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  1. What....No outrage from the righties?? A rock star says he's going to move to another country if Trump wins & gets vilified as a treasonous coward. The president says the same thing............crickets.
  2. Hurry up & wait... https://ticketing.apple.com/brucespringsteen?fbclid=IwAR1-bipX4Kh9UtvH7SMccEiKgd5LWZDrFOfSCSQlfVRYZFlCk98WMYKt0Z8
  3. I wont listen to to a single track. The sound is probably inferior and compressed. One of the reasons I hate the 21st century is the rise of instant gratification. Whatever happened to the growing anticipation & excitement of waiting for a new release from your favorite artist? I remember waiting in line on a cold, damp night for the midnight release of "Live 75-85". There were over three hundred people there & we had the time of our lives. There's no more of that now. People have become spoiled, impatient instant gratification junkies. Wait until the fucking record comes out for
  4. The three dots all the way on the right of the screen. Click. A dropdown menu will appear...
  5. How has he "accumulated his wealth" on the backs of working class Americans? Did he force them to buy his records? Did he force them to buy tickets to multiple shows? Did Mr. Springsteen in any way dictate how others should earn or spend their money? People will expound such nonsense just to jab someone who doesn't subscribe to the same political views as they do...
  6. He's angry because an artist who's music he (for the most part) admires doesn't hold the same political beliefs he does. Hence, the snide response, as is the case with all the belittling responses here. It's fairly easy to deduce, no?
  7. Butch & Sundance wanted to move to Australia...In the end it didn't work out
  8. It all comes down to money. Producing ads and running them on national television is extremely costly in this country. You're talking about millions of dollars for a 1-2 minute slot in prime time. Therefore, a party/candidate running for national office will usually only target the majority of their solicitations to states that are considered tossups, particularly those with a large number of electoral votes that could mean the difference in a close election. PA is one of those states.
  9. a @misadventure sighting is always great!
  10. Once again...let me see if I can put this in a way you understand to avoid further confusion... California, Texas & New York are not considered swing states. That means they usually vote solid blue, or solid red. Pennsylvania is considered a swing state, meaning there are enough groups of undecided/uncommitted voters who could cast their vote for a candidate of either major party.
  11. Is it not obvious to you that this ad is specifically targeted to Pennsylvania? PA is a crucial swing state. This ad is running solely in PA, eastern NJ, northern MD & the panhandle of WV. If the trend follows the last 4 elections, MO is red, IL is blue. Why use resources on states where you can already estimate how the vote will go?
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