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  1. I think he should play 'Sympathy for the Devil' & dedicate it to the outgoing Bruce should play what he wants.
  2. This is a virtual event. All live events in DC, except for the swearing in ceremony at the capitol have been scrapped. No inaugural balls, no concerts, no parades, no nothing.
  3. I believe ABC-Dunhill folded in the early 80s. I dont know how RCA came in, but they released some Greatest Hits titles. They may have bought the rights to the catalog.
  4. ...on the radio Week of 1/6/1981
  5. 'Ferry cross the Mersey'...One of the best rock ballads of all time. R.I.P .
  6. No ma'am. I burned a copy from my Remixes box set that I bought a few years back. I dont like taking the originals with me in the car & I dont play the originals all that much to avoid surface scratching and such, so I burned copies of all the albums & play them instead. The funnest part was doing the artwork
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