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    me mum brought me up on it! its a drug!
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    Im over worked at the minute so no! its difficult being a porn star!

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  1. Slightly off topic. I lost my phone the night Liverpool brought big ears back home. It had all my downloads from Nugs on. Of course they were not backed up. Is there anyway of re downloading them, nugs etc say the download has expired. Any help would be great...
  2. Incident Frankie Thunder road with just Roy Take an as they come Where the band's are
  3. Oh Boy could be the Key. Was there not a 78 boot called that?
  4. I used to have a spreadsheet. Take I'm as they come was another. Broooccccceeeee.
  5. After the magic tour I had these: Streets of fire (to complete the while darkness album) Frankie Incident The promise Prove it with the intro Be true Jackson cage Fortunately I got all these one way or another. The treat was Thunder road with just Roy. As for a next tour I don't really have any. Maybe western stars and the price you pay.
  6. Fantastic stuff. Brooooooooccccccccceeeeeee!
  7. He should be getting Landau to get him a prime spot at Glastonbury on one of the medium stages and full orchaestra destroying the place.
  8. It would be a crime against humanity not to hear this live with full backing
  9. This. It's fantastic. It would get on any greatest hit release. It's a joy to listen to.
  10. Had three solid listens while on the road today. Quite frankly in my view it's his best album in 30 years. It's just magnificent. The title song for me is the best and a work of genius. What a gift from Bruce. Love it.
  11. This and Thunder road at the start were the highlights of this show. Brilliant
  12. I think it's a fair comment to say his lyrics over the last 10 years have been average at best. Magic was good but genuinely they are basic.
  13. After my initial dismay at it and a few listens it's as bad as I thought.. Very distant from what he's good at. It almost sounds like he's struggling to sing it at times. He's heading down crooner street though in a glorious mobility scooter with a safety helmet on doing the speed limit.
  14. I honestly think people on here just like anything he puts out .
  15. It's all very basic. In fact it generally has been since Magic.