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  1. um....I think they broke up many moons ago...They got skewered by Robert Plant in an interview back in the late 80s & I think they went downhill right after that..unless they've gotten back together to tour the oldies circuit.
  2. John being John...blunt & to the point..."I want it to sound nasty! It's a nasty song" Why is Yoko trying to tell the musicians how to play? What the hell does Yoko know about music or how to play an instrument? I'dve said "Fuck you I'm out".
  3. No...but I sure do love me some Chi-town though
  4. I intend to. One for myself, two for my parents who are house-bound, one for my late grandfather and 2 for my late grandmothers
  5. Yes, yes it do......In fact, it might swing at the ballot box/voting booth this November...
  6. So, what you're saying is...people of color should not be so easily offended by words/symbols/imagery of slavery/being held in bondage, being racially profiled...etc. Correct me if I'm wrong....please.
  7. He's just a singer in a rock 'n roll band.
  8. I think he wants to be president of the U.S.
  9. Walter Brennen?..... Oh yea!... I u'member him from back in the Love-Me-Do days.