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  1. Some of those songs from the early part of the century......................remember when we naively thought that Bush/Blair was as bad as it could get? How foolish we were.......
  2. So, this creates a window for the oft discussed Cumbrian tight throat singing album. Perhaps the holy grail of a joint venture with Skel Nonch and Erk Drey? That would alleviate some of the misery of 2020.
  3. She undoubtedly is. I'm convinced the relationship was "transactional" from the get go, but the presidency put the kibosh on the amicable (and doubtless fairly lucrative) de-coupling. She's now tied to him for as long as he's in the White House, I'd imagine a year or so on from his exit they'll quietly part, she'll be left secure enough financially, he'll find a younger model for another transactional relationship.
  4. JJs get beat? Ooohhhh my heart bleeds for "Broony".
  5. Just a thought but you spell the holy deity's name with a capital letter. Bruce.
  6. This. I'd love to see a relevant third act/third age output from our man in these dark days.
  7. Only if you need my consent to marry the President. (But not this one...... consent withheld.)
  8. I dunno, modern fitba..... Things that were mantras when I was a lad....."last man never plays a square ball across his own box"......."one touch inside your own area".......they're just gone now.
  9. I think this is the first European Cup tie I've watched since last year's final. As the saying goes "the game's needing a goal". Waiting on Bayern for a treble but it's nae for a big lift so just looking for a decent game
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