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  1. Ah Jaysus, I have to find a way of getting to one of those gigs......
  2. Fucking hell, in the minute or so since I posted they're 3/10!
  3. Cove are now 1/3 with PP, having been 2/5 Thursday. Seems there's more than me following from a gambling perspective. 1/3's nae value
  4. Friday night gambling is a slippery slope Roy.........
  5. Mmmm, wouldnae have ever touched us tonight Roy. We've lost our way big time since a promising start. Got suckered in about the 9th or 10th minute then Ojo gets a second yellow about 20 odd (maybe a bit harsh, rash challenge mind, though the first one was nailed on) and it could've finished anything. Second half was played like a training game. This round seems to be our glass ceiling in Europe, frustrating.
  6. Mainly thanks to my manager, the guy who was there when we were the last team to beat Real Madrid in a European final.
  7. They should win. They'd been going well up until Saturday when it sounds like they got 3-1 up and went to sleep. I'll have it in one of my lines if they're 4/9.
  8. Hands up anyone here who has been in the stadium and watched their side win it? Anyone? Just me then...........
  9. It's still the school holidays. This isn't a kids movie, a helluva lot of the target audience will be parents. Cinema trips during the school holidays you're talking family trips to the movies. You're talking Toy Story 4, Lion King, Spiderman. The movie will find its audience.
  10. Steady. That's like comparing Eeyore with Nijinsky.
  11. Ross County gave the best pies in football. I haven't tasted them all (yet) but I'm confident in my assertion that County's, sourced locally from Deas of Dingwall, are the mutt's. They do a haggis, neeps and tatties pie that is a thing of absolute beauty. It contains Cockburn's of Dingwall's world famous and award winning haggis. If I wasn't already hitched I'd marry these pies.
  12. I do The Guardian's football weekly also. Barry Glendenning is a legend.
  13. I did them to draw today, never did the correct score. Took Cardiff Luton as a draw also, season of close-but-no-cigar so far.