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  1. A little bit late but glad you agree. Thanks. Quoting a reviewer isn't a cop out.
  2. And your life wouldn't have begun without JFK.
  3. The review I read said that "I'll take you out of the city" is the most Bruce singing in 30 years
  4. Absolutely. My daughter loves Bleachers and, due to me, also loves Bruce. She is thrilled that he has done this. It benefits both tbf. Young people may discover Bruce and old people might discover Bleachers.
  5. Not a Bruce song but I just heard our Laker Prowsey's Does this train stop on Merseyside by Christy Moore on the radio. It's great. Guess there's a meanness in the soul of man.
  6. I think it was Jack Kerouac who said that good bars should be loved.
  7. Best wishes to everyone affected in person or with family or friends. This a cruel unpleasant virus. I get upset with the online community who say it's just a bad flu. I only had the flu once, you shiver and sweat and can't move for three days but then you get better. It's not nice but this affects people differently, attacking the heart, the brain, several organs. And while, like the flu, the elderly are most at risk it seems to be a bit random in who it picks. Don't get me wrong, I know lockdown causes havoc. My son works in the music industry and hasn't worked since March. It's heartbreaking. Same goes for the musicians here on the Lake. All the sound engineers, lighting people, etc.that make gigs happen that we never notice too much, but the musicians do.
  8. One review of the song I read said that Bruce Springsteen actually sounds like Bruce Springsteen.
  9. I think it's great. People like us over a certain age may not know Bleachers but my kids do and are thrilled that Bruce hitched up for this.
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/what-to-listen-to/bruce-springsteen-letter-review-passionate-brilliant-unashamedly/ The 5 star Telegraph review. Hope it's not blocked by paywall.
  11. That's because it's still really the Cork Examiner.
  12. I don't get the love for If I was the Priest. It's almost pastiche Bruce.
  13. Jesus. The Lake has become snowflaky. Worrying about possibly non PC lyrics written 50 years ago. Rip up all Shakespeare plays. A bit anti-semititic some of them
  14. I"m doing ok-ish (lol) Slaney. Back home since 2017. Trying to get used to the natives in Clontarf! Hope you are well.
  15. For a 71 year old who has been singing 3 hour concerts for 50 years years his voice is remarkable. Better than it was years ago. Most singers his age are vocally fucked and fake it.
  16. Yes. Western Stars was totally Bruce. It was not Bruce and the ESB, but absolutely Bruce. And beautiful.
  17. The Lake getting some stick on Twitter for claiming it.
  18. Good to hear that those here who have had it at are doing well. A bit startling that some are calling it the flu. I only had the flu once. It was not nice but went away after 3 days in bed. It knocked me out and I always laughed at people in work who said they had the flu. If they had the flu they couldn't have been in work. This is not the flu. People are knocked out 6 months later.
  19. And this one because I was there and it was the most unreal experience to see him there in the Circus fucking Maximus. NYC serenade.
  20. I'll wait for the full album before deciding. I love Western Stars. I think it's a masterpiece that gets better and better. But from the two songs from this I'm afraid he is churning out old cast offs, going back to Janey needs a shooter. Why?
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