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  1. Sorry just started this after the sad death of the author Johnny Rogan last week. I thought I knew Van a bit but I am learning so much. It's a historical and social lesson on Belfast from 1800 to the 60s at the start. Population 20,000 in 1800, 350,000 in 1900 fs. An only child growing up with liberal parents in a sectarian enclave and ignoring the bigotry. Being moody and kicked out of his first band for drinking and not fitting. At 15. It's great so far and looks like getting better. He isn't even in Them yet. Edit to say, when I say he parents were liberal it's all relati
  2. His between song monologues played a huge part in growing his almost unique connection with the fans. We got to know him, not just the songs. If I didn't like him I would have walked away, even if I loved the songs. I'm not going to stop liking him because he had a thimble of tequila and got on a bike.
  3. Well. Yes it is. It's probably the definition of rock and roll behaviour. Leave out the hanging, very few do that, thankfully.
  4. I haven't read the entire thread. I presume it's been said but just in case. While one shot is harmless, If he had 41 shots he's in trouble with the cops.
  5. Your Laker name is apt. A fitness freak 71 year old that banned his band from drinking on tour is all of a sudden an alcoholic for having a few beers and making a stupid decision to drive (if he did).
  6. It was just a stupid decision to do it. It came across as pontificating (Jontificating as Bruce once complained about Landau). And boring over up-itself pontificating at that. Even the pro-Bruce New Yorker said it was "just another message delivered by a rich and cloistered celebrity who has long been positioned as an Everyman savior, while he is simultaneously selling cars, partway through a football game being held before a not insignificant crowd in the midst of a global Pandemic." Fucking ouch. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/super-bowl-
  7. There is a massive disconnect across the Atlantic about who or what is perceived as left or right. One small example. Boris Johnson was Trump's best mate and I imagine would thus be seen in the US as sufficiently right of centre. But Boris forced Brexit through by championing a free health service, the NHS (health not even an EU competence, he was just pushing patriotic buttons and it worked). The NHS would be the ultimate nightmare of the American middle never mind the US right, being actual socialism in action. Health care free of at the point of delivery, free, doctor's visits, free
  8. When he did the hall of fame speech for U2 he said that he had been surprised that "his" guys had accepted Apple money for an ad. Until he learned that they were giving the money away, as far as I recall. Is he giving the money away?
  9. The only thing I've seen about is the rumour about a jeep ad for the superbowl. I can't really believe that could be true, but it was on ad agency site.
  10. While I love Bruce doing Twist and Shout, I'm not sure that the way to convert a Bruce doubter is him playing a 1961 song by the Top Notes that was made more famous by The Beatles. A cover of a cover they'd say.
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