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  1. Helicopters, loads of crashes and deaths ......... WTF?
  2. So that's where Jason Cummings ended up, I knew he'd gone to England but didnae know he was there.
  3. Proper, mannies' fitba on a proper mannies' pitch.
  4. He'll be running with the Pack surely.
  5. But if he stands to close to the edge of the platform when the 1735 from Tucson arrives...........
  6. Obviously if the Missus ever reads that last post...... MY ACCOUNT'S BEEN HACKED!
  7. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy. RIP fella.
  8. Richie I saw them live three times total, twice at the Academy in the weeg and once in that place at the foot of Lothian Road, just down from Usher........can't remember the name of the place....... is it The Picture House? The two Glasgow gigs were rotten, the Embra one was ok but I left thinking more about the support act, Chuck Ragan. I put the Glasgow experiences down to the venue, until a wee while later I saw Jason Isbell tear it up there. Thing is, I've heard many people rave about their live efforts, so maybe I've just been unlucky. Album wise, their opening triumvirate are awesome. IMHO Handwritten is a dog of an album, Get Hurt a bit of a Curate's Egg (personally, I'd have entitled it "Can you feel Divorce") neither of them holding a candle to Brian's solo body of work. It was just hard to see how they could've carried on in the circumstances, sad but they've left a decent legacy of work.
  9. I was listening to GA since early on and things really came to a natural end. Their last couple of albums were a bit Meh. Also, with the internal domestic machinations it was hard to see how they could continue. Worry not though, go check out Brian's solo body of work. Very good.