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  1. I know we have some longtime baseball fans around here...so as I sit on a LIRR train on my way to see 'My Mets' play a 'meaningful' September game, I keep thinking about the state of the game I have loved since I could walk. In particular it's the ridiculous amount of HRs hit this year. I should be excited about the rookie HR monster the Mets have in Alonso...but I just read another story of the individual, team and league wide homerun records falling by the wayside this year and it just doesn't sit well with me. I know the ball is juiced...or changed it whatever. That's obvious. So my old school mentality is just annoyed and I find it hard to get excited about it all....and that's kinda sad. Anyone else feelin this way?
  2. I saw this flick on Saturday. I tried to avoid reviews and this thread. It pretty much was what I expected. A 'Feel Good' movie...but not exactly deep. Basic story line of a youth at odds with his father and how it all worked out in the end...with Mr. Springsteen's music playing an important role. As usual when it comes to a 'based on a true story' type movie, this one got some of the usual 'Hollywood Treatment' by adding some stuff that never happened to help make the story more interesting. But overall...it was a pretty good movie. It might even get Bruce some new fans....which is never a bad thing.
  3. That's fine. It really doesn't change anything though. From what I can tell, the info that was available just about up to the moment he quit indicated that Luck was gonna play. The stuff I'm reading about this current injury however appears pretty sketchy. From minor...to bad enough to miss preseason games to whatever they are saying now. Anyway...I know it's a different game and a different world from when the NFL was full of hard nosed athletes that wanted more that anything else to get the 'ring' to todays 'me first' attitude that will eventually make me turn to the professional dart league or something....lol.
  4. Most of what I read indicated he was likely to play this year...but fudging injury related news is common in pretty much every sport. I know my younger son who follows NFL stuff way more than I ever did, drafted Luck in his fantasy league. He'd never done that if it was known that Luck was gonna be out for an extended period time. I truly hope the Colts do well. I have nothing against the team. It just irks me whenever an under contract professional player quits...especially when the timing is so awful like with Luck. I feel the same about the under contract clowns that hold out for more $$.
  5. Compared to players of the past and hopefully some still in the game...he is a wimp. I always want to watch players that have the 'They have to rip my jersey off my back to get me to quit' type player in any sport. Luck obviously isn't that. I agree that this type of pussy shit will happen with more frequency because of the amount of money players get these days. While Luck left a bunch of money on the table by quitting, he still has made close to $100 million in his career....so he, his wife, kids and grand kids are set. He quit on himself, his teammates and his fans. He is a quitter. I can't look at it any other way.
  6. I may have been a little harsh in my wording. But I still think it sucks that this guy would quit when he did. I looked around a bit, but see nothing about the Colts being aware of this decision or the possibility of this happening any earlier than last Monday. The Colts apparently won't be going after any of the $25 million dollar signing bonus he signed. I get that he's battled a bunch of injuries during his career...it appears he just doesn't have what it takes to work his way back again. I guess I just don't get that. He was paid millions of dollars and basically quit because he couldn't bare to go through anymore rehab....so essentially he didn't have it in him to get his ass back on the field. I'm not sure that makes him a fuckin wimp....maybe just a regular wimp. I also don't blame the fans that booed him as he left the field last night. He let them down. As far as taking the money while on an injured list...no that wouldn't make him a wimp at all. Injuries are part of the game and everyone knows that when a contract is signed....I assume the team expectation is for a player to work hard during his recovery and return healthy. I would think that outright quitting is usually not an option for most players. But Luck already made enough money to retire at 29....so he had that option.
  7. 29 years old...multimillionaire....'mentally worn down' from playing football?...quits on his team and his fans this close to the season opener. Fuckin wimp.
  8. Sleepy Joe's Cafe sounds like a fun place....way better than Harry's Place that's for sure.
  9. If Bruce cut Seeger Sessions in '78 instead of Darkness....actually I can't phantom how things would have turned out. But it wouldn't be pretty. I also bet Greasy Lake wouldn't exist as we know it....maybe it would be called Erie Canal or Old Dan Tuckers Oklahoma Home instead. There would be polls to determine everyones favorite banjo solo.
  10. Definitely...especially when talking about Bruce...he's been great for many many years...before and after that pivotal year. But '78 Bruce kicks all the other Bruce's asses....musically speaking. Physically, the '84 Bruce would pound skinny '78 Bruce into the ground.
  11. I started adding IMO to posts after getting one too many 'is that your opinion or is that a fact'...type replies. Especially in the FC...lol.
  12. Of course it's just my opinion. But in this case I know I'm right.
  13. I didn't get the Seeger vibe...is there a banjo hidden in there somewhere?
  14. This is the best of the three released tunes....by far. IMO of course.
  15. I heard the first two tunes a few times now. There nice.
  16. Heard it just after midnight. It's not bad...not great. Pretty much what I kinda expected after reading about it. Because it's Bruce, I'll get the album......hopefully I'll get into it. But as always...I'll keep hoping for at least one more E Street album of rock and roll electric guitar music. So far it seems, not surprisingly, that the folks around these here parts are digging it...that's very good. Enjoy!
  17. Giants trying their damndest to get mediocre. They coulda had Allen and the QB they drafted. Knuckleheads.
  18. Classic....and it never ever gets old.
  19. Jacob deGrom....that's all I'm gonna say.
  20. Finished season one yesterday...this is a really good show. I'm waiting for Don Draper to show up at the Gaslight....lol.
  21. Thanks Daisey. I'm not sure Mark would have liked the current FC all that much. He likely wouldn't have lasted all that long...what with the new rules and all...lol.
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