps, in a Bruce Inc. way of thinking, the money will replace some of 2021's touring losses and the 'high on the hog' living and working. But, an ad for a car... Jaysus. I honestly never thought it would happen. May you live in interesting times.
  9. Up-to-date > Seegers Sessions & Magic: Only Child - Videos | Facebook
  10. Up-to-date with my favourite songs from Seeger Sessions and Magic... Only Child - Videos | Facebook
  11. Nice! I've been doing one from each album weekly during these strange days. Reached 'Devils & Dust' this past weekend... Only Child - Videos | Facebook
  12. Hit 'D&D' this week and tackled 'Jesus Was An Only Son'... Only Child ‘Jesus Was An Only Son’ (facebook.com)
  13. He's scheduled to play in Kent next June at Black Deer Festival, fingers crossed as this is some line-up... https://blackdeerfestival.com/tickets/
  14. Updated with 'Sinaloa Cowboys' https://www.facebook.com/onlychildmusic/videos/154036103154111/
  15. Thank you! Yes, the amps & guitars in the studio have a few battle scares
  16. During this fallow gig period, I've been singing my favourite Bruce songs over on my band, Only Child, Facebook page. It started as a bit of fun for Bruce geeks like us, but people are responding and making requests so I thought a few Lakers might like to join in. The idea is to sing one song from each studio album... so far... Does This Bus Stop... Incident On 57th Street Born To Run Factory Stolen Car Reason To Believe I'm On Fire Tougher Than The Rest Roll Of The Dice / Book Of Dreams + more to follow... Only Child - Videos | Facebook
  17. 'Factory' this week. Such an under-played, under-rated song... https://www.facebook.com/onlychildmusic/videos/1054967888352055/
  18. A song from every studio album The Boss has released, #OnlyChildSingsSpringsteen is a weekly live recording of the best of Bruce Springsteen. So far, I've played 'Does This Bus Stop... ', 'Incident... ' and 'Born To Run'. Enjoy and get your request in on Facebook if you want to join in... God knows what I'm gonna' play for 'Human Touch' https://www.facebook.com/onlychildmusic
  19. This one? Two songs here, maybe Jack Of All Trades missing?
  20. The best thing out there around 'Letter To You'. Loved this.
  21. My 'early days track-by-track' review... One Minute You're Here - best song on the album. A real anomaly on 'Letter To You', but this album's 'Moonlight Motel' or 'The Last Carnival'. I hope he pulls this thread for the next record (with Rick Rubin, perhaps...). Letter to You - feels a bit like a WOAD leftover, but sounds a helluva lot better in the context of the album. Lyrics aren't great, but maybe their universal appeal is the point. Great singing. Burnin' Train - good song, great recording and performance. Will fly live. Happy with this. Janey Needs a Shooter - great chorus and singing, again. Fits the record. Nice. Last Man Standing - a big one for Bruce and one of the better songs on the album. Cracking tune. The Power of Prayer - a little E Street nostalgia. Puts me in mind of 'I'll Work For Your Love', too. Nice. House of a Thousand Guitars - the stinker. Lyrics and melody are shocking. Someone should have talked him out of the idea he'd obviously got lost in. No tune. Rainmaker - my favourite upon first listen. Still like it. Sticks out a touch on the record (and shares a little too much space with 'Into The Fire' & 'Easy Money') but is no worse for it. The most modern sounding song on the album. If I Was the Priest - wild and innocent story and sound. Great recording of a very good song. Sounds the most like what non-fans think Springsteen sounds like... because he usually doesn't, that's where its strength is. Be another flyer live. Singing is great again. Ghosts - wasn't a fan of the single, but works perfectly on the album. Magnificent E Street sound. Tour opener without a doubt. Can it stay the distance? Song for Orphans - one look back too many. Not as strong as 'Priest' or 'Janey'... and shares their sound too. Similar to 'Easy Money'/'Shackled & Drawn' on WB, someone should have told him 'we've already got one of these'. I'll See You in My Dreams - lovely. The song he's been writing since the Reunion tour. Great closing song. 7/10 for me. All this will probably change in a few weeks. Enjoy all the activity everyone!
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