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  1. Too Much Monkey Business -- Chuck Berry Got to Get You into My Life -- Blood Sweat & Tears Last Night -- The Mar-Keys All That Heaven Will Allow -- Bruce Tick Tock -- The Vaughan Brothers
  2. Don't Let Go -- Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (Live) Meet Me in the Indian Summer -- Van Morrison A Mess of the Blues -- John Hiatt White Light/White Heat -- Lou Reed Disorder in the House -- Warren Zevon
  3. That Summer Feeling -- Jonathan Richman I Saw Her Standing There -- Billy Joel w/ Sir Paul (Live) Hen Layin' Rooster -- Dr. John I Wanna Get Next to You -- Rose Royce Let the Boogie Woogie Roll -- Jools Holland w/Robert Plant
  4. A twofer: That's Why I Love You Like I Do --- Doc Watson Walking After Midnight -- Bryan Adams (Live) You Never Can Tell -- Emmylou Harris Blister in the Sun -- Violent Femmes I'm Ready -- The Band *from the great Moondog Matinee album Can't Stop Time -- The Blasters 634-5789 -- Tower of Power *featuring Huey Lewis Me & The Boys -- NRBQ Ambiguous -- Graham Parker Club Soul City --- Killer Joe
  5. She's About a Mover -- Steve Earle & The Dukes (Live) No Mercy -- Nils Lofgren Something's Gonna Happen -- Marshall Crenshaw Travelin' Band -- Jerry Lee Lewis w/John Fogerty I need You --- The Beatles
  6. Ya Ya (Next to Me) -- Steve Forbert The Kids are Alright -- The Who American Music -- The Blasters You and Me -- Tome Petty & The Heartbreakers Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner -- Warren Zevon
  7. One Time One Night -- Los Lobos The Dark End of the Street -- The Commitments Romeo and Juliet -- Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler Bertha -- Grateful Dead Fat Man in a Bathtup --- Little Feat
  8. During lunch... Runaway - Bonnie Raitt Almost Saturday Night - The Georgia Satellites What'd I Say -- Lyle Lovett You Can't Do That -- The Smithereens Jole Blon -- Gary U.S. Bonds
  9. One more...good stuff to close out the work day and for me the week... Cruel to be Kind --- Nick Lowe (Live) Bertha --- Los Lobos (Live) Danny's All Star Joint --- Rickie Lee Jones Domino --- Van Morrison Lake Marie --- John Prine
  10. I think if I had your iPod I'd be a happy man. Awesome music mate... Thank you...i hadn't listened to music at my desk (at work) for awhile and had a decent run of tunes....reminded me of this thread. So I figured what the hell...lol
  11. Don't Bye, Bye Baby Me --- Darrel Higham I Can't Stand the Rain --- Steve Cropper & Felix Cavaliere Sea of Heartbreak --- Rosanne Cash w/Bruce Rockin' At Midnight --- The Honeydrippers Waiting for Tonight --- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
  12. Held Up Without a Gun --- Bruce The Weight --- The Band Another Saturday Night --- Cat Stevens Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters --- Elton John Pass Me By --- A.J. Croce
  13. Ask Me No Questions -- Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughn Passion Street -- Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes Oh Boy! - Joe Ely (Live) Too Much Stuff - Delbert McClinton Have a Good Time -- Paul Simon
  14. Happy Halloween Lakers. Today being his birthday, I'd also like to post a little something from the archives to remember Mark. Thank you JoanFontaine for digging this one out and sending it to me back in May. Halloween seemed a good time for this kind of gross, but very funny 'story'. This is one of the mostly made up stories Mark talked about. Some of the names are real. There was a Mrs. Corky, Phil, Lou and definitely a dog named Rufus around back then. So - Happy Halloween. Enjoy this one from June 2003. One time in the Summer…yeah it was 78…. -- Posted in June 2003 We used to hang out in this park. The park had a swimming pool that was olympic size and one that was a diving pool. One time this kid rode his bike off the high dive and at the last minute his rear wheel skidded off and he fell to the cement deck and his leg broke in such a way that his knee got pushed up out of the way and his tibia pushed right out the top where his knee should have been....it looked like when you cook a turkey but it’s not done and you snap off the leg...but it’s all pink and there’s that white ball joint except this time it wasn't really pink it was pretty red and there were some tendons hanging off...he was screaming pretty bad, and then one of his friends stuffed a bandana in his mouth to shut him up....but that’s not the story ..cause this is a Bruce forum... So anyway we used to hook up a stereo to the streetlight so we could hang out and listen to music...we were drinking beer and the Mateus was flowing, and it was the night that they were showing Bruce on one of those 'in Concert' shows...they usually went on at 11:30 or so...anyway this night was gonna be the Phoenix show with Rosalita so we decided to hook up a TV to the streetlight...we rigged that fucker up with electrical tape and an old piece of heavy duty extension cord...now we had tunes and we also had TV...it was turning into a great night...I think there may have been chemical additives being issued but I can’t really be sure...because what happened was just a little too weird... In Concert came on and at the same time it started to drizzle, but there was no place to move inside. We were huddled around the TV watching Bruce run all over the stage when all of a sudden there was a flash of light and the TV tube exploded...we had taken a power surge from the lamppost and it blew out the screen!! There was smoke all over, but