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  1. Dude, just order it from Amazon-N-A. You'll pay more, but you wont have to wait an extra month.
  2. U.K./E.U. Nov U.S./Canada Oct. (Just got msg from Amazon/North America)
  3. I cannot fathom anyone with a modicum of logic who is familiar with the lyrics could conclude this is a happy, uplifting song. I think putting this song out as a full-band rocker lead people (mostly casual radio listeners) to believe this was a fist-pumping, flag-waving anthem. All they heard was that refrain. If Springsteen has kept the original sparse acoustic version released on the 'Tracks' set 14 years later, the song would not have suffered the misrepresentation/misappropriation it suffered. I understand why he did it, but as a result, the song suffered.
  4. Woulda gone with 'Gimme Shelter'. More apropos for these times But, hey, you want a sunny day? Go on & wish it then
  5. Jimmy...so you think he sang this song in Berlin just so they could hear the chorus & chant RAH RAH USA, communism's dead? I want to make sure I'm understanding your take correctly...I know you know the lyrics to the song Jimmy....but still, you think this is a "feel good" "anthem"?...Tell me if I'm wrong, sincerely.... You know what? Damn this fucking song. This song should've been buried a long time ago. It's abso-fucking-lutely crazy we're still debating this song's message 37 fucking years after its release, & that it's considered Springsteen best known song...all because of the jingoistic chorus. Nice going Bruce. Great repeating refrain.
  6. Jimmy. I think you're a nice guy. I'd sit down & have a beer with you. I'd go see a show with you. The thing is Jimmy, & I'm sorry, but sometimes you come off as simplistic and naive in your views. You want to keep things as simple and black and white as possible. Let me ask you this...What do you mean when you say this song is an "anthem" to you? Is it because people pump their fists in the air when they hear it live at a show, or on the radio? Is it the beat, is it the riff that makes this song an "anthem"? What is your definition of an anthem, song-wise?
  7. Rolling Stone is trying to survive its relevancy. In order to do that, they need to appeal to a wider audience than just baby boomers and gen-x'ers as well as multi-racial groups.
  8. 'Respect' is a great song, but it's R&B...not Rock n' Roll. Hip-Hop/Rap is NOT Rock n' Roll.
  9. Boy, did they get this wrong... But then again, it's all subjective. PS: 'Jungleland' is the best rock n' roll song ever written. Get off-a my cloud Rolling Stone.
  10. I believe it’s either Brit or Canuck.
  11. The love never dies...It lives on in our hearts We're still standing
  12. What is it that he has against Zevon? Is it something personal?
  13. The 60s were a tumultuous time. The soundtrack to that decade mirrored the hodgepodge, the the quirkiness, the changes, the good & bad. Here is a kaleidoscope of the most popular songs om AM radio...from January '60 thru December '69. If you care to indulge, it is a rather lengthy video, but it really is a good example of the melting pot of genres (wonder if Auntie's heard all/most of them )....
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