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  1. Aye, that Capitalism is the boy..........
  2. I remember when Glazer Snr bought United. Didn't he do something like borrowing big to buy the club, use that money to buy the club, then attach the debt to the club? I remember being astounded that was legal.
  3. Why doesn't the first division do the Easter thing (playing Good Friday and Easter Monday) anymore? I guess it's to do with the great God of TV. Fergie used to always say that the league was won and lost at Easter.
  4. Usually. But the politicised judicial system pre-dates him. So is Adnan's next avenue of appeal to the Supreme Court? That's where Trump appointed that horrible fundamentalist guy isn't it? You don't see them finding in favour of a Muslim kid.
  5. We get bits and pieces up here at the Eden Court, in fact we're going to a matinee tomorrow of "The Lady Vanishes". There's a few "weel kent faces" in it including Juliet Mills. I do enjoy live theatre.
  6. Fucking ............... hell. Just watched this top to bottom. I'm sorry America and Americans, leaving Trump and all the other cult, redneck shite to one side, based solely on your 'judicial' (sic) system, you live in a third world banana republic. My (American) wife said at the end of this that it made her ashamed to be American. How can a civilised democracy have such an overtly politicised legal system? Jesus, in ANY civilised country this shite would've been laughed out of court a generation ago. Your country sucks.
  7. Frankfurt currently going through against Benfica........two proper European clubs.
  8. Yeah, the vinyl I'm buying is collectable/re-issue/deluxe edition stuff and it's a pain when there's no code.
  9. I had a day off today and, at one point, I found myself in Asda in Inverness. Two young lads, I'd guess no older than 20ish, who worked there were chatting in one of the aisles when I passed them. They were local, well they had local accents, and I heard one of them say "Kane's out, Son's out but at least we'll have Deli Ali back". I thought "fucking hell, Inverness Caley Thistle have been busy in the transfer market today".
  10. It's a tough one (talking Scotland specifically). Ticket pricing is a major one, it needs to be cheaper for everyone, particularly for kids. Get them young, get them for life.....but when there's wall to wall English and European fitba on TV, it's a tough sell. In short, I'm not sure. When you have two organisations like the cheeks who see themselves as belonging at the 'top table' and think of everything in terms of their own, short term, pecuniary gain, it doesn't help.
  11. I really don't care about overseas fans. When I was growing up in the NE of Scotland, I used to get irked to fuck by the amount of cheeks fans....... hunners of the bastards. Now kids are growing up all over Scotland as 'fans' of moneyball teams, a great many of them Citeh currently. They can watch 'their team' pretty much weekly without leaving the house. None of these types have heard of Franny Lee or Colin Bell, far less Bobby McDonald or Paul Futcher. It's a horrendous state of affairs and one that needs addressed urgently.
  12. Just clocked this result, fair play to the YA......tears in Abu Dhabi tonight. First time since, what, 61 or 62 they've made the semis of the European Cup? Was the year after the double I think, so that'd be 61-62
  13. I couldn't tell you the last time I watched a European Cup match but I might be tempted by an Ajax v Barca final.
  14. Oh I long for that day........again. Did it come with a download code? Sadly the vast majority of my listening is on the hoof, one way or another, so going full vinyl ain't an option practically. Once I retire and get my man cave though ........... There's no place like home ....there's no place like home .........
  15. I met a pal of mine at the match on Sunday, hadn't seen him in a bit. Transpires he'd been at the UFO gig in Inverness a couple of weeks ago (which I'm now devastated at circumstances causing me to swerve). So he was staying in a hotel near the venue and the band were staying there also In the bar for a finisher Paul R walks in with, and I quote, "an absolutely fucking stunning woman" many years his junior. Bit later my pal goes up to say hello, said Paul was just a gent. Chatted away for yonks just about music and shit. So Paul goes to leave and introduced the young lady as "my niece". My buddy goes "Aye.......that's what they all say". Paul simply smiled and gave him a wink as he left. Gone too young,but a raaawwk star 'til the end .........