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  1. When that one came out in 2010, it rapidly become one of my favorite. I'm not sure if that's from the actual show, the soundcheck or maybe even a mix of those two, but it is a killer verison. The older version of that video was weird as it didn't have any crowd noise and it sounded way too sterile.
  2. You can absolutely do this. I've done this myself and it looks quite good in widescreen. In my case, I didn't make any changes on the blu-ray player, but rather just used the Zoom button on the TV. You'll be missing some image on the top and bottom and some resolution, but it'll still be about 720p. I still prefer the open-matte 4:3 image as is default, but essentially we have both options.
  3. There is a dedication to his mother and sister before night 2's version of "The River", but it was cut out of the film. It's on the Nugs release. Another one I noticed is that they took out the "on the 40-yard dash...Mike Batlan!" at the end of "Sherry Darling". We know there was some bad history later on with Bruce and Mike, but given that was 40 years ago, you'd figure that'd be water under the bridge by now. And Bruce and Mike do have some playful interaction after the guitar cord becomes unplugged, which prompted the comment in the first place.
  4. I think that "Tired yet?" part is on the Nugs version. Try listening at about 10:08, though the volume is just a touch low perhaps.
  5. Alex Winter gets a special thanks? That is most excellent! And Clarence was in Bill and Ted's so there is an E Street connection. I do wonder what that's for though. Alex did produce the recent Frank Zappa documentary that came out last year, so he's been working in the music documentary field recently.
  6. This seems to be a reasonable way to do this, though you do end up with a lot of tracks with names like "Intro to The River", "Intro to Growin' Up", etc. With CDs, they would sometimes put the intros in the "pre-gap" sections (the time before 00:00 of the track) so that they would play if you were listening continuously from track to track (time time would start at something like -01:23), but would be skipped if you jumped directly to it. Do they still do this? I'm not sure if that functionality exists in the mp3/Flac/WAV world.
  7. Definitely nice to options there. The Blu-ray will also have a hi-res version, hopefully in 24-bit/96kHz like the Qobuz version. And I presume the Blu-ray will also have a 5.1 mix in hi-res too, like most of Bruce's video releases that have Clearmountain mixes. This release is simply going to be awesome.
  8. Yes, but to be clear, Bruce isn't on the piano, he's just on the stage. He does get on the piano during "Thunder Road" in the original movie. Note that the version of "Thunder Road" that's coming in the upcoming concert film will be from the first night, not the second as we've all be watching for years. So it remains to be seen if there'll be any piano climbing in the new film. Which just emphasizes that we really need to re-released of the original No Nukes movie as well.
  9. Have you seen the No Nukes movie or heard the soundtrack (there's about a 50% overlap between them)? Even with the rough VHS/laserdisc versions that are on youtube, you can see the quality. By the way, "Before The Deluge" is also in the film. I really hope that this release by Bruce will open it up for other artists to release their own sets, and for the original movie to be re-released too. The footage is brilliant and it's rare to get high quality film from the '70s. Gil Scott-Heron, for example, did an amazing version of "The Bottle", and it's just sitting in the vault. Chaka Khan singing with Ry Cooder, Nicolette Larson with the Doobies, Raydio and the list goes on. Let this stuff out!
  10. There's a decent summary with screenshots of the No Nukes clips used in conjunction with the Letter To You videos here: http://www.backstreets.com/btx/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1648913
  11. Here's a tape of part of the show from Lynn Goldsmith's Access All Areas book. Who knows if it exists anymore. I'd guess that it's a soundboard though.
  12. It's going farther back down the chain than that. He had access to the BITUSA multi-tracks. You can't isolate instruments like he's doing with the Masters. The question is, does Bob has access to those multi-tracks any time he wants? ("Hey Bruce, send those over, I want to do a little video for my website"). Or was this done as part of a bigger project? I haven't seen those 40 minute version myself, but the trailer was interesting to me, even as a non-techie. There's also this, as written on the website: "exclusive listen to the digitised raw tracks, recounts the process of making the record in 1982, then remixes the parts in modern hybrid fashion". "Born in the USA" is a combination of an amazing performance and '80s production. It would be interesting to hear those original performances remixed with a modern sensibility. Not that it would ever replace the original, but more as an example of what the same recordings that were captured in 1982 might sound like if mixed today.
  13. The full interview and songs are here: https://brokenrecordpodcast.com/#/episode-68-bruce-springsteen-2/ Bruce does "If I Were The Priest", "Nebraska" and "Last Man Standing" (not all are full songs).
  14. In terms of top tier Bruce captured on video there are 3 choices in my opinion: - Phoenix, 1978 - Tempe, 1980 - No Nukes, 1979 Phoenix is limited in the songs that were filmed, but "The Promised Land" and "Rosalita" are really great, as are the bits of "Raise Your Hand" and you can tell that whatever is in the background of the "Save My Love" video were some special moments. Tempe is indeed amazing. It's so stellar that I think this version of "Prove It" may be as good as the 1978 versions. I don't usually think that "Born To Run" is ever as good live compared to the studio version, but this one is the closest. Tons of songs from The River album and as you stated, an amazing Bob Clearmountain mix. The is the best live Bruce video...for now. I'm so grateful that we have this. It alone is worth the full price of The River box set. No Nukes, for me, is the 3-song set (from the movie) that I'd show to someone new to Bruce performing live. There are other songs that have leaked that are also great ("Detroit Medley", "Rosalita"). Amazing camerawork, and some new clips that have popped up relating to the Letter To You promotion that continue to demonstrate that. If this ever gets a full release (Bruce's 2 sets I mean, not just the movie), it'll be the greatest capture of live Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band.
  15. Winterland, BOTH nights, mixed by Bob C? Now that would be special!
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