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  1. I only occasionally heard their evening show occasionally, their best work was their daytime show (their stint at breakfast is best glossed over) and when their afternoon show ended do did my listenership of Radio One. "Is it Lard's animal sanctuary?" Quality.
  2. Biggedy-biggedy-bong!!!!! "Is it Lisa Stanfield Mark, looks just like him." Love me some Radcliffe, great to see him back after his health issues.
  3. Aye, that rumour's doing the rounds. Nae going to save the Pitt though.......
  4. Don't......... I think we'll be looking at pre match beers in the Butcher's Arms before rolling into the Milne Dome at quarter to three.
  5. I'm just thinking back to my previous Toon visits, I guess the Bigg Market is within half a mile? I recall having myself a wee pub crawl up the hill to the park in 85 and I certainly remember options aplenty before ending up in The Strawberry.
  6. Very, very interesting listen. The primary thing I took was that, yes, football needs to deal with racism but it is a much, much wider, societal, sociological issue. The rise of right wing populism is world wide, the "overt return" (because, within football, it has never gone away) of racism is rooted in this enablement. I was pleased that they, Glendenning in particular, called out the hypocrisy of the Daily Mail and Boris Johnson in the aftermath. The sad, stark truth is that we are living through dark, dark times and football is visibly reflecting this.
  7. I have that earmarked for tomorrow morning's dog walk.
  8. UEFA need to get medieval on this shit, importantly, all teams/nations involved. Including the big guys when appropriate. Also including party tunes relating to Irish history as appropriated by the two cheeks aka Scotland's shame.
  9. Did that last night, dedicated to Scott Hutchison.
  10. Life......... hate it or ignore it, you can't like it. RIP
  11. What a great night at King Tut's. Fantastic live performer. One of the best narrative songwriters out there.
  12. Exactly. I'm no Nostradamus, but I have a fair idea how that will work out.........
  13. Some online rumours that Ross may be in the frame to replace Heckinbottom (sp?) at the Cabbage if he gets the dunt.
  14. Sad to say Russia -2 was 5/1 last night, free money. Equally sadly I doubled it with a spread on the Patriots ( betting against the Jints.......I'm going straight to hell) but missed that by 3.