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  1. MagicRatAFC

    Control, Alt......

    None......but it looks a bit odd now the post entitled "delete" has been eponymously acted upon.
  2. MagicRatAFC

    Control, Alt......

    Sorry couldn't resist.
  3. MagicRatAFC

    Six Nations Rugby

    That was you taking me to trendy youngster's pubs and making me drink weird beer.........
  4. MagicRatAFC

    Sunderland AFC: A New Start?

    I think Ross, as I said, was a "project" appointment..... promising manager, still learning. Sadly the days of gaffers getting time to learn (a la Fergie, Man U, Mark Robbins........etc.) are gone, so unless Ross gets them up..... he's toast. But, if he gets them up, I reckon he'd be afforded time in Division two for a rebuild, as long as he kept them mid table.
  5. MagicRatAFC

    Six Nations Rugby

    Be a long fucking wait then.............
  6. MagicRatAFC

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    It's actually not that exciting of a story. Glasgow Pavillion 91 (I think I'll check the exact date). First time I'd seen her live I'm with my pal Colin, guy I worked with.....good guy but kind of kept himself to himself. Anyhow, great gig, thoroughly enjoying it.....towards the end Maria goes "This one' s for my good friend Colin". My pal Colin goes to me by"this'll be 'My Girlhood amongst the outlaws'". Sure enough..... I give's him a look, but got on with enjoying the gig. At the end Colin says "Come with me" and we go through this door, along a corridor......come to a's Maria sat on the stairs talking to a few folk, she clocks my mate "Colin.....what did you think?" I'm like.......gobsmacked. So there's a couple of cases of Budweiser sat there, Maria heads upstairs but goes to Colin and me....."guys can you take the beers up please?". It turns out that Colin, couple of years earlier, had followed Lone Justice on their whole UK tour and became pals with Maria...... Never told me. So we took the beer up, we're in the dressing room. At that time Maria was dating Ally McErlaine of Texas, lead singer Sharleen was also there. In the dressing room there's me, Maria, Ally, Colin, Sharleen Spiteri, Bruce Brody (keyboard player for Maria and Lone Justice) and a couple other folks. I'm like "STARSTRUCK" but had a beer and got talking to Ally, massive Celtic fan, so we were cracking away about football.......and our shared hatred of r*****s. Maria comes over "What are you boys talking about" so Ally ( I'd already been introduced to Maria by Colin) explains "fitba" and describes why, being an Aberdeen fan, I'm a "Sheepshagger". So we chat away, then eventually all of us head to a late night food place mainly burgers and chips........I think the joint was called "Change at Jamaica's". Before the night ended she signed my ticket "Love A-baaaaa-deen(a play on Aberdeen and sheep) Kendo (my nickname)". I still have that ticket in a wee frame. It was a great night......Maria was (and I'm sure still is) unbelievably beautiful and just dead lovely and down to earth. Ally, great guy, Bruce B ..... lovely bloke, Sharleen very quiet girl then, sat and said nowt. Loads and loads of fun.
  7. MagicRatAFC

    Six Nations Rugby

    Aye, missed the Leeds was pre O2 in 2007 our paths crossed.....
  8. MagicRatAFC

    Six Nations Rugby

    Roy.... I think The Pilot's ale gave you beer goggles.......I'd never (in sobriety) be described as ......"conventionally attractive" but in Dublin, wearing a kilt ......... by the cringe there's nights I've felt like Brad Pitt's more handsome wing-man.
  9. MagicRatAFC

    Champions League/Europa League 2018-2019

    Looks like the YA will be ok. Heard an interesting fact on a podcast (could be shite I haven't checked it). I listen to. Spuds could double, DOUBLE the wages of each member of their squad......then sign 7 players on 100k per week.........and their wage bill would still be south of Abu Dhabi.
  10. MagicRatAFC

    Six Nations Rugby

    I stopped liking them when I got Wed.........not a fucking cat in hell's chance I'm getting to Dublin to watch rugby wearing a kilt. Even a plug ugly bastard like me has a shot at the title overseas wearing a kilt.........
  11. MagicRatAFC

    Sunderland AFC: A New Start?

    Aye, been watching how it's going. It's sad cos I reckon Ross is a right promising manager, but the bottom line is the Mackems cannot spend more than one season in the third division. By hook or by crook they need out. They're still a massive club.......mebbe the jump from St Mirren to Soo'lan' was too much.....who knows, but it looks like his coat is on a shoogly peg. If it looks like they're not escaping I'd expect the panic button to be pressed.
  12. MagicRatAFC

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    I can't recall if I've ever told my "sharing a dressing room with Maria McKee" story on here.......on reflection I possibly have.
  13. MagicRatAFC

    Official 2018 NFL thread

    So this AAF, what's it like? Any good? No coverage over here, I might check and see if I can find owt on t'internet. I had a quick scan at one of the teams (Orlando I think) and saw Will Hill's name. These development/minor leagues tend, historically, not to last (I never, to my shame, ever got round to watching the Scottish Claymores in NFL Europe) but you'd have thought the NFL could use just such a league.
  14. MagicRatAFC


    Those snug fitting waistcoats.........
  15. MagicRatAFC

    Mike Ashley saves Rangers

    Happy Sevco day!!!!!