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    me mum brought me up on it! its a drug!
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    liverpool football club, Bruce and birds!
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    Im over worked at the minute so no! its difficult being a porn star!

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  1. Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Finally, one I'll actually buy. So exciting to get the unknown! Brroooooocccccccceeeee
  2. The Killers

    The tout prices now are disgusting. However, I need to see them .
  3. The Killers

    2 needed if anyone could help or I'll be touting!!!!
  4. Sandy from Passaic in 78. So atmospheric. Brooooooccccce
  5. This release reminds me of my Christmas of 1990. Me the eldest brother got three of the four teenage mutant ninja turtles toy figures and my younger brother got the other one. I was livid, I needed all four. Little did I know that by having three I was in a position of power to bargain with my brother for his thundercat figures which I had a greater interest in. Why I'm typing this I don't know, however, it's a release of which will matter to alot of fans.
  6. You're far too positive Roy
  7. Favourite Concert Opener?

    So young and in love is a cracker.
  8. Favourite Concert Opener?

    Tenth Ave in Barcelona 2008. The place erupted
  9. Magic vs Wreckingball tours

    Wrecking Ball.
  10. Bruce get the finger out

    Maybe. However, Bruce may still want to vent as he did on Wrecking Ball.
  11. Bruce get the finger out

    Maybe bruce put the album that was ready on the back burner as he wanted to write an album targeting trump.
  12. This time last year

    For me personally there's never been a more exciting moment than when bruce appears on stage. I've seen leagues won, old big ears, even my lad being born and none compare to him appearing after the wait
  13. Frankie

    Yes, that actual performance was perfection of the song
  14. Frankie

    Fantastic live performance. Start to finish. Just saying. ....

    I find they all lack energy. It's like the band are labouring through. I know they're not but the recordings are so bad and slow. Badlands is like karaoke.