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  1. Happy Birthday my friend. I'll raise a glass or two this evening as the sun sets....miss you Stiggs. Here's a nice post show write-up from 2007. Back when Broadway was just a street Bruce drove past on his way to play some rock and roll music.... Happy Halloween! There is a moment when all that is said is forgotten. A moment when what is past fades like the last shadows of afternoon and when the future seems so far away that each second is an eternity. A moment when all that matters is now. I have had occasion to feel those moments in my life, that one kiss where you can taste the urgency of time. I felt that in Madison Square Garden last night, and it reminded me that we can all begin again, For all you set list watchers and GL mainstays, you know what was played and have already formed your opinions and critiques. Those going to shows have their dream songs and obscure wishes. It makes no sense for me to critique each song or even to list them. The set list did not change drastically. Yes there were moments where I looked at my companions of many years and we shared a smile that leaped across the ages. ‘Meeting Across the River’, a quintessential NYC song, brought me back to a place long forgotten. Tougher Than the Rest reminded me that we were. The crowd was all Bruce's and became even more embracing when he walked out for the encore wearing a vintage "New York City" shirt, a la John Lennon. He played with a vengeance that I haven't seen in too long a time. It was just right. I realized I needed to hear that. I really do not want to go into a dissection of every song. The critique takes away from the whole experience. You all know what was played and I can tell you that each song was heartfelt and played like a child making its way into the world. From the ripping guitar of Candy's room to the assault of Gypsy Biker. Jungleland was what it is...an epic, complete with an astounding solo from Clarence that had Bruce smiling like a proud dad. Thirty years ago, I went to a dance in the very same hall. I was young and my visions were formed by the notes I heard in that place. Last night I stood not thirty feet from that same place and listened to those notes from a much different perspective. The world has changed and I have changed with it. The people to the left and right of me have trodden down the paths that life has laid for them, but last night all roads led back here, and for many of us I believe this is where it all started. So last night I looked across that crowded floor to a place thirty long years ago. I closed my eyes and remembered what it was like to feel those notes for the very first time. I let myself feel that kiss once more, but without the urgency that youthful exuberance necessitates. Then I let myself be enveloped by the now and the beauty of rock and roll that is Bruce Springsteen’s music.
  2. I always thought that Stephen King pretty much hated the Kubrick movie version of The Shining.
  3. Caught a classic on cable....Redford & Newman at their best. The Sting.
  4. Had this in the car yesterday....a very nice parting gift from the late great Mr. Berry....
  5. Just got around to watching 'Eight Days a Week'.....very excellent.
  6. I DVR'd this a ways back and watched it today. I like to look at the credits for old movies to see if any bit players went onto bigger and better things. Listed as a wedding guest (that I couldn't find) was Armand Assante....in what I think was his first movie appearance.
  7. I've been watching reruns of old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson of late. One of the cable channels (Antenna TV) has it on nightly. It's like watching a time capsule or something. Interesting on many levels, but still funny as hell most times. Here's a clip from 1978 (the favorite year for many a Springsteen fan...lol)....funny stuff:
  8. Done right..as was the case by SNL, this kind of stuff can be pretty funny. I was watching the end scenes of Dead Poets Society when my son walked in and asked if I had ever seen the SNL parody skit....not having seen it, he pulled it up on his phone to show me. I damn near wet myself laughing. Classic SNL.
  9. I just saw this one today. From SNL...didn't know where it was going, but laughed my ass off when it got there. Reminiscent of a Monty Python type skit....
  10. I caught the first two episodes of 'Trial and Error'.....I give it a thumbs up. It's pretty damn funny. I've always liked John Lithgow and he's great. But I got the biggest laughs from Sherri Shepherd...several laugh out loud moments.
  11. This was on Turner Classic Movies last night...so I watched it...again:
  12. The story of Dave the cat is kinda odd. Briefly -- he actually was a neighbors cat. I didn't know it at the time, but he would come by and my older son started taking care of him...feeding etc. We found out later that he didn't get along with the other pets in that house...the neighbor was happy we were taking care of him. At some point he started coming inside. Now...I freely admit to not being a 'pet' person and definitely not a 'cat person'....but at some point he still sorta became part of family. I realized that when I was at the supermarket buying cat food...something I never in a million years expected to happen...lol. I also was the one that started calling him Dave...I always swore that if I did get a dog (a cat was never possible...lol) I'd name it Dave after David Letterman. This is an idea that goes back decades....lol. Anyway...Dave is an indoor/outdoor cat and the pic I took of him on the roof is the only time I ever saw him up there...it was shocking...lol. Here's one more of good old Dave...from Christmas time out on the porch....
  13. It was quite a shock one morning about a week or two ago when I was pulling up to the house and saw old Dave up there...sitting all calm....same look as if he was on the porch instead of the roof.....lol.
  14. Also spending time bouncing around this 9 CD compilation - lots of good stuff sprinkled all over the set -
  15. Reading a book received from my older son at Christmas....a really excellent bio about the Beatles 'Tune In' :
  16. I just watched episodes 6 & 7. I wasn't sure what to expect heading into this one, but I always liked Drew Barrymore and I'm a fan of the 'zombie' genre. I'm hooked...several laugh out loud moments in every episode so far.
  17. Caught this one the other night. I thought it was very good. Michael Keaton did a nice job portraying Ray Kroc. Another 'based on a true story' flick that stayed pretty close to the real story. Thumbs up!
  18. This was excellent. It really captured that whole era and like you said it was about much more than just the store. I only went to the NYC Tower store back when...but I remember it well.
  19. I finally got around to watching 'Spotlight' this evening. A very good movie about a very difficult subject. I'll have to watch a Marx Brothers movie or something to regain my optimistic outlook on life...lol.
  20. That's how I got into this show...binged watched the first 3 seasons. I'm a huge fan of this show, but it definitely had some less than great moments/episodes etc. This one would probably fall at the back-end of my top ten series list.
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