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  1. Happy birthday to my hero, the man who made me feel the magic again. Sail on brother!
  2. Hi Daisey, thanks for the shout out! Had a great day and Mrs Kiwi spoilt me rotten!
  3. Yeah, thought of him but also wondered if it was a reference to Pete Ham of Badfinger who had died earlier that year
  4. Hi all. Anyone know who is "Pete" that Bruce mentions before It's Hard to be a Saint?
  5. This was bothering me too. Was thinking that there must be something wrong with me, like maybe I had lost that lovin feeling
  6. Yes, I keep hearing songs from Magic or WOAD both of which I weren't keen on so maybe that explains why this one is lukewarm for me
  7. So, I ain't alone... Have had a number of listens and am not getting the fever that most on here are. It will join the growing list of original albums that I never listen to, starting from the Rising through to this one (excluding the Seegar sessions which I love). Probably part of the problem for me is that it ain't country enough. The country influence is minimal to my ears. To me it is a crooning album which is not my cup of tea. Am really into Don Henley's Cass County at the mo, now that is a country album! Just not me I guess, am happy for Bruce and the majority of fans that are really getting into it. Cheers
  8. Sadly, I agree with Bobby after my first listen to the album. Very bland IMO
  9. Spouses, eh Daisey! Have been out all day today and Mrs Kiwi text me late this afternoon telling me that she had had an uneventful day and had no news. I get home this evening and see my Auckland tickets have arrived. No news???
  10. . Didn't know that, well maybe she ain't so far off base! Spoke to her yesterday and she said she has DITD on repeat in her car. Actually it is good that someone her age is enjoying Bruce
  11. To be fair, after I let her down gently and told her that Bruce didn't do that song, to which she was very surprised, she then mentioned DITD, said she loved the video because of Courteney Cox.
  12. A young woman at my work was very excited when the news broke that Bruce was coming to NZ. I thought it was marvellous that Bruce was appealing to the young generation. I asked her last week whether she got tickets and she replied she had and couldn't wait to hear "Summer of '69"!
  13. Bit slow to post but got Chch and Auckland, front standing, found ticket master easier than ticketek. Congrats all who got the tickets they wanted and to those who didn't keep the faith, I'm sure it will be rewarded. Daisy, let's do it again!
  14. Am stressing about whether I can do Auckland or not. Have to go to Chch as it is my hometown and think it will be extra special. What's the chances of a second show the following night which is the anniversary day of the big quake? Want to go to Auckland as well but that will be a huge stretch of the finances. Want to do pit again. Should be happy to get at least one chance to see Bruce but find you get greedy when he is in our neck of the woods!