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  1. Look directly at the at the animation....keep repeating to yourself.....i like dire straits...i like dire straits...i like dire straits
  2. Oh alright....Damnit Your Judgeship...that was funny
  3. People are very sensitive these days. Back when it all began in the 50s, it was just the adults/parents who were offended. Elvis received death threats for swiveling his hips. The 'kids" loved it. Now everyone, including the "kids" are offended. I mean, waddya gonna do, right?
  4. I fear this is going to get out of hand. The Hip-Hop station are going to have to ban practically their entire playlists.
  5. Haven't listened that closely when they play it on radio because I'm so familiar with the song.
  6. Well.....I didn't want to offend anyone. Here in the states, the word is a strongly offensive slur toward gays. Pls don't be angry with me y'all. I'm just reporting what I'm hearing/reading. I love the song, but you gotta admit "that little faggot" line is as objectionable as some of the lines in 'Brown Sugar'. I love both songs.
  7. Look out here comes the avalanche... Citing several lines from the song "Money for Nothing" as inappropriate & offensive, Clear Channel Broadcasting is apparently considering requesting that its member radio stations delete the Dire Straits hit form their playlists. The company referenced the following lyrics written by Mark Knopfler & Sting (The Police) as sexual gender/preference & ethnically degrading and offensive: 'chicks for free', 'bangin' on the bongos like a chimpanzee' and 'See that little fa---t with the earrings and the makeup...That little fa---t got his own jet airplane...that little fa---t, he's a millionaire'..... [Source: WBIG 100.1, Washington DC] The dominos are starting to teeter. Wonder what song(s) will get the chop-chop next. PS: I thought I'd read an interview with Knopfler around 2018 in which he claims he hasn't performed MFN live for a number years" Don't know if that's true or not.
  8. "Sympathy For The Devil Devil Cos He Can't Get No Satisfaction"...?
  9. Is it any better changing it to 'just like a young boy should', instead of girl?....Jus' wundrin...
  10. "Hello aging my old friend...I've come to talk with you again"
  11. McCartney slams the Stones as nothing more than "a blues cover band"... Hey Paulie STFU...You wrote 'Obla-Di-Obla-Da', 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer', your own version of 'Mary had a Little Lamb' & 'Ebony & Ivory'. Sit down. Have a smoothie.
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