then we looked and one of our friends Lazy Lou was lying on the floor screaming holding his face... we turned him over and man there was the biggest piece of glass just sticking out of his eyeball...not being well versed in first aid, I reached down and grabbed it and tried to pull the glass out…but it was IN there...I think it might have been embedded into his orbital bone...so I stepped on his forehead and grabbed it and pulled hard...this time the glass came out but so did the eyeball attached to the glass and the optic nerve was kind of dangling, like so much ganglion. This of course made my buddy Phil throw up, which was gross in itself because he had manicotti with eggplant that night…but anyway Lou is screaming bloody murder now and I have the eye on a piece of glass and it’s kinda deflated looking, like a dead tennis ball only white and red and covered with the most godawful looking fluid...so I think and decide it should be put on ice and I slide the eye off like you would take a martini olive off a straw and I run it over to one of the coolers and by now everyone is screaming telling me what to do...call an ambulance....call the cops...but I just recall that you need to get the thing on ice ..so I lay it on a potato chip wrapper and put it on the ice and close the cover...anyway someone had run to the corner and called (no cell phones yet) the ambulance and it was almost there...they pull up and the guys get out and I explain what happened and they say 'where’s the eye?"...I tell them it’s in the cooler. So the guy goes over to the cooler and opens it and in the same instant...I mean fast...my friend Joey's dog, Rufus, leans in and eats the eyeball!!!! Well they got Lou to the hospital and he had to get a false eyeball...he never liked Rosalita again and every time that dog came near him he kicked it.... From the same thread: Mikey...Lou did live in a two family house with a brick stoop ...and that same summer the owner was fixing the railings and they were off...and whenever Lou came home drunk...which was pretty much every night....he would veer to the right where his eye was missing and reach for the railing , which wasn’t there...and he would fall in to the front gate of Mrs. Corky's house where she would find him in the morning....once her coal chute was open and he fell off the stoop and went right down the coal chute...that wasn’t funny because he banged his head pretty bad and was missing for a whole day before he was found…he wasn’t dead just sleeping it off but he needed 16 stitches to close a gash in his head...when they found him four of Mrs. Corky’s cats were lying on his chest licking the blood off his head...she had like 25 cats...and he would’ve been dead. I bet they would have ate him...which would have been kinda cool at the age of 18...I mean just imagine telling the guys...'Yeah, Louie fell into Mrs Corky's basement and got eaten by her cats"...that story would have gone on for centuries...the house would have been haunted to ages of little kids to come...all because of an exploding TV and a missing hand rail on a....stoop.
  15. Bump -- for Jumpback. And just because we could all use a chuckle on occasion.
  16. I spoke to some people last evening and by all accounts...the Squirrel story is true. I'm thinking Mark may have added a little spice to it...but there was in fact a squirrel on fire in the house. It still cracks me up.
  17. Caught up on BCS yesterday. So far so good. I don't mind seeing the characters from BB show up here. It mostly makes sense given where Saul's legal practice ended up. To me it feels similar to BB in that we are going to see how the main character evolves over time. The flashbacks (like last night's) add a little more depth. The obvious difference and where it may be hard to keep us engaged is we already know what becomes of Saul. But so far...2 thumbs up!
  18. Just caught last hour or so of MASH...what a great flick.
  19. First thought I had is that it sounds so BIG! I get that 100%. Just made a 3rd pass. It's still growing on me. It has a definite 'funky' Bruce sound that I like.
  20. Gave it two listens and still need to hear it cranked on headphones...but thumbs up from me. Not blown off my feet or anything, but a pretty damn good record. It's Bruce...it has horns. Those two things will almost always equal good things for me. The Tom Morello input sounds fine. I'd be okay of Nils took those solos...I'm sure he could handle it. Anyway...I am now and always will be partial to Bruce's stuff that involves a full band...with horns. So I can't complain about this tune. Some valid points made on this thread...such as Bruce having plenty of his own new material...why a cover?...that he's covered already? That's a pretty valid point. But this is one a one song release and I don't know if it's part of a whole new album or what. I didn't read other threads...no idea what current rumor or facts are out there on whats next. I'm just happy he put smething out at all...with a band and horns!
  21. A couple from today: Memphis -- Joe Jackson (Live) Learn How to Love -- Tedeschi Trucks Band God Save Rock and Roll -- Kid Rock That's Why I Love You Like I Do -- Doc Watson After Midnight -- Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood (Live) American Girl -- Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (Live) Route 66 -- John Mayer Ring of Fire -- Chris Isaak Lay Down Your Weary Tune Again -- Steve Forbert Cannibals -- Mark Knopfler
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