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  1. OMG ..... How could I forget this one!... The epitome of coolness.....Steed & Mrs. Peel!
  2. My top favorite TV shows of the 20th century: 1- 12 O'CLOCK HIGH 2- GET SMART 3- HOGAN'S HEROES 4- E.R. 5- X FILES 6- M.A.S.H. 7- SEINFELD 8- HAPPY DAYS 9. VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA 10- STAR TREK 11- MIAMI VICE 12- COMBAT 13- I LOVE LUCY 14- CHINA BEACH 15- BATMAN
  3. Isn't it rather early to begin counting down bests of the 21st century? According to my calculations, there are still 8 decades and 79 years left yet...
  4. Let me just say.......I'm glad I came of age during the 2nd half of the 20th century. Good night.
  5. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/09/11/rolling-stones-complain-restrictions-levis-stadium-49ers-santa-clara/?utm_campaign=true_anthem&utm_content=5d7a5d9efb9cc10001802229&utm_medium=facebook&utm_source=social&fbclid=IwAR2D97Hy4SYJqbtf_UC_jzJ3EjqADGvPAJY8L_ml0Ooj14QeiRnZj_ejS9w
  6. I love FM. I still listen to 'Rumours' incessantly, but sadly, they're way past their due date now. Even if Buckingham were still on board, his vocal octave range has severely deteriorated. Stevie's voice hasn't fared much better. I read in a recent interview that she's forced to sing in a key 2 octaves lower. None of them need the cash flow, but I guess I get why they're still out there playing. It's what they do. At least their playing is still top-notch, particularly as far as the rhythm section goes. Still, sad when a band or artist is up there trying to act/sound like it's 40 years in the past and are struggling. The only act in my lifetime that I know could pull it off have been the Stones, who actually sound better live now than they did 50 years ago, and Macca also, but his voice is starting to quiver more often than not.
  7. It totally sounds like John...It's John, but you can hear someone (Paul?) moaning out of tune in the isolated vocal playback
  8. No.....It's John singing the "aaah aaahh - aaah aaahh" part in the interlude. I wasn't aware this was such an issue with fans...
  9. "Backstreets"....My God.........................I'm bawlin'.