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  1. Just my opinion but I really think his standards have dropped over the last decade or so. There's no way a younger Bruce releases bang average pop rockers like this. I mean it's ok but this wouldn't get near a release in the 70s or 80s.
  2. His music is so generic now. Bar WS. It's just basic sing after basic song. Not sure this single would even have made High Hopes
  3. These sound like more working on a dream outtakes. The man cannot record on a studio. Dire
  4. Such basic lyrics. What's has happened to the lyrics
  5. Have to agree. It would have made it even more of the same.
  6. Standard Bruce rocker of the last twenty years. Basic lyrics nice music. That's it.
  7. First listen here. Okay song with basic lyrics. Standard Bruce from the last twenty years.
  8. Update: Alan Armstrong stated tonight on Asda FM that the album has a hidden track called "Jurgen's unbearables".
  9. No way. Bruce is watching. He may try and bankrupt me. He may change his hit single to this.
  10. I'm offering 1000-1 that the first single is called "Alan Armstrong".
  11. Brilliant . This is the level the lake works at.
  12. According to Alan Armstrong we will hear something later. We will see
  13. Looks like the clouds are forming Bruce's nose and mouthpiece...
  14. Rumours out of Asda this morning are that this is Bruce's final album titled " A Letter to You".
  15. Heard it last night. A leaked copy to the my mate who a CD stacker at ASDA . We listened down the Dog and Gun while socially distancing. Some initial thoughts.. 1) Hung Out To Dry - a rock anthem for the generations. Subtle notes of We Take Care Of Our Own. Powerful. 2) The House Is On Fire - a cross between Harry's Place and Mary's place. It works. 3) Achilles Heel - long guitar intro to start and a lovely short number. Candys room if you like. Noted Stevies backing vocals on chorus "it hurts, it's hurts real bad". 4) The Storm - moody Bruce. Dark slow. 5) As Good
  16. Between heaven and earth??? Belinda Carlisle cover. Nice
  17. Remembering when Outlaw Pete was dubbed a modern day Jungleland prior to release.