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  1. Sorry to say the Stockholm 1 show in 2009 was by far colder. June 4th, 4-6 degrees Celsius with crazy winds. Awful show made memorable though.
  2. WTCOOO single said WTCOO album, just FYI - http://www.sainsburysentertainment.co.uk/en/Music/MP3/Bruce-Springsteen/We-Take-Care-Of-Our-Own/product.html?product=V3749775
  3. You keep on saying you're 100% certain. How are you, what's your source? 100% that there is a new record - had no idea about this compilation record. ...Or this compilation album is the new record.
  4. ...or it could simply mean Bruce is going on tour with a compilation/previously released material album of sort.
  5. Then again, I don't really see the logic in releasing a new album and a compilation album of sorts near each other, time-wise. Interesting times ahead. I'll be happy with whatever comes.
  6. Well I wasn't expecting anything except a new album. This is fantastic news, if true of course.
  7. You seem nice.I have my moments... Just silly that the same folks that have been denying the fact that new album is on the rise now start talking about a smaller form of release. Seems like they need to hold a live copy in their hands before they believe it. Not really sure why. Perhaps they don't want a new album. Or the cover and/or previously released material is the problem.
  8. Some of you people are clueless. What would be the point of releasing a EP at this stage? The man has enough material for several albums, but he is trying something new he hasn't done before this time around... Like he would tour in places like Australia and South-Africa as one-offs with out trying to sell an album? You're kidding, right? Most of you will be eating your hat in a couple of days.
  9. First single off the new album. This isn't really rocket science. Why do you try to make things so complicated? Silly really.
  10. Copenhagen got BTR even though first show was during The River tour.
  11. When have they announced that? Wouldn't be surprised if a festival or two still pops up. And I just don't see Bruce ending the tour without a final string of US dates.I was referring to Europe. There will be US dates, of course.
  12. When have they announced that? Wouldn't be surprised if a festival or two still pops up.
  13. Any word on if there will be FOS tickets? There weren't any in 2007.
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