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  1. I'm the only person on the planet who hasn't watched the top three. My tuppence worth following an only perfunctory scan, The Thick of It should be number one, American Office should be marginally higher than the UK version, The Trip, Veep, Sherlock, Parks & Rec, Brass Eye:Paedogeddon are all criminally lowly in their rankings.
  2. Aye, decent enough bloke for an Arab...... I didnae hear about this until after the event so I'll give that a listen.
  3. I seem to get the "I'm ringing about the accident you were involved in that wasn't your fault........" all the time now. I've got a new response, I say "Which one? There's been a few ". That throws them off but then they go back on script " The one that was not your fault." So my next gambit is "Let me see.....the one in March definitely wasn't my fault, the guy stepped right in front of me.......the one in May ....not me (then I whisper.....) ......but I'd had a drink so........shhhh, then the one after that, well that wasn't my fault was I to know that street was one way anyway, which of them are you calling about?". The usually hang up then. My Missus has a good one, when they call she pauses.......and goes "what?" in a really quiet voice, then when they repeat it she kids on she's starting to cry and says "Have they found the body?".......
  4. I think I'm right in saying that's the only Fa Cup final Spurs have something like 10?
  5. Hopefully you guys are gradually shaking off the stink of the McNamara era........
  6. Later played for Hibs. Did he start his career at Hartlepool?
  7. Jeez ...... so after getting the call from my pal midweek, I got another call from him just now. The guy, Henrik Madej who was the Fort's manager when we had our trip down for the game I mentioned earlier, has died apparently. Sad news, not sure what age he was.
  8. Ah yes. How did that happen? I did not consciously open this thread.
  9. Abu Dhabi's austerity programme starting to bite?
  10. Abu Dhabi defence struggling to deal with Kenny McLean.
  11. I couldnae have told you the guys name but I knew the story.
  12. Was Ready, Steady Cook the one where the audience voted by holding up pictures of tomatoes or cucumbers or the like?
  13. That's their first league win in years (literally). Good on them, but how far have my Lilleywhites fallen..........
  14. A bloke in the know tells me Bruce is FINALLY releasing the lost Cumbrian tight-throat singing album.
  15. Oh he does!!!! He actually called me to reminisce about the last time he was at a Fort William game. It was back in the 90s. A guy called Hendrick Madej was the Fort's gaffer at the time and he lived in Inverness and drank in our local. A few of us had talked about having day out down at the Fort and taking in a game. It was duly organised for a game against Huntly, so about a dozen of us got a minibus down from Inverness. This was not a dry meeting. It transpired the referee that day was another buddy of ours, a top guy called Andy Robb. Any time we saw Andy reffing a game we would absolutely abuse him to bits. He'd respond by giving us the finger behind his back when he ran near when we were standing. It was a helluva day.......absolute blinder. What we ended up discussing tonight was how many of the guys on that trip are no longer with us............including said ref Andy who was taken way too young by cancer. Jaysus that trip seem srecent but it must've been near 25 years ago.
  16. Believe it or not, about twenty minutes ago, I got a phone call from a pal of mine who I haven't seen in ages. He's at the game. An odd set of circumstances have found him and his wife there........celebrating her sixty-fifth birthday!
  17. This stinks to high heaven, absolutely rotten. The Raiders have certainly been played, it could be Pittsburgh have played the Pats by landing them with the ultimate loose cannon. Or have Kraft/Belichick/NE been manipulating this from the get go? I think NE have only given him a one year deal (have they?) so maybe they have just been opportunistic. I'm not sure I buy that though.
  18. Count yer winnings Roy.
  19. Duly bing watched. Dystopian, prescient.......and very, very scary. An ignorant, uninformed, populist leader mouthing meaningless soundbites while fronting something bigger. Couldn't really happen...........could it? Doing hideous things then shouting "fake news" when called on it. Couldn't really happen................could it? I think if Viv Rook shows up she gets elected..........or has she already? Dunno if I bought the "happy"(?) ending. "Get rid of one monster and it means the next one is waking up inside its cave."
  20. That was the jeans incident!! I have some limited contact with him, he seems to be doing fine, never changes ............ Aye, the hardcore days are heading into the rear view mirror......but a few civilised beers I can still manage!!