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  1. I like the two new songs I've heard but they do sound a bit samey, a bit generic which Landau says Bruce hates. Very wrecking ball. As Prowsey said about The Rising, it's not A Beautiful Day is it?
  2. Ob by the way. Nice to see you again. Gotta get back here life is short.. ✌
  3. Like Boris. Going around laughing and shaking hands with the infected before getting infected himself. Oh what a laugh he was. And is. Does he ever do any work? Hope you are well. I've had a test and was negative. The fucking test is not nice. A few thousand times worse than a prostate one. (negative too, for now).
  4. Not strictly a Bruce song but he is great as is Riseanne as is the song. Sea of heartbreak. Hello all.
  5. Forget about feeling sorry for Bruce or Steve or the other multi millionaires in their mansions. Or us fans. Feel something for the average musicians who have to gig a few times a week to eat. For the sound and lighting technicians. For the people at the door or behind the bar. The people that clean the toilets, all not making anything. You know, the people Bruce writes songs about?
  6. I reckon this might save football. People will realise that they don't need to pay a fortune for a 90 minute game, it should be cheap, the players might realise that the ability to control a ball and run fast doesn't mean they are entitled to unlimited sex and money. I missed my calling. I could control a ball better than anyone, really, but I was slow.
  7. RIP. Fine keeper. Pity he will be remembered for "filling in" in 1970 for Gordon Banks v West Germany in Mexico.
  8. He was great. RIP. I admit to being a bit stunned that an overplayed (here) Daniel O'Donnell song I Want to Dance With You was written by him.
  9. Not fair to say the UK was a horrible place then. Black Americans were a lot more welcome in the UK then they were in the U.S. In the punk years in Britain white and black kids were colour blind at gigs, hugged and drank beer and rum together in a way that was rare in the US in 1977.
  10. I hope all of our friends in NJ/NYC and in the other states are doing ok. Also Roy and Eileen in sunny Morpeth. Some states! I'm in a beach resort in Wexford, worse places to be marooned, If only everything wasn't shut lol.
  11. One footballer (soccer player lol) in England has given £1million to help, another has put his big hotel in Manchester for use by medical staff. I presume Bruce is doing stuff like that behind the scenes. It's not actually about new music for us!
  12. The racism stuff was very real, that's how it was. It was all very real, the Bruce as saviour stuff too.
  13. It's a great and true movie. Anyone who disagrees is wrong.
  14. One of my very favourite Bruce songs. Criminally ignored. But maybe best that way.
  15. Late too. but heartfelt good wishes. Bonne anniversaire.
  16. Happy Christmas to everyone. Hope you all have a great and healthy 2020. Thanks as ever to CK for this place. It's still a shining light.
  17. The Irishman is well worth seeing in a cinema. If you wait and watch it on Netflix it will not be the same as you will definitely ruin it by taking tea/coffee/beer/toilet (maybe in that order) breaks. You will also just appreciate it more if you see it in the environment it was made for. They all deserve Oscars.
  18. I was nervous (!) but he was great. I thought that De Niro relaxed a lot when Bruce came on, he had avoided physical contact with Sienna Miller (Bruce gave her a little hug/kiss). I love Graham Norton (and knew he obviously would not be a Bruce expert, Madonna is more his thing) but he did well and was suitably awestruck. The film clip looked very very good.
  19. Apparently he did the studio interview with Norton yesterday. Any feedback? Can't wait to see if he drinks the glass of wine. I bet not.
  20. Listen, we are blessed. He is great and to be writing songs of this quality still is amazing. I love him. This is a great album.
  21. 10 stars out of 10 in the Hot Press. I can't remember seeing that before.
  22. He won an Oscar for Streets of Philadelphia..If that was not on a movie the people here who hate these songs would have would have hated that too. I love both the new songs.
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