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  1. This was my first show ever outside of the USA dating back to 1981. Bruce could have quit after Incident and I would have had my money's worth. Great show. Great crowd. It was a different experience, a very respectful crowd. No chatting during slow or unfamiliar songs. I liked that a lot! I've never heard it so quiet as when Jungleland started. First time ever for me hearing Bruce close out that song without a singing crowd mis-timing the lyrics. It was just Bruce...awesome!
  2. I will take it! Message me here or email me at
  3. I was lucky enough to make the pit in Milwaukee so I had a lot of time in line and on the floor to chit chat with a large group of fans around me. Folks were from Chicago, Hinsdale, Western Springs, Woodstock(me), Arlington Heights, and Naperville. There was only one group of four from Grafton, WI...and the funny thing was they actually lived in Chicago for about 10 years. Quite a few from out of state (WI or IL) which I realize is very common at a Bruce show. I love going to Milwaukee for events over Chicago even though I live in Illinois and actually grew up in the city proper. The Bradley Center and the UC are both about 1 hr and 20 minute drives for me, but the drive to Milwaukee is so much more pleasant. Plus, going to the UC can be an extra hour depending on the day and/or time. Milwaukee...always 1 hr 20 minutes.
  4. For every one Wisconsin resident in my area of the floor, there were at least two Chicagoans. So I'm not sure how different the demographics were compared to the United Center show. My take anyway.
  5. 33 First show Sept 1981 Chicago (Rosemont Horizon, United Center, World Theatre, Rosemont Theatre, Comiskey Park, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field) Normal, IL (ISU theater) Milwaukee (Bradley Center, Miller Park) Detroit (Auburn Hills) St Louis (Kiel Center) Indianapolis (Hoosier Dome, Conseco Fieldhouse, Market Square Arena) Philadelphia (The Lync) NYC MSG Jersey (Byrne Arena)
  6. Great show. I missed the pit by 48 numbers. Damn. I should have picked up my wristband before getting something to eat rather than after. I chose to stand directly in front of the sound board rather than in the crush of people against the barrier at the back of the pit. Great time!!! Bruce never disappoints. September 1981 was my first show ever, so this tour has brought everything full circle for me. I caught 5 songs I've never seen live before and this was my 32nd show. Stolen Car and Independence Day are such great songs. Bruce tells a nice story about "the setting" for the song before Independence Day. Yes, the vocals on Take It Easy aren't the best, but I'm never disappointed in the passion of the performance. Can't wait for Milwaukee!!
  7. Here's the GA procedure. Pretty standard. I'll be there freezing my ass off. Good luck to all the GA ticket holders. Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band General Admission Lottery Procedure Please see details below regarding policies and procedures for the show’s GA Lottery. The “lottery” allows holders of general admission tickets a random chance to enter the forward barricade area on the floor, closest to the stage. This is entirely optional and can be disregarded by GA ticket holders who do not wish to enter the lottery for a chance to be placed in the forward barricade. 1) On the day of the show, sequentially numbered wristbands will be distributed beginning at 2:00PM. This will take place at Gate 5 (look for Michael Jordan Statue). Wristbands will be distributed until 5:00PM. (After 5:00PM, additional lottery/floor wristbands will not be distributed until after doors are open) 2) Patrons must be present and in possession of their GA ticket to receive a wristband. Only one wristband per patron will be issued. 3) After the patron's ticket has been verified as a GA ticket. A wristband will be issued and affixed to the patron’s wrist. 4) Anyone who receives a numbered wristband prior to doors, has an equal chance to be first in line to enter the Front Area. A wristband does not guarantee a place in the Front Area. 5) Patrons who have received a wristband may leave the premises. They must return by 5:00PM. 6) Patrons who received a wristband and are present for the drawing must be ready to enter the venue. This means they should not be carrying any prohibited items with them. e.g. backpacks/ large bags, cameras, recording devices etc... If there are any questions regarding prohibited items, please check with venue staff prior to the drawing. 7) A starting number will be randomly picked by a patron. This number will be announced at Gate 5 (look for Michael Jordan Statue) 8) The patron wearing the wristband that matches the starting number will be first in line. All participants are requested to remain in sequential order. Venue entry and security screening may begin as soon as immediately following the drawing. Patrons will be directed by tour and venue staff through this process. 9) All patrons with GA tickets and a wristband who wish to enter according to the lottery, need to remain present to be processed and escorted into the venue. Failure to be present for drawing, or not remaining throughout the lottery entry process will result in forfeiture of lottery position. 10) Once inside the venue, a second wristband will be issued to identify those who are within the winning range. This is required to enter the Front GA Area.
  8. Seeing a Show By Yourself

    I'll catch the Chicago and Milwaukee shows this tour, both solo. I prefer to attend with a big fan, or my wife. My wife can't make either show this time so I plan to attend alone. I've been to 4 or 5 shows myself over the years and enjoyed them just as much as the shows I've attended with one or two friends. The only bad experience I had was going with a group of about 8 and I was the only die-hard fan. I will not do that again!
  9. What terrible news. I met Rich briefly at a tailgate before the opening night of The Rising tour. Didn't know him well, but always enjoyed his goofiness in the old chat room many years ago. Thanks for your service! R.I.P.
  10. Where does Ben go to school? Nick is at Iowa State.

  11. Kev: I didn't want you to think I had fallen off the face of the earth. With Ben in college now, and my old email not working, I did not get in the pool. I hope it's a great year! Here's a better email for me: Go Bills .... Go Pack! (Both look good!) :)

  12. The Fever is playing on 97.1 in Chicago. A nice surprise.
  13. Philly was alot of fun. I was at the Saturday night show and had a great stay at the Mr and Mrs Killer Joe B & B. Ah... the good old days of real Bruce shows with a real band!
  14. I was just getting depressed over the lack of enthusiasm here in Chicago for tomorrow's show and then I read your awesome story. A moment you'll never forget.