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  1. Jon Landau and Co. knew exactly what they were at and how it all fitted the ‘Everyman’ they had created in Bruce’s new caricature. They gave money to the striking Dunne’s Stores workers in Ireland - striking heroically because they refused to handle South African produce. See a popular cause, support it financially, pretend it’s done quietly and it all adds to the legend. Like Bruce said, ‘everybody wins’ - including Bruce and Jon Landau.
  2. Only High Hopes ranks below WB for me in the so-called Reunion era. I rarely listen to either of them anymore. However I often return to the melodies and brilliant bass lines of WOAD. To each their own.
  3. The live video of Chinatown is one of the best things Bruce has done outside his own work in many years.
  4. Referring back to ‘Bruce in Life’: A few years ago I met a guy called Ralph who was looking for employment as he had just lost his job. Ralph was worried he wouldn’t get a job as he had a court case pending. True story.
  5. I became a teenager when The River was in the charts. Bruce opened the door of possibilities for me and it’s worked out well. I’d love to thank him for that and for being my companion over the past forty or so years. Thanks too to the OP for such a thoughtful post.
  6. I have it on good authority that Bruce didn’t actually sing on any of his albums, 1973 through to 1984.
  7. My vote is for the Wild, the Innocent through to Darkness. But here’s something else to consider: 2005 through to 2007, three very different but solid albums each followed by a very different tour. Not many megastars do that and great years to be a fan.
  8. Having read through this thread I have a strong sense that the Lake is turning into BTX. Let’s be careful out there!
  9. Counting on a Miracle on the Rising tour and Last to Die on the Magic tour. Good songs but sucked all the live energy.
  10. Hopefully Steve’s book will be better than Clarence’s. What we need is a straight talking book by Garry - he should do it and to hell with the consequences at this stage.
  11. Although this time last year probably seems like a decade ago to many (for obvious reasons).
  12. That is amazing. Probably because Greatest Hits has been selling at €4.99 and people picked up a copy with WB. Any figures for the Red Box? Seems popular with people I know and makes alot of financial sense. How does it figure in overall sales/charts? (Thanks Earthslayer for all the best posts on any Boss discussion board!)
  13. WB was pushed by HMV in UK and Ireland as the ideal 'Father Day' present (last Sunday). Funny posters with Bruce's face and 'for Dad' written beside him. That's rock'n'roll.
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