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  1. Listen, we are blessed. He is great and to be writing songs of this quality still is amazing. I love him. This is a great album.
  2. 10 stars out of 10 in the Hot Press. I can't remember seeing that before.
  3. I listened the Devils and Dust album 5 times in a row yesterday. It may have been my mood but it seemed like his greatest album.
  4. I listened to some Bryan Ferry and the new U2 album as I will be seeing them in London soon. The latter is blindingly honest and The Edge drives it through.A subdued surprise.
  5. I like a lot of U2 in spite of Bono. I can never forgive him for embarrassing himself, and everyone else at Live aid. Sounds like we could be in for a late night tonight - cool. Steve. You can't forgive him for a 20 minute 3 song U2 set 28 years ago? A set that zoomed his band into megastardom? I think he'll sleep easy.
  6. If he played WIESS tonight there might be 300 left in the stadium at the end. It sure has a lot of fans for an album that sold about 80,000 when it was released. Also, these KK gigs are all-day festivals, there will be a share of Bruce virgins or "tired" people there by this stage, I'm not sure they'd have the patience for WIESS. I'd like Darkness tomorrow for my son and his friend, it was welded to the cd player in their crummy flat for two years.
  7. The ladies getting excited by Bruce having a harmonica in his pants.
  8. Very nice. And people complaining about an album show when the album contains thunder road, backstreets, born to run, meeting across the river and jungleland. Go figure.
  9. This is the Nick Cave version. I am off to have a cry now. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoLRIXtAuxk&NR=1
  10. A Rainy Night in Soho is a truly great song and Shane is a great great songwriter. Did I say GREAT?
  11. I was watching the video anthology last night and I noticed the really seriously meaningful look on Danny's face all throughout "Fire". Nils laughs a lot at Bruce and Bruce makes goofy faces but Danny really stays concentrated on the song and his accordion. I thought to myself "he really is the man!"
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