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  1. Hail, hail right enough Rod.......... Faux-Scotsman
  2. I'm not getting involved in your spat with Nye Bevan, that's between you and him. Beyond that, I'd simply observe that "whataboutery" is the standard tool of choice of both the green and blue cheek of the same arse.
  3. Jeez, it seems every day more of my youth is gone. RIP Mr Dylan.
  4. Roy, you'll get your money back as our shite bagging manager will leave him on the bench until the gig is fucked.
  5. Aye, it's a fairy story right enough. It'd be "Gretna-esque" if the plucky newcomers can lift their first national trophy on Sunday only seven years into their history. Hopefully they don't go the same way as the borders outfit, even though they seem to operate on a similar financial model (vis a vis income/expenditure) as Gretna did. You're right though, there will be a lot of empty spaces in the home end. A lot of Dons' fans have given up on the rigged game that is Scottish football. Also, this new mob seem to have garnered, very swiftly, a collection of sectarian scum in their support who decent people don't like being around. This leads to parents with their kids keeping away. Sad really when a club with so little history is so obsessed with Irish history.
  6. Good listen. But quite horrific.
  7. Ehm.....Racing in the sheep? I'll get me coat...........
  8. Young Bruce Anderson shares Bruce's birthday. The programme cover for Wednesday's game against Scotland's youngest senior club pays tribute.
  9. Just a few sociable ones Roy..... I can't do the real marathons any more. My record when I was a lad was not making my bed until 3.00a.m. ......... on the 2nd. I don't know if it still goes on, but "1st footing" was the order of the day back then. Basically, this involved going house to house (of people you knew........... mostly) and giving them a dram from your bottle(s). A crowd of us would undertake this, then we had this tradition, about 6.00a.m. we'd head to my pal's Ma and Da's place, about 8 miles out of town, for breakfast, usually a fry up and a nice malt........ accompanied by easy listening music, his Dad was big into his crooners. Thereafter, about opening time, fleet of taxis back into town, quick pint someplace, then back to the first footing. Happy days, but by fuck it'd kill me now.
  10. England v Germany in Eire. What could possibly go wrong there?
  11. As recently as the 70s we had games on Christmas Day in Scotland. The New Year fixture was always a bigger game up hear.
  12. I remember when the Boxing Day tradition involved actually going to a match rather than discussing which network was showing games.
  13. Went to the matinée of "My cousin Rachel" yesterday. It was good, but (and I say this without having read the source book) I felt the change in attitude between the two main characters "happened" rather than developed. I guess it's difficult sometimes to transition long form writing, in terms of plot development, into a two hour play. One thing, I know touring productions don't come cheap, but £70 for a pair of matinée tickets is hefty IMHO.