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  1. That would be dreadful if you've already bought this boxset . Hope it fits in !!!
  2. That must be them done with 78 from the archive. Hefty price
  3. Ghosts rocks and stadiums will take off to it. The vocal was not great and won't be on tour. Like someone said it has the feel of Radio Nowhere. Brooooccccccceee
  4. Fortunate to have two real top albums at this stage. Letter to You for me as I just love the band sound. Western Stars is a cracking listen.
  5. His narrating is not great. There's nothing natural about it.
  6. Will be my funeral song. Beautiful . I hear a touch of tougher than the rest in the guitar solo.
  7. Haha, look at that price. I'm going to get my own t shirt printed shocked at the lack of stuff available.
  8. Great post. Have to agree. We've had two brilliant albums inside a year. Letter to You is top notch album. Nostalgia in it is off the scale. Genuinely delighted to love a Bruce and the band modern album. I've liked The Rising, MAGIC etc but this is a different level in my view. Magestic. Brooooooocccccccceeeeeeeeee!! Eeeeeeee sttttttrrrrrreeeeetttttt bannnnnnnnnnnnnnd!
  9. They're songs. In general he's not "rock". Just my view. Don't get me wrong he can rock like mad. But he's not had too many "rock" albums!?!?!
  10. Cracking song on a cracking album by a cracking band.
  11. The recording and production of this is magic. What an album . My other half will despise me after a few more listens today....
  12. I've just managed to get over the expectation that everything should be darkness two! It's great, thought provoking and musically good. Something as I hit 40 and parents get older I needed. Bruce hits the spot perfect. His best this century for me and will be something I cherish forever. Broooooooccccccceeeeee.
  13. The album will be with me for life. The documentary will be with for life. The issues sung about, the music... It's a cornerstone in his body of work . Magic stuff.
  14. Proud downloader here. We have a cracking album on our hands. Can't stop listening to it. The nostalgic aspect is huge. It's a goodbye in my view and it's beautiful. See you in my dreams will be at my funeral. The tour that follows this will be epic. So many songs that will grow live. So glad to have an e street album in the modern era that I adore. Brooocccceeeeee. I'll see you in my dreams.
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