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  1. Been a long time since I could type that but - Weel din i' loons! COYR
  2. Haven't read the review, or any review, but just got a text off my pal (who is now living the dream and runs his own record store). I quote- "I've been playing the new Bruce since it arrived in the shop on Monday. Wonderful. Sumptuous, string-laden beauty. Instant classic." In the past, though a Bruce fan, he's not been slow to criticise when he's felt it's due. I'm hopeful.
  3. New release with Lucinda Williams, Room 13 (album end of August)
  4. No, I just remember dumb stuff. Like Chris Rea doesn't have a pancreas .........stuff like that. Insignificant trivia lodges in my heid, but ask me what I had for breakfast..........
  5. True.....though it wasn't finally all covered until the start of the 80-81 season when the south terrace (which had been seated in 78) was roofed.
  6. Trivia time. Rachel Corsie is the great-grand-daughter of Aberdeen legend Donald Coleman. Donald played for the Dons early in the 20th century and returned to the club as trainer in 1931 this was when his main claim to fame occured. Put simply, he invented the dugout. Aberdeen were the first team in Britain to have them. Maybe not fair to say he invented them, he imported the idea from Norway, where there were shelters pitch side, having coached there. So he adapted these shelters into the dugout. Everton were the first English team to have them after playing a friendly at Pittodrie.
  7. Aye, presumably the VAR ref is the Russian lino from 66.........
  8. I think she's an Ayrshire lass originally, she's only 19 or 20. Plays for Chelski, a modern day Charlie Cooke?
  9. Were they the sequel to half man half biscuit?
  10. BD I certainly wasn't having a dig at your beliefs, or anyone's for that matter. I was railing against faux-Christian types, in practice a group of most un-Christian individuals, who think professing Christianity is enough.
  11. Heart attack apparently.
  12. Dead at 49. Jaysus.
  13. Plenty bad people profess to believe in God. Plenty bad thigs done in his name. It's a pity more supposed Christians don't act a bit more...……...well, Christian.
  14. Bogdan was on loan at Hibs wasn't he?