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  1. Was lucky enough to be at the reunion concert at the Royal Albert Hall. An incredible show. Remember seeing Tom Petty & Mark Knopfler in the audience. People had travelled from far & wide for that reunion & were rewarded with a note perfect emotional show.
  2. No my understanding is all podcasts are free. Episodes 3-8 haven’t been released yet.
  3. Radio 4 this morning. The Global Philosopher discussing vaccine ethics. One contributor said “We must always remember nobody wins unless everybody wins” I yelled BRRUUCCCEEE! at the top of my voice. Cats confused.
  4. Had to have my last cat have that final trip to the vet back in August. I have now taken on 3 lovely's who are causing havoc!
  5. A friend’s husband received this in his beer delivery today!
  6. I think he was one of us & he was just trying to eavesdrop & find out when the next album/tour was happening.
  7. Totally agree on all this. Rhinestone Cowboy had also slipped my mind & was a perfect ending. Reminded me of how he ended the Devils & Dust Tour with Dream Baby Dream.
  8. Just home. About half full, 40-50 in Brixton. Loved the film, Bruce’s voice beautiful & blended so well with the orchestra. The barn is stunning. Didn’t really feel the need for the interview footage afterwards as had seen most of it already & it brought you back to reality with a bump. Would have preferred a 2nd running of the film!
  9. Just off to get the 37 to the lovely Brixton Ritzy for the 6pm showing.
  10. Storms of the Great Plains Just received this book. Not cheap but really some of the most incredible photographs. I’m a sucker for pics of ‘weather’ & love the landscapes of the flat American plains. Includes the famous Bruce driving towards the camera being chased by a storm photo. https://www.amazon.com/Fierce-Beauty-Storms-Great-Plains/dp/1864708387/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=eric+meola&qid=1572195531&sr=8-1
  11. If anyone has booked Premium Seats for the Covent Garden Odeon showing on Monday be aware that they have changed the screen to Screen 4 which has no Premium seats & no allocated seating. I've just had me seats refunded & am now going to the Ritzy Brixton, yeah!
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