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  1. Agreed with most of this but I’d add there was far, far too much crying. I remember reading some years back that Mel and Sue would deliberately spoil shots of contestants crying. Sandi and Noel seem to frame them instead and it lessens the overall kind, warm vibe of the show I think.
  2. It was fascinating to watch the transformation of Margaret from Hot Lips, a caricature that bothered me even way back in the day, into a fully realized and complex character. One of my favorite things that she said was once when she was being treated disrespectfully because women aren’t “real” majors was that the oak leaf on her collar is gold, they don’t come in blue for boys and pink for girls. MASH elevated the sitcom, allowed that format to take on drama and pathos with more depth and regularity than any before it. Every dramedy on TV since owes them a debt.
  3. Agreed. I'm getting the shows about a week after y'all so I have to avoid this thread but this year's crop are not doing it for me. Not sure why, maybe they're too competitive or something.
  4. Getting Cranston to be the radio guy is a pretty lame way to put him in the movie.
  5. Saw the Downton movie. It was basically the show in movie form, silly and frothy but beautiful. It’s nice to spend a couple hours with old friends. One of the downsides is 1930s fashion for women is pretty awful, unflattering stuff. The costuming made the most of what was available but other than Lady Mary’s ballgown nothing knocked my socks off. Springsteen movie trailer in my theater.
  6. I’m going to have to trust Vince because this idea scares me. It will be easy to fuck up and difficult to do well. If anyone can it’s him. I’m just as happy with Jesse drives off in Todd’s car with Lydia’s money in the trunk and we can write our own adventure from there.
  7. So sorry to hear about your son.


  8. I’ve been taking Chantix to help me quit smoking, Daisey. It works well but one of the side effects, the only one I’ve had, is weird dreams. They don’t happen alll the time and usually I don’t remember them, I just know they happened. Your kid in a Stephen King novel is definitely weird.
  9. I love the novella, had a dream about it the other day - #2 son called and said he was walking with some friends and started describing what was happening and I was like, “WTH?? This sounds like a Stephen King story!!” Then I woke up. lol
  10. Just got back, really enjoyed it. I didn’t know anyone in it other than Lily James. The lead actor was very good. When he busted out Yesterday (this is early going so not much of a spoiler) the delivery was so spot on and moving I did get something in my eye. I think it could have been 10 minutes shorter. But definitely go, Dan. Go now, you’ll really like it I think.
  11. The look of abject horror on everyone’s faces in that scene was perfection.
  12. We’ve watched the first three so far. The pacing is breakneck so we needed a breather.