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  1. Queen of the supermarket (2020 version with social distancing paragraph). Badlands (2020 version with the "spit in the face" lyrics redone) Beautiful reward ( 2020 version with reward replaced by vaccine) My hometown (2020 version with Pitbul singing "In lockdown" in his weird voice after Bruce sings the lyrics "my hometown") Dancing in the dark (2020 version with "you can't start a fire without a spark" replaced with "you can't stop the virus without a vaccine".
  2. Never appreciated this at the time of the tour, but it's a cracker. Thoughts?
  3. Tragic that 78 Houston was the state at was and Tempe was part of a show.
  4. Excuse my ignorance but why is kev some in the know with Bruce inc?
  5. I don't watch Sky and certainly can't stand premier league hype. However, and I'm not saying this is the best ever but we have the current European champions leading, city who were unbelievable last season, two English teams in last season's europa final etc. So to say the standard in poor mainly because United are dreadful is just wrong
  6. The standard is the highest ever. Open your eyes through the bitterness! The reds are breaking every record going, second and third place teams have as many points as normal, city, the 100 pointers from last season, the media dubbed "greatest team ever" destroyed. The jealously in Jurgens reds is beautiful. I remember 2014 you stating if we don't win the league that season we never will. You are nose diving like us In the 90's We are the best team in the world in an era of money buying everything with the next spend of a standard premier league club. You should admire because
  7. Clearly Bruce. Let's rock people. Darkness 2 is en route
  8. What is the point of them teasing us with what they have?
  9. Good thread, been thinking about this all morning. Bruce would most go on a darkness 2 tour with wild hotel sex every night with girls between 20-25. They will be hand picked from seats in the stadium not the pit as people stink in there and Bruce wants fresh meat . He would become a tabloid favourite with his antics.
  10. Absolute disgrace this club are. The owners are doing the same as Hicks and Gillette circa 2009 when Rafa was in a dog fight with them and they were milking the club. On the playing side their recruitment is shocking. The players on the pitch lack the minerals to play for United the lack of fight is dreadful. The manager is a joke and seems to hide behind the conditions at the club. Either way he's massively under performing and should go. Always respected United begrudgingly. Their set up In games is an embarrassment to the paying public and that stems from ole who is o
  11. This was my fear! I'm counting on it opening up a few shows. Please Bruce plug that electric thingy in and rock
  12. I just hope this is a new e street album. No thanks to the born in the USA boxset that can wait until a non touring year.
  13. Look a like a copy of magic tour. I'd guess album release in September
  14. Just can't see a box set coming out any other time than before Christmas. Get ready for Darkness 2
  15. Bit of a farce this. It strike a me the archive thingy is coming to an end. I don't think they have many real hidden gems just like with video footage over the years. Fancy not releasing a fill live concert of the river tour. The thrill hill vault is empty
  16. They've always sold pre christmas have they not? Where's that rumour come from?
  17. Tickets surely would have gone on sale pre Christmas for any first half of the year tour. I can't see a tour at all.
  18. How the hell can the first night not be as good as the radio broadcast? Can some in language for a ten year old explain?