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  1. Here.... https://www.nj.com/entertainment/2019/04/springsteens-mysterious-instagram-post-has-fans-begging-for-new-album-details.html
  2. He's playing an acoustic show with Bono & the Edge at Joshua Tree National Park....
  3. Did the Orioles really sign you to a $161 Million contract over 7 years, which will have you earning a base salary of over $21 Mil a year to hit home runs?...You just broke the MLB record for going hitless in 54 at-bats...You've had one hit...ONE!...& the season is almost a month old. Dude, you couldn't hit a mule in the ass with a base fiddle. No fucking wonder they're the worst team in baseball. Serves them right.
  4. For the longest time I thought the lyric in the song “Superstition” was “seven years of bad luck...do things in your pants” when it’s actually “seven years of bad luck... good things in your past”
  5. Karsten, I advise caution. This could be a set up of some kind and they may be trying to access people’s contact info to spam or scam them. Thanks/
  6. I’m not able to access GL on my iPhone. I have an AT&T wireless account and am able to access everything else on the Internet. I had AT&T test my access and nothing seems to be wrong on their end. Pls advise. Thanks.
  7. I’ve actually never lived in Baltimore. I live closer to Washington in Maryland, but I went to university there and it’s only 45 minutes from my house
  8. All that needs to be said.......When does football season start?
  9. The Gods are angry my friends...
  10. Notice: This story does not mention Bruce Springsteen, but I placed it here in the main forum because I thought it might be relevant to him and I thought it to be an interesting read. Thanks/ https://www.loudersound.com/features/are-we-killing-our-rock-stars?fbclid=IwAR33tRLYaHJ-V5AaN32QXKQAuIsEW-xnnFTWaM3M9boy5t7TlLFUBLjAz68
  11. JustDan

    GO HOOS!

    Do it for Charlottesville!