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  1. I was thinking about this very lyric last night. "You walk too far, you walk away" Kept me wondering what it means. Seems like you could walk too far, then turn around and walk back. But maybe not
  2. I wish pot was legal here. I was amazed to find out that it has so many medical uses
  3. "You know I always liked my walking shoes" Me too, I'd walk every day if I could. Walking just makes everything seem happy
  4. She liked her guys a little greasy and 'neath her pay grade (sounds like she liked the ole Fonzie type)
  5. I hate it when someone says they're going to do something and then they don't
  6. Being the amazing artist that he is, Bruce expressed his inner-most feelings in WS. However, those feelings (that he just shared with everyone) are somewhat embarrassing to him (maybe they're very personal) so he'd rather not discuss or be asked questions about them. That's why I think he's not talking.
  7. It's been a long time since I saw that show!
  8. I agree, he had some deep feelings for this woman. I don't think she died and who knows, he might revisit her again sometime
  9. It's a masterpiece from a great artist. thanks Bruce!
  10. Now I've started listening to Drive Fast
  11. people around here will keep donkeys with their other animals because a donkey scares away or chases away coyotes.
  12. Western Stars, I heard it described as a pop ballad. I think it's more of a blues pop ballad. Is there such a thing?