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    me mum brought me up on it! its a drug!
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    liverpool football club, Bruce and birds!
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    Im over worked at the minute so no! its difficult being a porn star!

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  1. I've never seen this before. Great footage. I still think they day stream Winterland video footage via nugs .that's the dream
  2. Please no acoustic solo rubbish. Give me something that rocks hard and spits in my face.
  3. Bruce was in Liverpool recently I believe
  4. Heard Bruce couldn't make it, got too pissed in the green room
  5. Lovely bit of thigh that. Well maintained and well managed. Well done.
  6. Bruce to be drunk and out of control on Skol and reveal winterland has been filmed and will be released for Christmas to an audience that have no idea what he's on about.
  7. Don't know how to do that, I struggled to submit the post.
  8. What an absolute spellbinding performance of the song. The best?
  9. Getting ready for a unique 70th birthday release. Vets is my bet.
  10. His version of Blinded by the light in 2006 was fantastic.
  11. Bruce now looks his age. Quite frankly he's probably just given up with All the Botox, hair transplants and whatever else he's been doing for the last 20 years. Plus his spray tan machine must be broken