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  1. On 5/21/2020 at 11:56 AM, CosmicKid said:

    I saw all four shows. The whole week was a very mixed bag for me. I had lost my mother two months earlier and wasn't truly in the mood to travel and see Bruce. But I also felt that if anything could give me a boost to get me back on track and begin the healing process, that would be it. So I went with my best Bruce buddy @GreatDane and did have a great time, despite having my wallet stolen at the hostel we stayed in and getting way too sunburned while spending most of a day relaxing in Hyde Park... and having an anxiety attack in the middle of the first show.

    I remember very little of the shows themselves. The first one was probably the least impressive of all Bruce shows I have ever seen, which may have had more to do with my state of mind and my abysmal seat 200 miles from the stage right under the ceiling, than the show itself. The second one I don't remember at all. The third one was, I believe, the best of them all, with the "I Wanna Be With You" opener and "Meeting Across the River" into "Jungleland". The last one was good too, but I remember having expected more of a four-night-stand closing show.

    We spent some of the days standing outside Bruce's hotel and at no point meeting him, but meeting several of the band members, as well as tons of fans from all over Europe, including @Wild Billy. On one of the nights off (where Bruce wasn't playing) I went to see a weird bluegrass show with Steve Earle at some other venue. 

    It was a strange time for me. In retrospect, I don't think I was quite ready for it, but I don't regret going and enjoyed spending time with friends. The city of London I did not care for at all, and if I never go there again, which I haven't so far, I will be fine with that (sorry Londoners... nothing personal, I don't like big cities in general).

    I agree with what you remember. The most impressive thing was the security guy outside (and even inside in the lobby) with the military hat and bullhorn shouting like a madman on all 4 nights. Everybody, including his collegues, were laughing openly at him. The more he shouted the funnier it was. 
    weird those shows weren't more impressive at it was my first 4 ESB shows. 

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  2. Agree with Mumford. Find your own sound. I really like the solo in Wish I was Blind but if I tried to recreate it people would say it sounded horrible. Personally I would go more for a nice warm clean sound.

    i don't think he adds much distortion. To me it sounds like he boosts the front end of the amp which “pressure”  the tubes in the amp into this beautiful overdrive sound. This means you have to play LOUD to get that sound with an amp. Not something you can recreate at home easily. 

    keep on rocking!

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  3. 2 hours ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

    There was so many footage from TV and internet circulating for that tour they could make a boxed set out it! Far more than any other tour. For some reason, this was my favorite 


    Didn't know a video of this one was around. This melody regulary pops into my head and I've only ever heard it with Bruce - so catchy. Love this. Thanks. 

  4. 15 hours ago, J said:

    It could be an in studio overdub? 

    I'm probably one of very few people who believe A LOT of rerecording (and other tricks) were done but Bruces voice changed very much between 78 and 86 so I really doubt they could pull that off without anyone noticing it. Besides his voice I could believe anything was possible. 

  5. Listened to a few select songs from Perth #3 2014 on the way home in the car from 10 hours at work on a rather crazy day.

    One of those Muhammed cartoonists visited my job today and I had to wear a bulletproof vest doin my security/service job while protected by police with automatic guns. Sad our world, country and freedom have come to this.

    So good to roll down the window, cold air in my face, and just singing along LOUD to these fine 4 I've put on CD: Highway To Hell, Adam Raised A Cain, Streets Of Fire and Downbound Train (Downbound always gets a repeat listening).

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