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    me mum brought me up on it! its a drug!
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    liverpool football club, Bruce and birds!
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    Im over worked at the minute so no! its difficult being a porn star!

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  1. Don't know how to do that, I struggled to submit the post.
  2. What an absolute spellbinding performance of the song. The best?
  3. Getting ready for a unique 70th birthday release. Vets is my bet.
  4. His version of Blinded by the light in 2006 was fantastic.
  5. Bruce now looks his age. Quite frankly he's probably just given up with All the Botox, hair transplants and whatever else he's been doing for the last 20 years. Plus his spray tan machine must be broken
  6. The signature tattoos look crap. Kind of like a 2 year old has found a pen and been let loose
  7. That's certainly in London as it's the legendary Riverman's arm I do believe.
  8. It's not audio. It's an issue with the streaming of video content. The first set of winterland is my guess.
  9. Slightly off topic. I lost my phone the night Liverpool brought big ears back home. It had all my downloads from Nugs on. Of course they were not backed up. Is there anyway of re downloading them, nugs etc say the download has expired. Any help would be great...
  10. Incident Frankie Thunder road with just Roy Take an as they come Where the band's are
  11. Oh Boy could be the Key. Was there not a 78 boot called that?