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  1. WTF?

    The leaf shadows through the trees kind of looked different....kinda cool.
  2. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  3. WW2 Society (WW1 chat welcome, too!)

    Stories like this one always catch my interest. The USS Indianapolis wreckage was found recently. The story of what happened to that ship has always been of interest. In the fictional movie 'Jaws' the Quint character played by Robert Shaw told the story in one of the best scenes in that whole movie.
  4. OFFICIAL 2017 MLB thread

    Heading to DC this weekend to catch Mets vs Nats on Saturday and Sunday. Going with a couple buds and originally planned (months ago) with the misguided idea that the Mets would be in the hunt and the games would be 'meaningful'.....that didn't work out at Anyway - if any DC people around, it would be cool to meet up....and having never been to DC, we will be looking for a place to catch the Mayweather/McGregor 'fight'....I'm sure we can find a place, but figured someone around here may be able to recommend a good spot. Thanks
  5. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  6. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

    Only because Moon is in the title and I like the tune....great band too....
  7. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  8. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  9. If I paid $850 for a concert ticket I would expect not only to meet Bruce, but for him to deliver a couple beers to my seat.
  10. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  11. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  12. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  13. Eclipse SETLIST Thread

  14. Eclipse SETLIST Thread