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  1. Almost 5 thousand bucks a ticket. Forget what I said about thousands of people, but where are all the rich and famous 1-percenters going to land their helicopters or park their limos? Welcome Back New York 1%ers & rich & famous... Ridiculous.....abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous. Hey Bruce, I wouldn't bother inviting any of your old friends in Freehold. Just stick to your gold-plated friends in Colt's Neck. You can limo or chopper them all up to the park.
  2. Are they restricting this to vaccinated people only? How would you enforce that? One point of entry for thousands of people? Sorry to be a wet poncho but...they need to call this thing off. Look at what happened up in Ptown, Mass. This gathering will be twice the size...& in more confined spaces. Delta will be there....& you don't even need a ticket for the flight. Call it off. Many of the performers are in the at-risk group....including you-know-who. Remember you can still catch this thing even if you've been vax'ed. Ok, I'm ready.....Start throwing the rotten tomatoes.
  3. Today....August 1, 1971. Happy 50th
  4. I was w....I was wr....I was wro....I was wron.......I was....
  5. R.I.P. I believe this puts an end to ZZ TOP.
  6. Friendly competition...1965. Girls....& boys too...having fits. [Man of the cloth in the front row seems aghast]
  7. (2019?) Now a "few" pounds heavier, walking with a cane, hearing impaired & having trouble sitting, the 80s most "annoying" (his words) pop star writes his regrets...
  8. The first kick she took was when she hit the ground...
  9. I was at one of the '85 shows at Giants Stadium. Sorry El Lay...sit down.
  10. Peter Grant seemed to be an obese power hungry ogre who pushed his gargantuan weight & ego on everyone. He was like a mob boss. I began disliking him intensely after seeing ‘The song Remains the Same’ where his overblown and overbearing personality were on full display. He seemed to treat everyone like shit, like he mattered & was more important than the band itself.
  11. Greatest rock ‘n roll band of all time. Age may have diminished their looks, but it hasn’t diminished their stagecraft. They still manage to put on very entertaining shows and still sound better live now than the did live back in the 60s. They played sloppily back then because of excessive drug & drink. Now, there are classic bands and performers out there who clearly should not have gone beyond their expiry date (Fleetwood Mac), but the Stones aren’t one of them. Chuck Berry toured and put on good shows until 2 wks before his death at 90. Now get offa their cloud, eh? ;)
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