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  1. http://wordpodcast.co.uk/2017/07/18/word-podcast-271-sarfraz-manzoor-and-david-hepworth-think-bruce-springsteen-could-use-the-publicity/ Podcast from July 2017. David Hepworth talking to Sarfraz Manzoor. Much Bruce chat.
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7339599/amp/BRIAN-VINER-Reviews-car-crash-dog-movie-Springsteen-biopic.html Review from Daily Mail last week. Sorry it’s the Daily Mail. I must point out this it not my normal reading matter. I saw a paper version today at the cat rescue centre. We like the Daily Mail there as it’s the perfect size & thickness for lining the cat poo trays.
  3. Also Gurinder Chadha on Steve Wright this afternoon. They are certainly rolling out the publicity in Uk.
  4. Spotted while waiting for the train, in the rain, at Peckham Rye. They’re everywhere!
  5. Agree, it's all over the buses here in London. Patti even posted a pic on her Instagram account when they were here for the horsey stuff. Seen quite a few TV ads as well. Reviews & articles on all media. It's on 2/3 screenings per day at my local cinema, competing with The Lion King & Angry Birds. Couple of friends/colleagues (with no prompting from me!) have seen it & loved it
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0007lf8 From Luton Streets to Asbury Park has just been on BBC radio 4
  7. Unfortunately we only had trailers for all the holiday kiddies film. They obviously hadn’t checked the audience demographic!
  8. About 25 people at our screening & seemed to be enjoyed by all. Most were over 50 but we were at the 3:30pm showing. It’s on for 3 showings every day at our cinema. Surprised how well the songs had been worked into the narrative after seeing a few negative reviews. Inspired idea to add the lyrics on screen. Loved all the 80’s references, those huge Sony Walkmans that we thought were so tiny at the time! Shared a moment with my friend when Asbury Park Station came on screen as that was how we first arrived at Asbury Park many years ago when it really was almost derelict but so atmospheric.
  9. Just got home. Loved it. May have to go again.worth seeing it in the cinema for the wonderful sound of the songs.
  10. “I’m so thrilled” Chadra said “He held my hand”
  11. No it’s East Dulwich. Been open a few years now, great to have a local cinema again.
  12. Booked for 3:30 showing at local Picturehouse tomorrow, just 10mins walk away. Then Moussaka at Turkish Restaurant opposite. Perfect.
  13. Yes , middle of 2nd row in light jacket & dark tie. Next to Richard Branson who is standing & shaking hands with John Major who is in the front row. Wonder what they were talking about??
  14. Was at Wimbledon for Women’s semifinals. Spent a fair amount of time trying to spot who was in the Royal Box!
  15. Yes, best review i’ve seen. Totally how I heard the album. Thanks for posting.