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  1. Waiting on it being delivered. His UK dates have been punted until early 2021.
  2. Honestly, Season three of "The Windsors" is different class. Seasons one and two were hilarious, but this is next level. Harry Enfield is awesome as Charles. Episode four when he gets taken over by Satan...........
  3. Live on Saturday night (over here, 4.00p.m. ET) you tube
  4. Sensible call. But it's kind of easier there as the Highland League has no relegation.
  5. Just watching the celeb version for Stand up to Cancer. Richard Dreyfuss is a random inclusion. How'd he end up in this?
  6. Looks like Tommy fancies some Florida air. Taxi for Winston........
  7. I thought it was a bit of a curate's egg. Started well and finished OK but there was a couple of right clunky episodes in the middle.
  8. His music (are we calling him The Jervi? I kinda like that) doesn't put me up nor down, some of it is ok actually. But, for WHOLLY non music reasons, the guy is a grade A bell end. Candlestick Park, January 91, he's stood on the sidelines as Leonard Marshall politely invites Joe Montana to enjoy an out of body experience.........profesing to "bleed Giants' blue" (a direct fucking quote, I heard him). Fast forward to the present day and his Sunday job as Robert Kraft's fluffer sees him spend a deal of time in the executive box at Gillette Stadium. Paolo, that's like celebrating with Bob Stokoe and Jimmy Montgomery in 73 then ending up with a box at the Etihad post Abu Dhabi money. The boy's a prick.
  9. Lot of noise about this lad up here, has been for a while. I think Chelski signed him off Sevco as a schoolboy.
  10. The new series of The Windsors is bang on. First two episodes were funny as. I don't think the new Harry is as good, but other than that it's been great thus far.
  11. Indeed! Sounds a fun holiday.
  12. Stuff coming out about internal machinations at Sevco, word is Gerrard"s coat is on a shoofly peg with .........wait for it .......Colin Warnock ready to come in as interim manager. Apparently, Harvey Price has downed tools since not being allowed to leave in January and stayed late in Columbia following a planned visit. The boy Barasic ended up in the Priory with depression cos of workplace bullying. Mebbe internet jizz, but allegedly from an "Ibrox insider". Shame.
  13. We've all got songs of a dubious content, my lot have but thankfully they're mostly kept to the privacy of a "boozy bus" these days. Anyone that tells you their fans never sing a sick ditty is lying.
  14. Ah, I thought there was maybe a Kris Commons related ditty that could be sung up here at the manager of Scotland's youngest senior club.
  15. I'm with you Roy, nae a fan of pyrotechnics at any time, far less at the fitba.
  16. That would've been a Dante-esque experience of epic proportions. I'm no lover of Leverkusen, but I hope they take care of those cloven-hooved troglodytes.
  17. Never get a pair long enough. I need a 36 inside leg. I have worn garments from the George range and I have found them robust and stylish.
  18. George at Asda. There I've said it.
  19. And when Joe appeared in Aberdeen a few years later on his second such charge, guess who uttered the words "Are you Joseph Montgomery Harper?" as he entered the dock? He's a great guy though, Joe. A little over two years ago we lost a stalwart of the Inverness Reds at the all too young age of 49, Mark was his name. Anyway, Mark used to tell this story of when he was a wee boy he saw Joe miss a penalty on TV. Mark got up and turned the TV off because "it must be broken, it showed the King missing a penalty". Mark told Joe this story when he met him after the 2017 cup final, Joe was tickled pink and posed for a picture with Mark. This was the picture that was in the programme, in memoriam, after he passed. I was doing the eulogy at Mark's funeral, and had told the turning-off-the-TV story therein. I sent the celebrant a copy prior and she asked me to take that bit out, it'd become clear later why. Turned out Joe had seen the pic in the programme, remembered Mark and wrote a lovely, heartfelt letter to his family which they asked the celebrant to read at the funeral. It would've meant the world to Mark.