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  1. Yeah, but the thought is that the words "club official" and "insurance claim" were not a million miles from constituting the truth. The fact that the external curtilage of the site is now occupied by flats lends creedance to this theory.
  2. Dark time for the Lilleys. And not the first time there's been a fire at their ground, back in the late 80s the old main stand burned down in..........."mysterious".....circumstances.
  3. I'm swavering on whether to watch it or keep for a binge-watch. I think there's ten episodes?
  4. Who could have seen that coming?
  5. Not a feeling I'm overly familiar with currently..........
  6. Took over (50.5) and KC -9.5.
  7. Aye, the Brits have fallen a long way since the glory days of Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox.
  8. The Royal Concert Hall to The Old Fruitmarket????? That's two diverse venues.
  9. They actually did a pretty splendid cover of "This Land is Your Land" (".....from the English Border to the Western Islands......") but I cannot find a video of same.
  10. I recall sometime in the 90s they played The Legion in Inverness as part of a nationwide tour. The tour was called the "I bet you thought we were deid" tour. There were posters and everything. RIP fella.
  11. I heard about this (can't recall if it was on here or not) and had hoped to go, but, sadly, personal circumstances have rendered that impractical.
  12. Absolute nailed-on, copper-bottom, bona fide, 100% classic. Makes Citizen Kane look like a Michael Bay trash-fest.
  13. I recall seeing him play in a testimonial match for Alex McLeish at the Pitt, what 88-89 ish. He was playing in a "World 11" along with Dalglish and Emlyn Hughes amongst others. He looked a canny enough player to be fair.
  14. No. He had his shining moment with The Office (and to a lesser extent, Extras, but that was largely on the self-effacing guests) but how much of the writing quality was down to Mr Merchant? I remember his early work on the 11 o'clock show and it was execrable. His stand up that I've seen is awful. I haven't seen the Globe's stuff, but his schtick still seems to be shock-jock comedy. A poor man's Frankie Boyle these days.
  15. I'd love to see Morello involved in the band more. Partly because he's an awesome guitar player, partly because in these horrendous times he might steer Bruce back to a more "social conscious" orientated artistic oeuvre and partly to piss off the dregs.
  16. This and this. Arena shows would be great, but it'd be the hardest ticket, the "secondary market" (to use a euphemism, let's call it like it is, the parasitic, touting scum) would be priced through the roof.