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  1. 4th July was my second ever Bruce show. Got the overnight train down from Scotland, met some buddies at Paddington, tube up to Wemberleeeeee, pre gig beers, into the ground and hit a decent spot quite close (no pit in them days). I don't know if I've ever seen a better show, a couple of the indoor jobs further on up the road maybe come close, but I'd probably still rank this as my favourite ever gig. I recall getting a cramp in my calf during "out in the street" and trying to stretch it out while still giving it shit, I recall the three song back to back barnstormer "Hungry Heart", "Cadillac...." " Because the night" early in the second set......just a brilliant day and night. If I could have access to one trip in a time machine this would be very close to being my choice.
  2. Was it Hyde Park or Glasto that Brian Fallon came on stage?
  3. Their first album is great. Lost touch after that. And Mardy Bum is awesome.
  4. Should maybe have phrased it different.........
  5. And I bet every one of them meant as much to you as Liverpool's title/European Cup wins.
  6. Since 1990 Liverpool's trophy haul - 2 European Cups, 3 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 1 Fairs Cup, 3 Super Cups and a World Club Championship. Long suffering my arse (to quote a famous-ish Liverpool fan). Ask Roy, Paulo and the various other posters on here who are fans of Villa, Birmingham, York City and other clubs I can't immediately remember, about long suffering.
  7. On that level, the D/R divide, no it doesn't really interest or bother me. I like that his artistic ethos remains broadly aligned with my own. We're he to release an album entitled, say, "I believe an unfettered free market is the basis on which an equitable society can be built" then, as catchy a title as that is, I'd probably have issues with it.
  8. Possibly (your first sentence). I take partisanship to mean staunch, possibly blind, loyalty to a specific with certain sports teams for example. In a political context I take it to mean a political party. This becomes more pronounced in two party systems like the U.S. and an extent England (rather than in the wider U.K.). So I suppose you could argue he is "ethically partisan" in the sense that his ethos has remained consistent in terms of his artistic output. But I don't think you could ever accuse him of partisanship in favour of the Democrats, even though I'd speculate that he's voted for them....maybe exclusively......throughout his adult life.
  9. Is he though? He's only gotten "party political" for a relatively limited period in his adult life. The vote for change period, his support for Obama.............other than that, not so much really. During the current regime it's only very recently that he has spoken out. We'll have to wait to see what, if anything, he does in the lead up to November. Even during the Reagan years he espoused little beyond the "cease and desist".
  10. Looking on from overseas, it appears some saw those very qualities as a positive.
  11. I get very suspicious of overt patriotism, no matter under which flag it manifests. A very thin line between patriotism and jingoism in a certain light.
  12. Possibly, but are the thematics in Darkness less pertinent than they are today? Well, that's good. Anecdotally, in terms of what I see over here, things are regressing at an alarming rate....have been for a long time, well before Covid. Disparity, disenfranchisement, division.....rife and getting rifer.
  13. Aren't your points 2 and 3 contradictory? There's a difference between "politics" and " party politics". The narratives you describe at 2, a great, great many of them are overtly and unashamedly political.