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  1. 13 hours ago, RaisedOnBruce said:

    I'd copied and pasted it:

    1) Hung Out To Dry

    2) The House Is On Fire

    3) Achilles Heel

    4) The Storm

    5) As Good As Gold

    6) Tooth and Nail

    7) Between Heaven and Earth

    8) Nancy's Bar

    9) The Mask Unveiled

    10) Parasite

    11) Noah

    Heard it last night. A leaked copy to the my mate who a CD stacker at ASDA . We listened down the Dog and Gun while socially distancing. Some initial thoughts..

    1) Hung Out To Dry - a rock anthem for the generations. Subtle notes of We Take Care Of Our Own.  Powerful.

    2) The House Is On Fire - a cross between Harry's Place and Mary's place. It works.

    3) Achilles Heel - long guitar intro to start and a lovely short number. Candys room if you like. Noted Stevies backing vocals on chorus "it hurts, it's hurts real bad". 

    4) The Storm - moody Bruce. Dark slow. 

    5) As Good As Gold - think tomorrow never knows 

    6) Tooth and Nail - gritty and rocky. Nice track.

    7) Between Heaven and Earth- n9ce melody bopper. Some sample from a song in the 80s 

    8) Nancy's Bar - another short rocker. Bruce letching over some bartender who he can see her thong while he sips a beer. Powerful .

    9) The Mask Unveiled - brilliant. Big and bold discussion about swinging.

    10) Parasite - like his first two album.  Lyrics over music.

    11) Noah - great track... rocker. Lyrics all about lockdown and the world economy. 


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