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  1. I agree with what you remember. The most impressive thing was the security guy outside (and even inside in the lobby) with the military hat and bullhorn shouting like a madman on all 4 nights. Everybody, including his collegues, were laughing openly at him. The more he shouted the funnier it was. weird those shows weren't more impressive at it was my first 4 ESB shows.
  2. Agree with Mumford. Find your own sound. I really like the solo in Wish I was Blind but if I tried to recreate it people would say it sounded horrible. Personally I would go more for a nice warm clean sound. i don't think he adds much distortion. To me it sounds like he boosts the front end of the amp which “pressure” the tubes in the amp into this beautiful overdrive sound. This means you have to play LOUD to get that sound with an amp. Not something you can recreate at home easily. keep on rocking!
  3. Tjena,

    Sælger i også endags billetterne eller er det kun den fulde pakke?



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