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  1. You don't want that. As soon as you start getting paid for your reviews, people on here will sneer at you expressing admiration for a show's positive qualities.
  2. I really like the song and would love for him to play it live a time or two, since I think that, as with "Be True," it would greatly benefit from being slowed down quite a bit—the studio version has tons of energy, sure, but to my ears it sounds skittery and frenetic, rather than simply powerful and driving. The Tunnel of Love Express version of "Be True" proved that sometimes taking a few BPM off can lend weight and therefore impact. I think the same would hold true here. (Provided they don't slow it down too much, of course.)
  3. The difference between this performance and the earlier Cleveland show is really stark: on that one, he sounds like he'd heard the song for the first time earlier that day. This time out, he's obviously much more familiar with the song, and looks—when he's playing guitar, at least—as though he's really enjoying it. Also some of his best lead playing this century, I think. .
  4. Link? Because I'm not seeing it, at least not an official version—there does seem to be a new(ish) upload, from about a month ago, but that's not from the official Springsteen channel.
  5. Wow, I hadn't caught that. You're absolutely right about Brooks—he's awful.
  6. As are many believers. He's also, specifically, an intelligent human being who has discussed at length just how deeply his Catholicism has affected him and continues to do so. I mean, even in this interview, when discussing that they're not baptized, he admits he's uneasy about that (no longer his) decision.
  7. Here's the present Jay Weinberg gave to the Mighty Max for Father's Day:
  8. Fine: I would also not be displeased by a show from the 1984 Philly run.
  9. Man, some of those early midwest 1984 shows were damn gems. It'd be awfully swell if we could get a few.
  10. ...OH. Well, dammit. I thought we were talking about a previously unknown to me bonus disc which held a little seen Bruce show.
  11. I tried to watch the Barcelona show the other night and had to turn it off within a few minutes because the editing was so frantic. How the hell can concert video editors have watched The Last Waltz and Stop Making Sense and still believe the most effective style is to cut to a new shot every other second? Absolutely bizarre.
  12. They're things white people don't HAVE to do in order to not be killed. It's very, very hard to believe someone in Minnesota isn't well aware of this by now, and that you're not just being disingenuous. But I suspect we're now verging into banhammer territory, so I'm going to leave it at that.
  13. So here's a tune my kid just sent me—it's a song from Patrick Cassels: I would say "too real" but I think it's just about the right amount of realness. The fishing hole and the baseball field The plant with workers making steel It breaks my heart to see these things They all used to be Burger Kings